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  1. Got mine from Namarathne Motors for the Vitara. Always cross verified against the part catalog before purchasing them.
  2. Great stuff.. sick of seeing Vehicle prices and thel hinganna threads.. Question how did you manage the Axles / Drive shafts? is it going to be EP91 axles or 71?
  3. I’ve learned this hard way as well.. replaced with repair kits 3 times but not sure it will last.. i think once the cylinder bore is damaged Repair kits wont last. Planning to replace them with Seiken Cylinders. Srikantha Motors (Agents for Seiken) has them. And they quoted me 2.5k or around each if i can remember correct.
  4. Have you checked with Amayama Regarding parts?. With amayama you can opted to ship with EMS and if it get stuck with Customs you can talk your way out for a “reasonable” amount. Partsouq ships with aramex or DHL. Got down Expansion valve and other plastic bits which came directly to home from amayama.
  5. Yeah I remember that chap has brought few cars to our office to promote them including a E-Golf. what I think is, Grey imported EVs never gonna workout without Dealer or Agent support, these should be imported with the support of Agent or dealer with after sales service and Parts. what happened to Leafs are purely because Car sale mudalalis during that period of time tried to earn some quick buck and our "herd" falls for that.
  6. Belta is a JDM Vehicle (Japanese Domestic Vehicle - intended to use in Japan, but people export them here as Grey imports) JDM vehicles doesn't come with VIN Numbers but only Model codes KSP, NCP ZZT etc, (VINs are usually associate with Export intended vehicles like Yaris, Corolla 141 as examples).
  7. You can check with them. ask what is the procedure they're going to do and proceed with them if there method is satisfactory. above is the method to ged rid of surface rust.
  8. For proper fixing, remove the door.. scrape off the rust on the hinges and panel.. apply rust converter, sync spray.. antirust primer, spray paint again.. (you will have to find a proper body shop and make sure they follow the procedure.. ) unless rust will surface again after sometime.. this looks like half a** job of a body shop..
  9. Have you checked with Agents (Toyota?) when I was servicing the injectors (Ultrasonic), I had to import it from Japan via partsouq. A*W was willing to sell the entire Injector although the part catalog says other wise. better check in Panchi and see whether they carry it separately if agents doesn't wanna sell them separately.
  10. You're talking about the Road which heading (Starts near Govijana sewa Office in Haldummulla) towards Needwood Tea factory and then towards the Idalgashinna Railway station right?. Yeah, Road is well paved up to the Tea factory. but beyond that I don't think a car can handle it.
  11. Hell no to these Snake oils. Second the @Crosswind comment.
  12. I dont think a Sedan can tackle that road. But for certain extent from Kalupahana side road is Asphalt paved (Carpet)
  13. Always use this Amazing road whenever im heading Nuwara eliya from Colombo. Experience is unimaginable. Usually leaving early morning from Nugegoda (4.00am) Balangoda via Galanigama Rathnapaura > Haputhale > Boralanda > Ohiya > Worlds end > Nuwara eliya. Planing to take the Devils staircase, but the road seems bit not satisfactory lately (after heavy falls) even for a proper 4WD. And i think i need Proper A/T tires before trying that route. @sathyajithj99 Yours is an AWD right? @K.o.N.o.S as others mentioned be extra careful on steep bends.
  14. Yeah, reminds me of MG crossover. Never a fan Blunt faced cars. Kinda dull to me.
  15. That's a nice Car @IndulaC Lal is in the business for sometime and are reputed and known for Cushion plus their Dashboard repairs (141s). me too also looking for a place to do the Fronts of the Vitara's Leather. scuffed and no tears. thought of showing it to the Deans and check their prices first. also in two minds whether convert it to the Fabric but need to do the Door cards if needs to convert it to the Fabric 🤔 Leather would be easier with the kids and spills etc. With DI engine, i think you need to use the additives anyway at some point, since top of the valve anyway not getting cleaned by Gasoline like non DI cars. Enjoy the Ride!
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