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  1. So it's been a year since I bought my Nissan Teana and it's been quite the journey. I always comes around 6 months to this forum and promises to give updates on the car and just disappears so apologies for that😪. Now living with a barge for a year, well firstly it was a journey, figuring out the car slowly and just trying to live with a long ass car battling through the Colombo traffic. It was very hard to drive firstly because the car is 2.8m long and in high level road traffic where you constantly need to change lanes you feel like you want that Harry Potter bus shrink button. But hey the size has its own props, my father recently used the boot to transport a whole freaking table, and it seems my mom buys groceries more now because the boot is bigger😂. So the driving experience, honestly it's not that bad as you expect. It's definitely a smooth ride but when you press the throttle you see the advantage of a CVT and a huge ass 2.5L V6, anytime i need to overtake something i just need to nudge the throttle and I'm there, where i see "peasant" 1.5L engines doing their maximum ~s~. The acceleration is there but you cannot feel it, whenever I'm doing 100 I have to double check my speedo to actually feel it. It seems that's why this seems slow, when I was driving the w204 c180 1.6L, whenever I push the accelerator the RPM went to 3000 and gears actually changed, you felt the cats doing something and even tho it's doing 80kmh you felt like it's doing 160, but that's not the case with the Teana, you press the throttle and the barge goes that's it. You just can't get that raw driving feeling so it's kinda boring but my father loves it because it's relaxing to drive. Even cornering is fine but I haven't been that adventurous to do a 150kmh corner in a fwd car which weighs 1.6 tons😂. The comfort is the main thing I experienced in during the year i had the car, the back seat is just a cloud. Even tho it's suede seats you can just sleep on them. I always try to avoid driving the car so I can just be in the back seat with my legs extended forward and my hand resting on the rear backrest. So the restoration process have been slightly delayed because of COVID, i recently found a whole Teana j32 which is bought down from Japan for parts so I will find almost everything I need from that. I just need a new rear bumper since the one currently has , small cracks and few chrome pieces broken. Also I'm trying to find an original pair of fog lights since the once i have now have been converted to HID which doesn't seem to be the manufacturer spec. Need to get Michelin tyres because the tyres i currently have are pretty noisy and doesn't do justice for the Teana. I have a plan to bring down a rear boot lip spoiler and a sports grille from Japan, just to make the car a bit yakuza. So the problems, well I actually didn't face any, I had a leaking radiator tank so I got that fixed with a "lifetime" Warrenty and the rear multi link suspension have been squeaking when I drive over uneven surfaces or whenever the car goes in a steep downhill, so I need to fix the rear bushings as well. (I hope it's bushings but any input is accepted from the forum). Other than those two, i just did my normal maintenance and just drove it, I figured that if I didn't push the car or keep it idle for a long time, it does around 8-9 kmpl on my day to day route. But whenever I'm going grocery shopping with my mom and she stops at 100+ shops this drops to around 6-7 since I keep my AC on and the car is almost at idle for the whole journey. @MaleCortanacan vouch for this since he also faces the same problem with grocery shopping. So to sum up my 1 year 6000km journey with my Teana, I kinda got what I wished for. I didn't expect Nissan skyline level performance nor Toyota Crown level comfort so I'm actually happy and since the market has been shot up, I received offers above 6.5 mil😂. So I am pretty happy Lastly If anyone knows a good place to do beige suede seat cleaning please recommend me. The only problem with beige suede seats is keeping them actually beige which is honestly not possible atleast with my mom's carelessness. She just gets in and keeps her wet umbrella near the seat and just listen to the radio while I'm there on the driving seat speechless of the abomination. I'm thinking of leather seat covers so anything related to interior is highly appreciated. Thanks and hope to come back in another 6 months with a VQ35HR engine swapped Teana😂 P.s photo dump for the past 6 months and @MaleCortana thanks for the brochure.
  2. I do press the gas sometimes so I can hear the glorious vq sing but the shit cvt always shifts the gears up so the rev counter drops. I heard people had bad experience with these additives, do you know any specific brand that'll do me good? Also fun fact the teana has a sports gear and I was like what in god's name can make this land yatch sporty but hey it surprised me by reasonably quick accelerations😂. But my fuel drops to 5km/l on sports mode 😑
  3. It does poor on petrol and the singapore version has shit mechanicals otherwise the japanese ones are ok but always look for one with maintainance records since most has issues with the ECU. Other than that I think your good to go, but hey that's my opinion and I've only been in a cefiro not own one.
