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  1. Hi all, thanks for the inputs, I've checked with someone at A_W and they advised not to buy this model as there are faults in the engine as well as in the so called Hybrid system.
  2. Dear Experts, I've come across couple of Suzuki Ciaz diesel cars (2015) to be sold at __man site and those cars seems to be ok, actually had a look at the white colour one. I couldn't find any information about it in Srilanka but reviews in India is good. Couldn't get much info from A_W as well. If someone owns one or owned a one, please provide me more information about this car. I'm looking at parts availability and whether there are pron faults in this one(e.g xtrail gear box). You advices are highly appreciated.
  3. Hi every one, I have read this and other posts on Punto's, actually have done a test drive with one of the cars. Very keen on buying a one. I need help from you guys as I have no idea about people whom can get advice or do the repairs done. Since few of you are not happy with Indika, tried Noels number which was not working, someone from Rajigiriya answered the call on 0773 number. Can you guys help me with few places to do the repairs done. Thanking in advance.
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