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  1. Yeah, I did. They have a shipment due around December. This is actually for a tire up-sizing purpose.. Going from 14" to 15". Can wait till this size is available, not urgent.. Hence did not think of going for an alternate size.
  2. Thanks @kirala2. Saw the same, but they are also out of stock.
  3. Thanks @Rickyland. However, practically getting this down from E*ay etc. is not possible since the import tax will be huge. I talked with a couple local tire agents, and some of them mentioned that they are awaiting shipments and this size will be available once they get the stocks. So, will be waiting till then.
  4. Hi folks, Was trying to find a set of 175/60 R15 tyres but none of the places I called has these in stock. In fact some places mentioned they have never had this size. Any idea on a shop which might stock such tyres?
  5. Gents, Any place to buy a set of hub centric rings for aftermarket alloy wheels? Checked from a few popular Alloy Wheel traders including J.J., but no go.
  6. Hi @iRage Please PM me those details (recommended places to get the mods done, specially the struts) Thank you.
  7. Hey JC, Would have definitely gone for a higher capacity engine and RS, if not for the crazy tax structure we have in SL.. However researching, planning and doing all this (or at least what you can afford) by yourself has its own personal satisfaction
  8. @iRage Thank you so much! All of these are too much for a single round, will have to do them over a considerable period of time, if I decide to do it @Davy No it does not have alloys. Yes I too pondered about getting alloys, but got the same response you have given that with the stock set of tyres there might be no big difference. Will try to go for wider ones. Also, since good alloys are light weight, that should counter the additional weight from wider tyres and the affect on fuel consumption? Bdw, thanks a lot for the input!
  9. Thanks @iRage Have not decided on a concrete budget yet, but anything up to 150k is fine. And I would rather only do the strut bars and coilovers/lowering springs at least to start with.
  10. Hi folks, Recently got down a Toyota Vitz 1.0 2017, and am looking to make it a bit more exciting to drive Can't do anything about the engine of course, but I have heard that you can do suspension & wheels upgrade which can make it far more interesting. I searched the autolanka forums but could not find enough information. So, has anyone done this? What exactly are the benefits of doing it? How much would be the cost and where to get it done? Thanks in advance!
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