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Ahhh Peugeot. The forgotten brand that was once a legend was brought back to attention thanks to the 508 that debuted in 2011. I’m here to give you guys a review and a peek at the ownership experience.

( I AINT NO SHAKESPEARE, so ignore any grammer or anything politically incorrect.)

I thought of posting in chapters so anybody can access info easily.

#peugeot #508 #pug #puglife #french

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fiat fan

The French Fries (chapter 4)

Chapter 4(508 tech)

French fry 🍟 is easily one of the biggest gags when talked about French cars. A stereotype that unfortunately can sometimes be real. The best and worst part about a modern Peugeot is it’s electronics. 

Here’s what the 508 has in terms of tech (quite a lot, mind you). Mine being the “ALLURE” spec with ALL the “GT” options specced except for sunroof and heated seats. I really hate that the guy who imported this spent 2k usd extra on nappa leather, but he cheaped out on the sunroof. 

(I’ll do a separate chapter for the interior, because them nappa seats deserve it)

Quad Zone climate control AC (imagine driving in hot slow colombo traffic while your testies freeze and you curse winter & snow).

Head up display ( colour,Shows cruise control/navigation and speed)

Usual auto windows/locks/wipers/lights/mirrors.

Auto High-beam(too polite for Lankan roads)

Interior sensor(detects movement and starts screaming when car is parked and locked)

AUTO parallel and perpendicular parking( no way imma try it out here)

Navigation (can be setup with Lankan maps).

Paddle Shifters (very effective).

Snow and sport mode.

Cruise control with weird extras that I’m yet to try out.



JBL sounds with a separate amp in the back. Also has a subwoofer. 10 speakers. 550Watts. Mine pushes 570 Watts( changed the factory front 6.5”s to JBL club 6520s with built in tweeters) sounds absolutely fabulous. Really nice 👌 



Full color Multi information display on the speedo.



idrive style information system. Not as advanced, but has the needful. Have a separate controller on the center console area.



Turn-by-turn cornering lights(fogs) which help a lot on dark twisty roads.

All-round audio and visual guided sensors.

Full time LED running lights.

BI-Xenon and LED headlights with auto height/length adjustment. Dims part of the beams for incoming drivers(so that means f**kers in their head beams are unfortunately not blinded by my highs). Also adjusts beam according to road inclines and weight loaded.

Adaptive beams that turn with your steering input.love this option.

Ambient lighting. While this is nothing crazy like on a merc. Has a nice orangy-red lighting that I’m really in love with. Also all the illumination on the interior is also in the same color. Real retro yet modern and I lov it!

Manual sun shades on the rear half (y u no give me powered)

Tail-lighting is mostly LED. The “Lion Claw” or “3 stripe” design is pure orgasmic at nights.

Hill start assist and hill hold control (this is a life changer. My homes inner narrow twisty lane makes me have to do a 2 point turn and this makes it a breeze. Hill city boys love this option.

Has airbags/esp/traction Control and other safety gizmos that I wont go into details.

Has a oil/fluid sensor that even tells me if I need to refill washer fluid. 


Seats are obviously Electric with a lot of movements. The lumbar support is super good.

I think I covered most of the worthy options. Smaller tidbits I didn’t even bother. The french really do like their fries large. yeah my lazy arse dint line all the pics correspondingly “yet” 😅

( I’ll be back with new pics and add anything I missed)

fiat fan

The power and Drive (chapter 3)

The Drive

Welcome to the next chapter guys. 

My car is a 2011 (YOM & REG) 1.6L THP

Allure trim with almost all the GT Line specs optioned.

The 508 came with a 1.6THP Turbo bmw-mini derived prince petrol  engine or a 1.6L or 2L Diesel engine. The diesel’s are known to be faster and actually more economical/reliable.

Mine and most petrol pugs of this era had the 1.6THP PRINCE engine which produces 156hp and 250nm of torque. Pulls like a train and can drink like a fish if throttled hard. But if you take it easy, even 14kmpl is achieved during normal city driving. Sounds awesome.

Beware though the prince engines are known to go kaput at around 60k. Make sure the car you buy has a recalled new engine. That can do 250-300k.

