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So guys for the longest time i wanted to do a restormod to a relatively old Japanese car. Earlier this year bit the bullet and bought myself a 1974 vb110 wagon which is in a really sorry state (I may have bitten off more than I could chew). I've got a few things which i want to add to make it a "restomod". There's only one way to find out i guess😅.



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The journey begins..

Had the car sat in the office parking for a few weeks. 1 because i was cought up with work and 2 i have to take the car home(kandy) to start working on it.  Driving this death trap was out of the question. Got it towed from Colombo to kandy( boy it wasn't cheap).Got it home. My parents thought i bought a decommissioned hearse 🤦‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️   Like i said before this is my take on restomod lets see how many of you can spot where this is heading towards 😉.🥺


a_killa_nath in Prebuild

The journey...

Took one of my colleagues to check out the car which was in yakkala. The guy we bought from insisted that we get the car towed to wherever we were heading.He made me sign a piece of paper which says I'm solely responsible for whatever happens to me/occupants or to the car(this was my first red flag😂). The car had bold tyres on all four corners,Brakes only to the front wheels,no handbrake(not even the leaver), No horn, non of the gauges work,but a new battery. YAY!!!! 😂(Only thing which was


a_killa_nath in Journey

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