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  • Magnum

    Journey With The Hiace

    By Magnum

    It's been little more than 4 years with my Hiace and it has done around 76,000kms so I thought its time I give you guys an update on it. Let me start the blog with the basics,  Mine is a Toyota Hiace KDH206, this variant of Hiace is fitted with a 1KD-FTV turbo engine with an all wheel drive system. The AWD system in the KDH series is pretty much full time, it runs on all four wheels normally and if any of the wheels experience a slippage, the vehicle stops sending power to that specifi
  • Komisiripala

    Project R - December 15th 2012

    By Komisiripala

    eat. sleep. jdm. that about sums up my obsession over the last 3 months or so. what first started out as a casual remark by Charith Kulasiri, gradually became malignant. "you know, what if you did a type R conversion on this?" Ever since I got hold of the GSR teg, this idea has been clawing its way around my brain. Finally, I set about doing it, but to do what must be done to its finest detail is no easy task. My end goal, is to have a 4 door integra db8 type-R in concourse condition.
  • matroska

    [Civic 2018] A look at the interior

    By matroska

    The first thing that struck me when i sat down to drive this for the first time was the really low seating position - it did not take a lot of getting used to though. The height is of course adjustable and provides a much comfier driving position.  The passengers seat on the other hand though cannot be height adjusted. The rear seats too don't have the fabled "magic seats" functionality where you can fold up the seats to increase space in the rear - but you can fold the seats down to create a hu
  • kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    By kusumsiri

    Restoration work began. The idea is to work at home. Found a person to do the tinker work. I do the mechanical work and hoping to do the paint job as well in the future. Firstly removed the interior parts such as car seats. After that, the four doors were removed. Then front and back wings, bonnet & boot. Finally the differential and the engine were removed.  
  • matroska

    [Civic 2018]First Impressions and the basics

    By matroska

    Here's  a write up on my Daily Driver - the new Civic 1 Litre Turbo - I've so far done just a bit over 1500 Km's and  since the engine was new didn't really push it to the max and I have not yet been able to do a really long trip  or a drive uphill to  BUT I will continue to update the blog based  on the experiences as well as services etc.  For a start I will touch the basics as well as all the cosmetic stuff and then get into the overall driving experience and later on the services etc. There


The Classic Car Club of Ceylon is proud to present – Classic Car Diaries, a web based mini-documentary video series starring our members, their classic cars, fun car stories and anecdotes.   www.classiccars.lk


MasterDon in CCD

The journey begins..

Had the car sat in the office parking for a few weeks. 1 because i was cought up with work and 2 i have to take the car home(kandy) to start working on it.  Driving this death trap was out of the question. Got it towed from Colombo to kandy( boy it wasn't cheap).Got it home. My parents thought i bought a decommissioned hearse 🤦‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️   Like i said before this is my take on restomod lets see how many of you can spot where this is heading towards 😉.🥺


a_killa_nath in Prebuild

The journey...

Took one of my colleagues to check out the car which was in yakkala. The guy we bought from insisted that we get the car towed to wherever we were heading.He made me sign a piece of paper which says I'm solely responsible for whatever happens to me/occupants or to the car(this was my first red flag😂). The car had bold tyres on all four corners,Brakes only to the front wheels,no handbrake(not even the leaver), No horn, non of the gauges work,but a new battery. YAY!!!! 😂(Only thing which was


a_killa_nath in Journey

Walk Around - Part II

Now..moving on to the interior.... The car has frameless doors...huge frameless doors. The dashboard is straight out of the standard Yaris.  Stepping in, you are greeted with a pretty old fashioned mechanical cluster. Some people do not like it and wants it to be a fancy digital one similar to what is found in the high spec standard Yaris. I like it...it is simple, straight forward...has a very functional feel to it. Took a while for me to figure out how to adjust its


iRage in Ownership Review

Walk around - Part I

Here are more pictures of the car before I bore you with words to read... The car has an interesting width to length to height ratio....kind of reminds me of one of those Tamiya snap-on model cars with disproportionate dimensions. The only concern I have is the front wheel splurting out debris on to the rear fender. Well..it is not a concern..it is a fear. Other users have had their rear fenders pitted with debris, but they all have taken their cars racing. No..Toyota does not offer mud fla


iRage in Ownership Review

Specification and Purchase

As wonderful the previous true-life story is…on the 31st of May I applied online for contract negotiations, roughly about 1 month prior to close of applications; and finally signed a contract on the 3rd of July for a GR Yaris RZ High Performance 1st Edition. Delivery day was estimated to be towards the end of March, 2021. It was going to be a grueling 8.5 month wait. I will spare you the general specs of the car as it has been posted all over the internet. However, one thing needs to

The search for a family hatchback...

Twenty-20 was a strange year for all of us (with no guarantees and nothing but feelings of optimism of 2021 being better); and it also would happen to be the year we moved back to Japan after 4 years in Vietnam (in just 72 hours’ notice as opposed to a planned departure/move in June). Upon our arrival we went through 5 weeks of self-imposed quarantine due to various internal moves…anyway…enough about that. As much as we love the Corolla wagon, it was apparent that the car was neither effici

Sourcing a beater car

Alert : This is not the awe-inspiring blog  where a 60-year-old rare car gets restored. This, non-existent ladies, and gentlemen unfortunately is much much more mundane. So bear with me.  Everyone needs a beater car - you could come up with many reasons why... but deep down another set of wheels is such an alluring prospect. Time to time it feels so good to keep your daily with all its techie bits aside and just rattle down the lane in a simple box on wheels with just a speedometer.  Three



Review: Toyota Crown

I will provide some basics of the car before I go into a detail review, Model Code: GRS182 Trim: Royal Saloon G Engine: 3GR-FSE Transmission: 6AT Mods:  •    Buddy Club coilovers •    Monza Japan Wheels wrapped with 235/45R18 Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional tyres •    V*P Table •    Carrozzeria tweeters •    Carrozzeria secondary head unit (You cannot replace the head units in these cars as the AC controls and other car settings are built into the head unit) •    6000K



Nissan N17 2008

NIssan N17 (Super Saloon) 2008 1300 Manual.  Could u pls tell me the average fuel consumption city and outstation.  Can  we buy around Rs 2m? Need an advise as we dont know much  

Sanjaya Prabath

Sanjaya Prabath

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    • PerfMad

      Found a new Mercedes group (SL) and damn, I can't imagine where these gems were hiding all this time. Unfortunately non of them are selling their beauties.. But atleast starring at them bring a smile to my face ❤️
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    • Amil Nathanielsz  »  trinity

      Dear Trinity
      I know you have answered this question a 100 times on this platform before. But since this is 2021 and cars have gotten older and prices have gotten crazier, can I ask you one more time, is a 2003 cs1 with 158k on the clock by three owners, is worth for 2.8 mil? And what to expect with  car like that? I have the option of buying a suzuki sx4 crossover, single owner with 120k on the road for 3.45mil. Your opinion on that?
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    • varotone

      An ex-CMC councilor was arrested with an illegally assembled car. News report shows a pic of a Nissan FB15. A lame a$$ sunny! That too registered to a leasing company! SMH. Is this the result of this crazy vehicle prices?
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    • asrock

      Anyone got the revenue license online recently? Know if the system is reliable at this time?
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    • PerfMad

      Sometimes feel like I made the right decision purchasing a hybrid. But there's a part of me who wants something else regardless of all the expenses  
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