The 1.6THP strictly need 95 octane,but do to unavailability I’ve been using 92 for about 3000kms and so far it’s almost unnoticeable.

Mine has the optional 18 inch wheels which look and make it handle like it’s on rails, but comfort is obviously bit compromised.

The handling is really really good. This can do some crazy stuff and still get you home safe. Even though it’s a FWD, it really feels like a AWD. Passengers have quite often asked me if it RWD. 

Steering feedback and weight is on point. It really is a cushy ride with superb handling that sounds like a dragon and move like a Jaaaag when needed.

Mine was 1st owned by a popular politician who now drives a green Bentley. He and I only have one thing in common, we both have a very hard foot. Mine hates shifting UNDER 2000 and really loves to be floored. I’ve redlined it regularly and it really likes to sing. Drove a similar car and it felt slower than mine.

Brakes are big,expensive and very efficient. Ventilated Disks and has all the modern car brakes related gizmos.

Gear changes are on point. Very impressive 6 speed Automatic. Has pedal shifters and manual mode on the lever itself.

sport mode is almost never used and honestly I’ve not seen a big improvement. Snow mode was also never used.

Even though the car is bigger than most sedans on the road, it can really pull some tight spaced turns and the all essential “wettuwa” thanks to dumbasses on the road.

Ground clearance is actually much better than I imagined. Unless you do stupid shitt or live in hell, scrapes are very rare and avoidable.

I’ll go through the lights,HUD and other toys in the tech chapter. Pics will also be attached shortly.



Pic from the net. I need to go on a photo spree asap.

fiat fan

galerie de photos (bonus chapter -2-)

Bonus Chapter- Photo Gallery

I travel quite a bit and I live far away from civilianisation, so I get to take some cool snaps of the car. I’ve thought of posting some in a separate chapter. Forgive me if some are reposted from other chapters. I’ll post pics every now and then. Since people seem to be understandably depressed these days added some cringy puns for yall.



This interior is to-die-for… you really get that plane cockpit feeling. I love it( even though I hate planes). You can also see @AVANTE in his ex 😉



Boomer- Get off the damn internet and go outside yurh rascal.
Me a millennial with a 508- Glady.



Undisclosed location. Let a friend have the car as his wedding ride. Head turner.



Home to me and my lion. This pic was obviously before kaputas hit my plane 😅

mustang? Tf’s dat? lol


Nice and wet, just how I like it.

fiat fan

The Reincarnation of Peugeot?! (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1 (Revival of Peugeot)

I’m pretty certain even a big boomer in a remote area of Sri Lanka recognise and praise the legendary Peugeot 504. Thats how good it was. It was a masterpiece and nothing less during it’s release. Then followed the faithful 406, a crowd favourite in Lanka. Tried and tested. Value for money even compared to an Indian Alto. After that things just turned shiiiiit. I’m confident everyone here has seen that Top Gear episode on “modern day Peugeot’s” and had a good laugh, I know I did.

Then that decade ended and 2011 hit… 

SAY HI TO THE PEUGEOT 508.THE CAR THAT MADE PEUGEOT BREATHE AGAIN. Keen eyes will notice the Birth and Reincarnation of the mighty brand.8E898777-83A7-459E-9FFE-D34E797BF6AA.thumb.jpeg.a95503b5add2835e597e4770e11b3aaf.jpeg

Well we all know what the 508 did to pug. It made the brand get-off life support. Thanks to this car we see that beauty on the road named mkii 3008. This car really upped the game. The style/safety/tech(good lord the tech) and performance really nailed it. Handling was superb yet comfy, can really shame most cars out there. Available in both petrol and diesel. Station wagon models never made it to Lanka. But we do have a RXH here.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but nigga you think this ugly. You blind. 

I have had so many nice cars and yet this is the one that keeps me coming back to. You are right if you think the front end has mustang vibes. I’ve briefly owned a 2017 Mustang Convertible in silver and they do have resemblance. After all they both got the iconic “3 stripe” tail lights. I’m biased but I think it’s one of the best designs out there. Fight me lol.


Till next chapter, here’s what you’ll see at night if you like it one shot style LMAO.


Peace ✌🏼 

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