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  1. Hi Guys, just to let you know that we have upgraded our forum software for the latest version. Along with over 260 bug fixes, this new release contains some great new functionality. More details can be found here - https://invisioncommunity.com/news/company/whats-new-in-460-r1229/ Cheers, -MADZ-
  2. @MasterDon It's not violating any AL guidelines. I think it's a great initiative by the classic car club. I have created a seperate blog for "The Classic Car Diaries" under AL and assigned it to you. Feel free to update it when they put up a new post. I will also give my full support to promote it. Cheers, Madz
  3. Hi Guys, AutoLanka Home page Forums/Blog topic updating issue is now fixed. It will refresh every 5 min.


    1. iRage


      Thanks !

  4. Wish all Auto Lanka Fans a Very Happy New Year 2021!! Lets hope 2021 will be 'better' year than 2020 and it will bring lots of good things! Thanks to our Top Contributors, Senior Members, Moderators and all Members for their valuable contributions and keeping the forum alive and kicking throughout the year. Also good to see some of our old members returning back!  2020 Top Ranking Contributors.. @iRage @AVANTE @matroska and @Hyaenidae 2020 Top Ranking Bloggers.. @matroska @Magnum @Gummybr and @petrolHead1
  5. Wishing you a season full of happiness, joy and hope! Have a blissful Christmas guys! - Madz
  6. Could you please try reinstalling the app? It's working fine for me. Even this post is submitted using the app.
  7. Hello, yep there was a connection issue yesterday but it should be fixed by now. Please try again.
  8. Hi guys, so sorry for the slight down time...AL forum is back online with loads of new updates..enjoy!

  9. @tilvin Sometimes moderators/admins remove comments when we feel it's out of the topic or it may cause unnecessary fights between members. If we find that member keep repeating the same mistake then we will give warning. Sometime we may not have time to give reasons for each post we remove as most of the posts we remove falls into the two categories which I have mentioned above. Cheers
  10. Boss,Plz do me a little favour. I need the katukurunda circuit meet 2007 photos.. I m not shown the album. 

  11. @Davy yep I can do that. Always encourage to have one user account rather than having multiple accounts with different user names.Therefore rename the existing user name is much better. Cheers!
  12. Hi Guys, Just to let you know that the validation email sending issue for new members has been resolved. Cheers, MADZ
  13. Thanks guys, I have informed about this issue to our hosting company and they will attend to it shortly.
  14. Wish you all have a rocking year ahead spent with friends and loved ones!! On behalf of Team Autolanka, I would like to thank our Top Contributors, Senior Members, Moderators and all Members for their contribution and support throughout the year.  2019 Top Ranking Contributors.. @iRage @Hyaenidae @matroska and @Davy 2019 Top Ranking Bloggers are @matroska @tiv @kusumsiri and @alpha17 Wish all Auto Lanka Fans a Very Happy New Year 2020!!
  15. ok guys I will put a note once's the stickers are ready..then you guys can come and collect from AL office
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