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  1. In regards to an AC Compressor my mechanic says "Although it is recondition and old, Japanese is always best" and not to go for "Brand New Taiwan/Chinese units in comparison" can I have your opinion/input on this statement, do you swear by one? If so why? Have you used these "Brand New Chinese/Taiwans" without any issues?

    1. iRage


      Yes..dad's RAV4 with a 2AF-FE engine. Taiwanese one which he went for as a temporary fix as the agents did not have one and the shops in delkanda/panchi did not have even a used part (ironically there were none on Yahoo auction Japan as well apart from a few compatible new ones also from Taiwan and China). He visited VN at the time and saly VN being LHD could not get the exact part as it was slighlty different. So..ironically his temporary fix unti he got a Toyota part has been there for nearly 4 or 5 years now :)

      Now..the question is how do you know if it is actually reconditioned ? In Japan you get rebuilt compressors that come with a warranty for a year or so and they do a good job in restoring it and they have been pretty good. Are you sure that these parts are reconditioned ? and not just a used part as is cleaned up ? 

      Being Japanese is no a guarantee that it is going to work properly for X years (in any used part). Sometimes the failure is simply because of the design. Just as the inherent design of these compressors (all Toyotas of the era and those that have the component of the time period) are prone to it breaking. Not that common but not that uncommon either. You do not know what the status of the used one from so it might last for a year or last for 10...so i is almost like the luck of the draw.

    2. iRage


      Would I swear by the used Japanese part...no...would I swear by the Taiwanese one ? No.

      Also, there is no way to know if the part actually was manufactured in Japan just because it came out of a car that was in Japan.

    3. MaleCortana


      @iRage I need to rephrase, these aren't recondition they are used and just sent here. No reconditioning involved ripped out of a car and sent here. It really is like playing Russian Roullette

  2. It is exactly where you think it is from You could say the Zenith of Starlet Status in Sri Lanka
  3. Anywhere to find a Camry 2AZ-FE AC Compressor and Engine Mounts? No The Toyota Dealer in SL doesn't have them nor does any shop in Wijerama area, kinda desperate right now :) 

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    2. PerfMad


      Oh is that so. You're welcome. Hope you'll be able to source parts soon.

    3. iRage


      Yeah...had an issue with the RAV4 and its compressor....my dad could not find a replacement at te agent and the parts shops did not have a used unit either (although they were all willing to ell one that could be fitted after some maka baas work (no idea what that was or how). Eventually he managed to source a compatible part that was Taiwanese....its been about 4 years now and no problems.

    4. MaleCortana


      @iRage Wait a minute, RAV4s came with 2AZs as well 0.o can I know the brand/place/price (this is not even that important at this point) you bought this part from? 4 years of usability is more than enough for me. I also was offered the option of getting a compatible one and to be 'adjusted' accordingly I don't like that idea that much, but if push comes to shove I will have to oblige.

  4. Yep quick search on Gumtree showed weird trims called the CDX
  5. Why does this say LE then iRage? This is on ToyoDIY
  6. If my VIN Number starts with J that should mean it was built in Japan right?

  7. Not entirely sure, I believe it is LE, XLE etc. Grande is the Mark 2 GX110 varient in SL
  8. Nice, but those might have been a different engine config right? (probably the V6s?) not the 2.4L? Thanks! And yes I think most Camry's I saw here were cloth seats + 2.0 combo but this isn't that high spec as well since its at LE, might have some options ticked though
  9. That is true^ Nope, this is a JK number one, might've been a similar car, I ride mine mostly around Borella, Rajagiriya, Thalawathugoda and Malabe area's Only been to Katana once and that was to pick up my Starlet in August
  10. Okay I'll keep an eye out and get those checked
  11. What's up with Kia Sorento drivers? Impatient bunch also honking or swerving around? Same stereotype applies to Wagon R and Spacia drivers always turning on their Headlights in the dark and Alto drivers hogging the right lane. Canter Drivers driving like they can respawn after death is also something I noticed.

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    2. MaleCortana


      Hybrid owners are honestly a mixed bunch, either the driver of the Prius drives it like he stole it or the driver does 20kmph

    3. Ruslan


      i guess it's not the Vehicle, but the Moron / F**tard, sitting behind the wheel. just keep your cool & let these a** holes pass. not worth the hassle.

    4. MaleCortana
  12. 🙄 Yeah Yeah I definitely didn't check for engine oil daily (Hides oil dipstick) also what are the tell tale signs btw?
  13. Yes Americans do tend to be the complainy type after not doing what they are supposed to do. I'll keep an eye out for the oil levels
  14. Wauw Wauw this looks amazing!
  15. Thanks Mate! Yep Yep it was advertised on the quick site and I didn't really give it any attention (Was Hunting exclusively for X100s and X110s), went to check her out, she had some dings here and there but really needed a car quick. Bought the car a day after it was advertised (ad is still up me thinks). Thanks! Okay I will definitely ask my mechanic to check them out, thanks for the heads up Teasing has already begun unfortunately, my friends have expressed that the only women I will be seducing with this barge are "middle aged company secretaries" unfortunately
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