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Passenger side door completed



So I completed installing the new speakers on both sides. Doing the passenger side door was more easier and did with much more confidence with the experience from the driver side door. Center console wire harness clip was a smaller one and had no issues removing it. Did not drill out the rivets because of the smaller mount came with the speakers. Ripped off the factory speaker and inserted the new one.

On this side, factory speaker wiring was pink and purple where pink is the Positive (+) and purple happens to be the negative (-). Just thought someone will find this useful.

Here are some pics from the job.



Above door panel photo shows the plastic clip locations. One clip came out as I was removing the panel as you can see one empty socket near the speaker grill. I put it back on before putting it back. However I think I missed/broke one clip on the driver side door as I feel a little play on it near the speaker side. I though to get a new clip and put it on that panel.


How it looked in the endĀ šŸ”½


With this DIY and the experience and satisfaction I got, my brain gives me more ideas :D. Let's see and will update If I'm further doing related upgrades as DIYs.


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