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  1. ‌Hi, My Lancer CS3's previous owner has disconnected the AC heater lines. I'm pretty sure heater line disconnected because of water leak or some issue. Now i want to restore the AC to original state. Can anyone recommend a place to do this job?  i'm from Homagama area, so looking for a place around colombo. :) 

    1. Iroshana Cooray

      Iroshana Cooray

      Hi I'm doing my repairs near Maliban junction. His name is Janaka mobile 0775282809 or there us a person in Bokundara Anil on 0712299108

    2. CK2


      Thanks, will contact them.... 


  2. Hi Guys, Need some advises to choose my next car, I'm planning to use this vehicle for next two+ years. My main concerns are maintenance cost & resale value. (Fuel consumption not a big concern at the moment, i can live between 8 to 10kmpl :)) My two choices are Mitsubishi Lancer CS2/CS3 GLX (2003/4) and Honda Civic ES8 (2001). both are in same price bracket and most of the features/options are seems also same. Its really appreciates if you experts can give your feedback about these two cars and share pros & cons between two cars... Thanks guys.... Cheers...!!!
  3. I used to go Fishing Hut(Maskeliya) 5-6 years back, That time place was magnificent. No phone signal, no electricity, no air/sound pollution, most importantly no humans.... but no idea about the current status of the place...
  4. You should add Mitsubishi Lancers to the list.... you will get reliable, more newer and good looking car as a result.... (if 8-10 kmpl is a decent fuel figure, u will get "Decent Fuel Consumption" too... ?)
  5. Yes, almost everyday 5 -6 hours under direct hot sun... , is there any possibility to repair faulty speedo clusters?
  6. yes, no difference... everyday driving at least two hours with headlights and AC on...next morning starting without any issue... Initially thought it was faulty speedo cluster,
  7. Thanks, but how it affects to RPM reading? Sorry not a very tech guy.... ?
  8. Hi all, Need some help from experts (again)... My Diesel Galant's RPM showing incorrect values(low values than it should be), (Its a Galant 2000 Diesel turbo, mileage around 170K ) As an example Idle => 0.2 | Previously => around 0.8 - 1 100 kmph on Highway => around 1.8 | Previously it was around 2.5 - 2.8 (5th gear) No difference in Engine sound and pulling power, No vibrations, engine runs smoothly.... so i'm pretty sure this related to meter, my question is what would be the possible reason for this issue? and really helpful if anyone can suggest a good place to check and fix this. Thanks in advance.
  9. ha ha.... Then my opinion is both cars are equally good, fun to drive, good handling and equally over priced at the moment. try to find several good cars and go for a test run, This is what i experienced about EK3 vs CK2 Handling - CK2 Pickup - Definitely EK3 Low Maintenance Cost - CK2 Body parts availability - CK2 Spare Parts availability - CK2 Looks - I love both Reliability - EK3 Both are fun to drive these comparison based on My 1999 CK2 vs My freind's 1999 EK3 Exi (both are standard and manual, and i might be little bias )
  10. if you are going do only a cosmetic modification , Please buy EK3, save the lancer....
  11. Delo or Mobil Delvac for my Galant(diesel)?:unsure:

  12. heard you guys are planning to doing a VR4 conversion... wht hapn...?
  13. thanks guys.... that helps a lot... @Davy @Sierra Charlie
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