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The power and Drive (chapter 3)

fiat fan


Welcome to the next chapter guys. 

My car is a 2011 (YOM & REG) 1.6L THP

Allure trim with almost all the GT Line specs optioned.

The 508 came with a 1.6THP Turbo bmw-mini derived prince petrol  engine or a 1.6L or 2L Diesel engine. The diesel’s are known to be faster and actually more economical/reliable.

Mine and most petrol pugs of this era had the 1.6THP PRINCE engine which produces 156hp and 250nm of torque. Pulls like a train and can drink like a fish if throttled hard. But if you take it easy, even 14kmpl is achieved during normal city driving. Sounds awesome.

Beware though the prince engines are known to go kaput at around 60k. Make sure the car you buy has a recalled new engine. That can do 250-300k.

The 1.6THP strictly need 95 octane,but do to unavailability I’ve been using 92 for about 3000kms and so far it’s almost unnoticeable.

Mine has the optional 18 inch wheels which look and make it handle like it’s on rails, but comfort is obviously bit compromised.

The handling is really really good. This can do some crazy stuff and still get you home safe. Even though it’s a FWD, it really feels like a AWD. Passengers have quite often asked me if it RWD. 

Steering feedback and weight is on point. It really is a cushy ride with superb handling that sounds like a dragon and move like a Jaaaag when needed.

Mine was 1st owned by a popular politician who now drives a green Bentley. He and I only have one thing in common, we both have a very hard foot. Mine hates shifting UNDER 2000 and really loves to be floored. I’ve redlined it regularly and it really likes to sing. Drove a similar car and it felt slower than mine.

Brakes are big,expensive and very efficient. Ventilated Disks and has all the modern car brakes related gizmos.

Gear changes are on point. Very impressive 6 speed Automatic. Has pedal shifters and manual mode on the lever itself.

sport mode is almost never used and honestly I’ve not seen a big improvement. Snow mode was also never used.

Even though the car is bigger than most sedans on the road, it can really pull some tight spaced turns and the all essential “wettuwa” thanks to dumbasses on the road.

Ground clearance is actually much better than I imagined. Unless you do stupid shitt or live in hell, scrapes are very rare and avoidable.

I’ll go through the lights,HUD and other toys in the tech chapter. Pics will also be attached shortly.



Pic from the net. I need to go on a photo spree asap.

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