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Steering got hard/stiff after rack repair.


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7 hours ago, Srikukan said:

Recently I did some repair for car suspension. And the mechanic repaired the rack also. After that, the steering is too hard to turn and the steering not recover automatically to straight. Is it normal or something wrong with repair?

Define repairing the rack....did the guy dismantle the rack and rebuild everything in it ? or did the buy just replace the connecting bushings at the ends ?

Eitherway, steering feeling tighter is natural...don't forget your FB15s old steering components were nearly 20 years old and would have been worn out (or at the very least at least 8 to 10 years old if you assume that steering bushes, etc..were replaced sometime along the way..B15 Sunny had an issue where some mounts would start making sounds and needed replacement early on in its life). Once you change the bushings, etc...and tighten everything with the proper torque, its natural to feel like the steering is tighter. Fresh bushings and tighter connections adds more firmness and resistance. With some time you will realise that it has gotten a bit lighter as well (but still tighter than before).

Now, if the job is not done properly, and the baas over tightened everything, then that is bad and the tighteness is unnatural and can lead to premature wear an tear (sadly most garages in SL do not have torque wrenches and have no idea what the torque specs should be for each car).

Now....when you buy a "new" rack...90% of the time you will be buying a used one which also would have been used for 20 or so years...so you won't feel the tighteness that you would feel with a rebuilt item. Most people go the replacement route because in SL there aren't many people who rebuilt power steering racks properly thus taking chances on a used part has better odds than getting the existing one fixed. 

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