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Toyota Allion 2012 fuel economy and information display setting

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I have been using Allion 260 2012 for more than one year now and it has been giving bad economy since the purchase.I have done all the maintenance- engine tune up,replaced all spark plugs with originals did all the services regularly.

when I pump fuel for Information display shows a certain predicted range like 500km

My car gives ONLY 2 types of fuel consumption 

1.for every 1km on the predicted range car only does 0.5km-so only 1/2 or less of predicted range I get-ex-200-250 for 500km average around 8-9kmpl regardless it’s traffic or highway ,this is the pattern 80% f time

2.occasionally car does 2km per predicted 1km

so gets the predicted value or my calculated range

Usually this happens after driving more than 40km/h steadily for >10-15km

so what can the problem?
is it a programmed kind of thing with cars electronics?
how does car only exactly runs on those “settings”?

I’m confused and it’s gobbling up my money for fuel and I can’t fix it or couldn’t find a person who knows what to do



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Sorry..not going to give you a solution to any of your questions...however...please realise the following:

1. Fuel range calculations of old Japanese cars are not very accurate. It is usually based on recorded average tank economy and in the old cars it didn't do a good job in recording those. Some offered vary questionable dynamic updating of the range depending on the fuel flow to the engine and distance travelled. In some it was just calculated at the time of fill up and then that as it. In some the prediction goes completely off if you fill only like half a ank. New ones are much more accurate and do a much better job at dynamic updates.

2. Sri Lankans, especially the type that drives Allions, Premios, Vitz, Prius, Aquas (hell any and every econo car with a Toyota badge on it) have a tendency to exagerrate their fuel figures. They mix up trip averages with tank averages and then do a lot of hyper planing and even shifting the car in to neutral to get that high number so they can brag about it.

Your fuel efficiency has several factors:

1. The traffic you encounter. Do you drive in a heavy traffic ? 

If you drive non-stop for a periods of time (like highway or open road runs) and then mix it with 50% or so of traffic driving then my guess is it gets closer to what the predicted range is. But if you increase city and heavy traffic driving and reduce open road driving then you will get lesser than what the predicted range is. If you swap it around..more highway/open-road driving then you will get more than the predicted range. This is normal.

2. Your driving style and usage:

Heavy footed driving (quick aceleration and braking, etc...) or even doing things like bad pulsating  the acccelerator (trying to do some wierd hyper miling) can effect fuel economy . What I mean by pulsating is...I know some people who accelerate the car...hen the car builds up speed they let go of the accelerator and cruise until the car slows down too much and then pumps the accelerator again...and they keep on repeating it (it is some sort of ierd hypermiling which Sri Lankans seem to love...and is far from actual proper hyper miling where the idea is to maintain momentum...not accelerate..slow down and accelerate again...that just wastes more fuel).

Then there is the weight of the car....how much weight are you driving around ? Full car ? Driven in hilly regions ? etc...and being a 1.5L, even doing high speed driving on the higway can lead to poorer fuel economy than a 1.8L or 2.0L Allion. 

3. Condition of the car

What is the tire pressure like ? Spark plugs air filter, fuel filter, etc should be in good condition.  How worn out is the engine ? Are the wheels and suspension geometry okay ? Is the AC compressor still the original type (alot of people put the old Corolla one which adds more resistance to the engine than the original type one)

At the end of the day...I would say getting 10ish on used car that is 10 years old seems reasonable. 

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Thanks for your detailed answer

I do drive in both heavy traffic and open roads

regardless of that and regardless of whatever the capacity I fill in ,only way that car economy goes is according to the “equation” I mentioned above which is 0.5km per 1 predicted km

which seems very strange 

I’m happy if I can get 10kmpl but actually I have never got it up to now

I’m not a heavy footer or don’t pulstate the pedal

It has been fitted with 121 ac compressor when I bought it but rest are in very good condition

I value any other expert opinions 

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