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  1. Hi, I looking for a place to buy following spare parts of Axio Hybrid 2014 NKE 165. 01. Headlamp Right Side (Koito 12-581) 02. Front Grille 03. Bonnet (Wine Red color) Anyone know a good place I can check out?? (around Wattala, Kadawatha, Gampaha, Colombo area) Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi all, The place I do my wheel alignments said that my Axio Hybrid 2014 - Front Shock Mounts are not in good condition and I may have to replace it. For the replacement labour charge, they are asking for 3500. I checked a spare part shop nearby and they have KYB Shock Mounts. Rs. 4750/= for one mount. Are these charges reasonable? Any ideas.. suggestions?? Thanks
  3. It didnt occur me to ask why they don't import the Axio battery. As they say importing Prius one reduce duty. So I guess even if they can import Axio one; they won't be able to offer Axio one for 314000. TL offered 1 year warranty. Thanks
  4. I went to Toyota and Browns Hybrid today. Both of them recommended me to get a brand new battery as I have got the P0A80 code which means I already passed the stage where I can repair it. TL quoted me 390000 for the battery and everything related to it. However Browns quoted me 315000 + 50000km or 18 months warranty. Their explanation for price difference was this. They are importing the Prius battery which has 28 cells. Then they take 20 cells from that and fix it to Axio as Axio have only 20 cells. Basically import duty reduction and extra 8 cells which they can use for other vehicle is their explanation for price reduction. So now I have another question. Will it cause any harm to the quality of the battery with what they are doing? Thanks
  5. Thanks for advises. I will check Browns and TL. What does it really mean by "Reconditioned Battery"? Is it that its made with healthy cells taken from other different batteries? As far as I know; for both Reconditioned and Brand New battery they give one/two year warranty. In that case, what are the downsides if I go for a Reconditioned battery? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have a Toyota Axio 2014 car. Current mileage is around 126200. Yesterday, while I was driving the car; check engine and several other lights showed up on the dashboard. It was the first time I experienced this. Then I took the car to closest place and did a scan. Im putting images of the scan report. https://i.postimg.cc/dVcMNgDg/20210519-222150.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/dV9q2Jn5/20210519-222215.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/c4BqjXYH/20210519-222238.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/FHTMFzTX/20210519-222301.jpg As a temporary solution, they reset the system and all errors disappeared. But they recommended to do a hybrid battery service and replace affected battery cells. Today, I took the car to Hybrid Hub branch at Colombo. I showed them the scan report I got yesterday and they said only solution for this problem is to replace the whole battery (either reconditioned or brand new) They quoted Rs. 390000 for brand new battery with 1 year warranty. With everything thats going on; Im in a tight situation with money. On the other hand; I have no plans to sell the car anytime soon because I can't afford to buy something else. As far as I understand, I believe I have these 3 options: 01. Replace only affected battery cells and take my chances and see how long it will last. 02. Replace whole battery with a reconditioned one 03. Replace whole battery with brand new one. What advises you guys can give me? Any places you can recommend? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a Toyota Axio 2014 Hybrid car. Im facing a problem with its side mirrors. When I park the car, I fold the mirrors. Then I come back and push the button to unfold it; it doesn't work. This happens when I park the car in a place with direct sunlight. When it's parked in a place where it's not exposed to direct sunlight it works fine. Happens for both mirrors. As I can't drive without side mirrors, I unfold them by hand. I feel like its not a good thing to unfold them by hand. So anyone can suggest a solution for this? Thanks
  8. I change transmission oil when I do engine tuneup. Never changed brake oil, coolant; but checked and fill it up when it was reduced. About engine detail; when you say its pricey, how much are we talking about? I heard most of those well known care centers (Kleepark, sterling etc.) do it for around 1500!! Can you recommend me a place that does this engine detail right? Thanks
  9. Hi, Im looking for a place to get a bodywash, under wash, engine cleanup and interior vaccum. There are many places I can do all these. But Im reluctant to let someone touch the engine area without knowing their work. I live in Mahara so when I was looking for a good place, I came across Sterling. Anyone have experience with their work? Do you think it would be safe to let them do the engine cleanup? If you know any other places near Mahara, Kadawatha area; Im open to suggestions as well. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have a Toyota Axio Hybrid 2014 model. Currently ODO meter is nearly 119000. As of now I have done engine tune up every 40000km. Changed engine oil and oil filter every 5000km. Doing wheel alignment every 6000km. Changed air filter from time to time. Change Cabin AC filter from time to time. Other than that; are there any other regular maintenance work I should do? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have Axio Hybrid 2014. Current mileage is nearly 116000. I'm using 0W20 since the beginning. Someone said as I've run 116000, I should use 10W30. Is there any truth to it? Thanks
  12. Hi, I have few questions: 01. I've seen ads for Outlander titled as "G Premium", "G Navi", "Safety" etc. What are those and what are differences?? 02. What is the permit price for this? 03. How many KMs can this run with fully charged battery? 04. What is the fuel consumption in combined drive (electric + hybrid)? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I have Toyota Axio Hybrid car. As far as I know Im supposed to do a Hybrid battery service in 50000km. Anyone know a good place to do that? I live in Katunayake. Thanks
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