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Took one of my colleagues to check out the car which was in yakkala. The guy we bought from insisted┬áthat we get the car towed to wherever we were heading.He made me sign a piece of paper which says I'm solely responsible for whatever happens to me/occupants or to the car(this was my first red flag­čśé).

The car had bold tyres on all four corners,Brakes only to the front wheels,no handbrake(not even the leaver), No horn, non of the gauges work,but a new battery. YAY!!!! ­čśé(Only thing which was made in this millennium)

Everything made sense as soon as I got the car out of his property.  I had to stand on the brake pedal to make the car slow down, not to stop, you cant literally stop the car but only to slow it. And there was a terrible wheel wobble above 40km/h.  There were few times we thought we'd lost a tyre, it was that bad. The gear leaver was so sloppy even the CIA won't find the right gears.

2nd gear had a mind of its own, we could hear the gear teeth been chewed off when we try to change to 2nd.

we drove from yakkala to Colombo and it took only 2 hours­čĄŚ. Rained cats┬áand dogs mid way guess what?? Yeah the wiper motor was rooted too ­čśé. And to top it off windows wouldn't wind down because hand crank was missing.

All in all it was a fun ride. Managed to get ourselves and the car safely to Colombo. 














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Congratulations on the purchase. Can relate to all of the symptoms described at various points of my history of car ownership - except maybe the lack of a handbrake lever. :) 

Good luck in restoring her to her former glory.

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