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The journey begins..




Had the car sat in the office parking for a few weeks.

1 because i was cought up with work and

2 i have to take the car home(kandy) to start working on it. 

Driving this death trap was out of the question. Got it towed from Colombo to kandy( boy it wasn't cheap).Got it home. My parents thought i bought a decommissioned hearse 🤦‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️




Like i said before this is my take on restomod lets see how many of you can spot where this is heading towards 😉.🥺




The more i look at the car the more i find rust😅. Someone has tried to repair the chassis rails and had done a pretty bad job. It'd been welded with an arc welder 🤦‍♂️  අයියෝ සාන්ත !!!(check the photos).

 I get a feeling that this car had gone hand in had and nobody tried to repair it properly  IMG-20210207-WA0009.thumb.jpeg.7e9994cce8dd6e3786765b47981034e9.jpeg



I'll be taking the engine and transmission out next week to give it a once over.And also to check where my 2nd gear has gone.Btw i found the culprit behind the sloppy gear leaver.Also I've got a surprise for the build. Will post it if everything goes smoothly as planned.



This is how i plan to break the build out.

Rust repair tinkering and paint will be done by someone other than myself. Dont worry im definitely getting rid of that horrendous orange colour 😅

Drivetrain, wiring suspension will be done by me.I dont claim that i know everything and im not a "car guru". I know I'll make a heap of errors along the way. So please feel free to give your thoughts too. Im not hear to judge anyone but simply to build my perfect car.😊

I get to work on the car only on weekends because I work in Colombo and car is in Do please bare with me 🙏

 At the moment car is sitting at home while I try to find a brave enough soul to start the rust work.I'd appreciate If anyone can recommend a tinker around kandy area that could take this job on without breaking the bank. 



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Oh wow ! Congrats and all the best on the build. 

Hmm...L16T build ? :D 

That body has been totally messed up. All the body lines are off and so are the curves :( 

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@iRage thank you sir!

Well its more of a a12/14-T. Just because parts are readily available. 

Body is more in a "Bombay looking kolkata" situation 🙆🏽‍♂️.

Let's see how deep the rabbit hole go when the body gets scraped to the metal .

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Nice. As for the L engines...you might be surprised what you find in SL....know quite a few people who have found some rare engine upgrade parts just lying around in random parts shops and scrap yards :D

As for the body....yes...you said it :) the bottom of the doors, and fenders look like they were sculptured out of putty :) It is going to take some serious artistic skill to sort out the right shape of the body lines....will you be doing the body work yourself ? 

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Now you mentioned I'll keep an eye out for a L engine just in case this one goes kaboom on me when I feed some boost.

If I'm doing this right i thought of giving to a proper panel-beater. Car is already in a sorry state, I dont want to make it worse than it already is. Im trying to get a hold of fairly straight doors, fenders,and  a bonnet so that theres less messing about.

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Nice! Interesting stuff..!! 

How about a resto-mod?  SR20DET?  😇  😇  It`ll be nice and quick even without the "T".. 😀

I get that the body needs to be addressed before the drivetrain stuff.. Good luck with the build..!  


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@MrCat thank you!

I'd love to see a SR in the engine bay someday. Unfortunately i have to work with a tight budget atm☹️. Given the body and chassis need alot more attention than i anticipated. 


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