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Lancer CKx Models and Specifications

amiru randil

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I'm looking to buy a Lancer CK2 and I've found out that there are different models of the Lancer CK2.

Can anyone explain to me what are the different models and what their specs are.

Thanks in advance ✌🏽





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Okay....so this is one of those Sri Lankan things where a specific model code is used by people to describe everything in the range (like in Sri Lanka, all types of "DX wagons" are called KE72, or all types of the E100 Corolla is called AE100).

CK2 specifically refers to a 1500cc 6th generation Lancer sedan. The 6th generation had the letter designations CJ. CK, CM, CN depending on the body style and drive train.

CJ were hatchbacks (badged as Laner or Mirage depending on the market). CM were 4wd variants. CN were Turbo charged 4WD variants.

Now...the CKs..

CK1 : 1300cc I4 - Petrol

CK2 : 1500cc I4 - Petrol

CK4 : 1600cc I4 - Petrol

CK5: 1800cc I4 - Petrol (In Japan this was a fleet version..typically popular with driving schools)

CK6 : 1800cc V6 - Petrol

CK8 : 2000cc I4 - Diesel

The above were available in 5MT or 4AT transmissions (not sure if there ever was a 3AT).

The above codes will have a letter or two (eg...CK2A, CK5AR, etc..). Sorry I do not know what specifically what that part of the code means. 

To know exactly what model your car is...open the bonnet and look at the ID plate (the silver plate that is riverted on to the firewall and has "MITSUBISHI Motors", Model : Chassis No: Trim : etc...  hte CK2A, etc..part wil be the first part of your chassis number. This will also appear in the "Model" on the ID plate. The Model has the CK2A/CK1A/etc...plus another code like PNJA, SNUA, SNDRC1, etc... this part of the model code will tell you exactly what the Trim level (MX, GL, XL, etc..) and other specifications like LHD, RHD, transmission type, etc... If you really want to know what this code means  you can do a Google search and there will be websites that give you the spec details.

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I am going to merge your threads on the CK series Lancer so that is easier for everyone to search and respond to information.

On 5/11/2022 at 4:30 PM, amiru randil said:

I'm looking to buy a CK2 and I've found one but it has a triptronic transmission. 

Does anyone know if Lancer CK MX model came with a triptronic transmission originally?

Yes...the INVECT-II 4A/T for the Japanese market came as INVECS-II 4AT was a non-tip tronic version. INVECS-II Sports Mode 4AT was a tiptronic (sports/manual shift) automatic transmisstion.

The tiptronic INVECS-II Sports Mode came in the sporty trim levels and versions of it. So it came in the MX Touring and MR trim levels and the GSR sports variant.

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