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  1. Make me a really good offer and i'll sell you one
  2. Which RS was wrecked? as far as i know there are 5 RS's that were brought to SL 4 Silver's, 1 Black. of the 4 silver cars 2 are still Silver, 1 is now a dark purple and the 4th one was wrecked along time ago (it was converted to a single turbo)
  3. Even with a heavy right foot, the Legacy should do about 5 km/l, an economical drive will get you around 6.5 km/l. Outstation running should get you close to 10 km/l before trying to get the ECU tuned try resetting it, it might help
  4. Well as things currently stand getting permission from the cops seems unlikely, they really don't like it when you go and offer green path as the venue, but if anybody has any other road that is good for a drag that is safe and control would not be an issue please do suggest and then we can work from there. Written permission was obtained for parliment road back in Dec 2005 but it was droped as the condition of the road was not that great.
  5. MRA organised the first official drag back in 2001 with E FM at Green path, they also tried to run an official drag on parliment road back in 2003 but the cops stoped it after initialy giving permission for it. There have been many attempts to organise an official drag in Colombo but the problem has always been getting approval from the cops in writing! Thats why the R*D B*LL drag in 2005 was held at Katu
  6. Well my knowledge on the MINI's are limited but from what i've seen there are both engine & body differences, the black cooper S has a 1.6 ltr supercharged engine with a small top mount intercooler and a dual exhaust. Also it has a 6 forward gearbox. I think the power output is 160bhp or 165bhp. Body differences are mainly the hood scoop for the intercooler, the dash has a brush aluminum look to it, front bumper has a bigger air intake, less chrome, and 17 rims are standard.
  7. according to the guys in the mighty mini club there is only one original BMW MINI Cooper S which is the black one that belongs to Namaz (KD-4545) also referring to the earlier post by drift king the Mini moke that Namaz brought is actually Namaz's car now (and it is Richard's old car).
  8. Hey guys this meet is scheduled to be worked of on the 20th & 21st January and it will be organised by SLAS. So this means that all the affiliated clubs will be involved in organising this meet and taking on certain responsibilities during the meet.
  9. all competitors will be running the reconnaissance runs today, the rally will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 5 stages are to be completed on Saturday (3 day & 2 night) and 3 stages to be completed on Sunday. (All day stages). The rally will be run like any wrc event where each competitor will have a timed run through the stage, they will be running one at a time and the running order is decided on the previous stage. i.e. fastest on the previous stage goes first in the next stage. There are no tickets for this event, its free to the public, you only have to get there and pick a place
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