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      Honda cars have been a popular brand in Sri Lanka for an extended time. Stafford Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd., which is based in Colombo 10, is the official distributor for Honda vehicles since the 1960s when its founder Mr. Felix R. de Zoysa obtained the distributorship for Honda branded automobiles in the country. Due to his passion for vehicles, Mr. de Zoysa was also nicknamed as “Mr. Honda” in Sri Lanka.

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    • Gummybr

      After three months of ownership I took the Alto for a 1700km drive, with 3 people & luggage for 4nights onboard it didnt miss a beat and was quite happy to sit at 100kmph on the highway from Mattala to Kadawatha. There were no complaints from the occupants as well. I think its a good stop gap car
      · 0 replies
    • Gummybr

      MotoGP comes to India this weekend, its the closest we have of seeing a live MotoGP race but its very expensive, more expensive than Malaysia.
      · 2 replies
    • PerfMad

      Owning the Rexton for close to 10months having done close to 15k KM, I simply love daily driving it.
      God knows why so much hatred towards Rextons. For me this is far more comfy than the sorento 2012 model (which my relation has). 
      · 3 replies
    • tiv

      So, now some say personal vehicle imports will commence next year, and prices of existing vehicles will drop?
      This poses an interesting argument in my head, I'm not in finance, nor banking, nor a car sale guy,
      Just a petrolhead from a Healthcare related background.
      So to elaborate,
      Hypothetically say imports were allowed, empirically the USD will shoot further-it will be a catastrophic claim where the poor would say, the rich took our USD to bring cars and now we gotta pay 2000 bucks to buy milk?
      Thus the price of these New vehicles will be unfathomable for the average joe as after all its paid for in such USD? maybe the first few imports may cost less due to the rate.
      Secondly, now as far as I know, there is no guarantee that the govt. will follow the same taxing system as before the imports were restricted, after all they too have to make a buck, and they too have control the seepage of USD.
      Could it be just a futile attempt of allowing imports for IMF sake and can they just bottleneck the whole thing with a heap of taxes?
      Thirdly there maybe a possibility where they allow vehicles more than 10y old to be reeled in as well, technically "new" yet old models may find themselves here, how will the market welcome these?
      Lastly I have noticed a heap of good well taken care of cars paraded on marketplace and various websites, thus I guess its either people wanting to shed off luxuries to save their money or people are hoarding cash for a new car.
      Feel free to share your opinions, the more the merrier!, and please correct me if I am wrong
      I chose the forum here as the crew would be rather mature than get abused on rapid rev.
      · 5 replies
    • PreseaLover

      Saw a PRESEA in my dreams last night  
      · 1 reply
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    • Following a string of teasers, Toyota has officially revealed the 2014 Corolla in the U.S. specification.
      On numerous occasions Toyota said the new Corolla is going to take styling cues from the surprisingly attractive Furia concept, but the end result isn't nearly as impressive as the concept shown earlier this year at NAIAS. However, it's significantly more appealing than the outgoing generation which should boost sales even further.
      Sending a bit of a Honda vibe, the new Corolla comes as standard with LED low-beam headlamps and adopts a five-point lower front grille. The interior cabin is more evolved than what the predecessor has to offer and is more spacious thanks to a longer wheelbase which has increased by 3.93 inches (100 mm) to 106.3 inches (2700 mm). As a result of the elongated wheelbase, the 2014 Toyota provides an extra 2.95 inches of rear seat room.
      Exterior dimensions stand at 182.6 inches (4639mm) length, 69.9 inches (1776 mm) width and 57.3 inches (1455 mm) height, meaning the new Corolla is 3.90 inches (99 mm) longer, 0.63 inches (16 mm) wider and 0.39 inches (10 mm) lower than before. Front overhangs have increased by 0.90 inches (23 mm) to 37.7 inches (958 mm), while rear overhangs have been shortened by 0.94 inches (24 mm) to 38.6 inches (981 mm).
      The 2014 Toyota Corolla L, LE and S trim levels come with a 4-cylinder, 1.8-liter engine producing 132 bhp (98 kW), while the new LE Eco grade is powered by a 1.8-liter mill rated at 140 bhp (104 kW). Various gearboxes are available depending on trim level, with a six-speed manual for the L and S models, a seven-speed CVTi-S (continuously variable transmission intelligent-shift) for LE, LE Eco and S and an obsolete four-speed automatic for the entry-level L model.
      The Eco-badged model brings improved aerodynamics and rides on low-rolling resistance tires which enable a highway fuel economy of more than 40 mpg US (48 mpg UK or 5.8 liters / 100 km). This figure was possible by making extensive use of lightweight, high-strength steel which has kept the Corolla's curb weight at less than 2,900 lbs (1,315 kg).
      Standard equipment includes eight airbags, Bluetooth hand-free phone and audio-streaming connectivity, along with other equipment (depending on trim) such as back-up monitor, power moonroof, touchscreen radio, smart key / push-button start, SofTex seats and apps accessible via the audio head unit.
      • 1,896 replies
    • Sadly the best of cars break down at some point, and we need the help of a mechanic to get our prides and joys back working.
      Sadly there are many maka basses out there, who have very shallow understanding, and perform unnecessary make shift repairs that compromise our vehicles in the long run.
      In Auto Lanka we have heard horror stories as well as great feedback on mechanics and workshops which does excellent.
      I thought it would be great to keep this information together, so members can find a recommended technician in their area.
      Some caveats.
      1. Only share POSITIVE experiences, to stop this thread from hijacked by petty arguments
      2. Only share your own experiences, not things you have heard from other people
      3. State your car (model and year) the nature of the repair, your vehicle, name of the mechanic who attended, and basically a balanced overview (positive and negative)
      4. State the location of the garage
      5. Please no advertising, only feedback, and any OT comments, will be removed.
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    • Creating a new thread to share updates and discuss about Formula 1 this year.

