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  1. Wow Congrats mate! Thats a keeper! Looks to be in good nick! These are pretty robust vehicles Toyota has ever made. As @iRage mentioned if you maintain it properly you do not have to worry. As for the features, use https://partsouq.com and enter your VIN, it shows the options it has and the intended market etc. andnplus other things like parts etc.
  2. Haven’t use both above but BG 109 (EPR as they say now). Had good results with Vios 2006. Well its not heavily sludged in the first place and has removed the Yellowish varnish under the tappet cover. When changing the oil, oil has turned into darkened brown. After the oil change oil stayed yellow to dark yellow till 5k mark. Not sure how it will behave on highly sludged engine. So beware. Heard these are bad for valve stem seals. But in my case havent noticed any oil burn after use.
  3. Seems like the Entire Throttle body was at faulty. no wonder it costs 50K. for an Audi i would say this cost is reasonable (Given it's Brand New). @Tharaka Dias is it the same Part number replaced or a Revised part which has fixed the defect?
  4. Isn't these starter motors (Start stop) suppose to be more robust than motors in everyday cheap econoboxes, one of the office buddy had a Vitz with smartstop equipped not sure it has the same functionality like Audi, but that thing has done more than 24k for sure when he sold it (No issues whatsoever) and that was his daily drive. must be pure luck perhaps.
  5. Offroading in a 2WD crossover? 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
  6. Correct, 2nd Option would be the most suited, unless you can source the tid bits like Wiring harness, Unit etc from Yahoo auction or unit from the Maxima (i think these two are similar models?).
  7. Nicely done @Komisiripala nice to see interesting projects again in the forum. Would love to see some engine bay photos. ??
  8. Why would need to Replace an engine for Engine Oil burning?? after all you never know the condition of the replacement engine (If your replace it with a used engine). usual culprits would be Piston Rings (Usual tell tales are white / light blue smoke when you accelerate) Bad Valve stem seals (Smoking during Cold starts and accelerate after keep the engine idle for few minutes like 5-10Minutes. 90% of the time this would be the issue). these are pretty straight forward repair job which a competent mechanic can perform. you can refer below thread top to bottom for an idea on Overhauling an engin
  9. We had a Luxel back in the day with Family. Much nicer refined drive than average Corollas. It was always a pleasant to drive with more horses under it. Auto box is reliable and smooth, no judderings or whatsoever. As iRage mentioned car came with additional features like chrome trim accents like Gated shifter, chrome tail garnish etc. as for cons and niggles, look for Chain tensioner leakage at back of the engine. This is not going to stop unless tensioner replaced with redesigned part which Toyota Lanka has. Overall look for a better maintained car. These engines (including 1.5 1NZ-FE)
  10. Not sure latest version of J20A (this came with earlier version of Grand Vitara 2006-2008 models) would suit? If yes then do a search on quick site. Good Luck!
  11. I think it’s high time Government ban these “Mudalali Jokers” importing vehicles to the country and regulate the industry properly.
  12. As a User of a Previous Gen Vitara, new one doesn't even come close to the previous one (Was expecting some thing similar to Latest Jimny like vehicle but). but new one stands out from the rest of the CUVs like iRage said. bit sad we are not getting the 1.4 or 1.6 version here due to the insane tax structure.
  13. Talking about Detailing, Recently Kleen*** quoted 27k for My Brothers IST 2007? ? thats of course for the full detailing job.
  14. Personally i would stay with good ol Waxing (Stick to good brand like Meguirs). As iRage mentioned above it would be a mess once it started to show its age and start deteriorate.
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