      Race calendar: https://www.formula1.com/en/championship/races/2018.html

      Driver standings to date: https://www.formula1.com/en/results.html/2018/drivers.html

      Car rule changes for 2018:

      The 2018 season kicked off yesterday at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia and in spectacular style. Hamilton managed to secure pole position, breaking an all time lap record in the process. This guy... damn!



      Lewis Hamilton pulled off from the line in first, followed by Raikkonen and then Vettel, He managed to hold on to his place, but the virtual safety car was deployed following an incident and Vettel was in the pit during this time (while Hamilton was still on the track - driving slow due to the virtual safety car). Hamilton had already pit the car by this time, so in essence, Vettel entered and exited the pit faster than Hamilton was on the track. This put him in front of Hamilton who was stumped, thinking what just happened. With Hamilton's tyres 7 laps older than Vettel's, all the Ferrari had to do was hold on to that position and continue the race. And that was what he did.

      Aussie boy Daniel Ricciardo finished qualifying 4th, but received a fuel irregularity penalty and suffered a 3 position loss on the grid, but he finished 4th, overtaking Max Verstappen who spun his car during the race and ended up finishing 6th.  

      Race highlights below:

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    • finally. finally i did it. i put this car on the map. nothing like some silverware in the display case to prove a point! 

      not gonna say much. just this: 1st runner up, True Street Honda NA up to 2000cc. 

      i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. that moment i got randika at the launch. happiest quarter second of my life! 

      a few tweaks in the gearbox maybe for next time?

      i've done a few updates for this race. installed the Exedy stage 1 clutch, TODA Spec C cams, tuned, and installed the Tegiwa Powerchamber intake, with a cold air partition as well. the partition was locally made by Platinum, and completely seals with the hood when closed, so that air is directed into it from under the car. there's no loss of power during daytime heat, as demonstrated! 

      also, i had some gremlins during the runs. first qualifier, my AC and alternator belts snapped. luckily i had a world class pit crew on hand, so they went to kalutara and brought back the belts from the only open spare parts shop "bimsara motors" (hence the hastily photoshopped "thanks to bimsara aiyya" sticker LOL). the platinum boys fixed it up on site. 

      next, with the first qualifier, my throttle cable snapped after i defeated the s2000. guess i was a little too ecstatic about victory. that was fixed with cable ties. the OEM honda type R throttle cable will reach @The Don in UK soon. 

      also the new clutch wasn't run in well enough, and i was missing second gear. was a nightmare. reverting back to the stock gear lever, instead of the skunk2 short shifter, as per advise from almost all the pro drivers. luckily found the ITR/CTR dual bend stock shifter also from the UK, and yes, Don's the man to bring that too. 

      all in all, it was the most fun i had my entire life, i was thrilled beyond words to have won anything! i built a racecar AND I WON! 


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