  4. I might be late to jump on this train but for that budget your best option is definitely a gx90 since gx100s are blowing way over the market value right now. And dare I say nissan cefiros too? I know that most people hates them but if you can find a good quality excimo G (japanese models) they are quite nice I assume and under your budget. Glorias and Cedric's are top notch too but people are asking way more than they are worth. I tend to incline more towards nissan but they have their own shortcomings as well as advantages.
  5. Well probably mine will look the same because I have stock springs but I like that look, compliments the white but not so sure that it'll compliment the color of my car. Exactly, whenever I'm searching for stock wheels people look at me like I'm retarded or something. They always say "Sapa wageda Malli Gamma" but e ayyala doesn't understand whenever I go over potholes my whole interior shakes. On a different note, this is the first time I'm using a direct injection car and do you know any tips I can do to keep this engine healthy cause from my experience valve soot is inevitable in DI cars.
  6. This is the wheel i have in mind, i want something that'll compliment the land yatch type look, since most aftermarket wheels in Sri Lanka screams "look at mee i have black 5 spokes that'll go with red brake calipers" I just checked RAYS homura option and that'll look sick too. Do you know any wheel experts in Sri lanka that'll help me for this situation?.
  7. The steering wheel was on this condition and the gear lever + dashboard had some minor discoloration and now as I posted above the leather looks top notch. I did my upholstery work by a place called Lal cushion in Mount lavinia which a car salesman recommended me saying "Malli japanata wada hondata gahanawa" As for the CVT I'm being on the safe side and changing oil every 20000 km using genuine NS2 cvt fluid, still she sings like an angel and delivers the power to the wheels effortlessly. Because no sudden acceleration i feel the cars laggy but in the real world the acceleration is on par with other barges (I feel like I'm doing 40 and viola I'm doing 80 on the meter). That's nissan saying me to push the brake to start the car😂 Well 2 was completely gone and one was on the verge of going out but my mechanic said the other 2 mounts were replaced and holding on so I trusted his gut and replaced the 3. (2 of them are the biggest mounts which nissan calls as active mounts and I have no idea what they are). I dig this flushed no wheel nut look on the stock nissan wheel so I'm inclined more towards that design, but i also like vosson VFS wheels that'll compliment the barge type look of the car. I'm in crossroads where keep/increase the looks of the car but decrease the comfort vs install stock wheels and big tyres to increase the comfort and diminish the looks of the car. Your suggestions will be much appreciated
  8. First of all sorry for being the least active member on the forum🙃. Now since I used my beloved teana for 4 months I'd like to share my experience + what i did with the car. 1. So when I bought the car it had some minor oil leaks so I redid all the oil seals in the car as a precautionary repair using original Nissan parts which I got from A*W (slightly rip-off price but hey atleast it's "original"). 2. Redid my brake system with refaced calipers and original pads because of a minor braking sound which was noticable at traffic situations. 3. Installed KYB "New SR special" shocks and shock mounts. The new SR special is the only shock nissan recommends for the teana (finding this was a pain in the ass because almost all shops in Sri Lanka has KYB Excel Gs and nothing else) 4.Replaced 3/5 engine mounts using the original nissan parts from A*W. (Didn't knew japanese mounts costs that much😑) 5. Did a engine tune-up + throttle body cleaning since I felt like it's doing a bit less on fuel consumption. 6. Redid all the leather parts in the car back to the factory beige material The shocks were a game changer to the ride quality and now it's actually comfy. After 4 months of usage the car feels nice and smooth, a car which you'll enjoy to be a passenger in but not so much to drive because it's a barge. (Can't do risky moves while driving). Other than that the car drives superb and people think I'm a government V*P since most these cars are used by government secretaries and such. Fuel economy is 7.5-8 kmpl on city and 10-11 on highways. I'm actually impressed by the VQ25s smoothness because I've never driven a V6 before. Still i have much more to do in this car to bring back back to it's factory glory and here's a few I'm planning of doing within the next months, so if anyone can help me in the process I'm much appreciated. 1. Need to find original 16 inch alloy wheels that came for the car since the 18 inch alloys (aftermarket) that looks great reduces the comfort by a significant margin. Current alloy wheel The original 16 inch alloy that came with the car. So if anyone can hook me up with these types of alloys it's much appreciated. 2. There's a slight noise coming from the AC compressor when the compressor clutch is applied so should investigate that before it blows up. 3.Rear passenger armrest wood trim piece is cracked so should replace or find someone to fix that up. 4. Need to do a full interior detailing but can't find a good place that'll do justice for the velvet seats. (Please let me know if y'all know any place). So that's chapter 2 of my nissan teana journey. I'll try to post more on the forum definitely. Special thanks to @MaleCortana for recommending me the mechanic that did everything in the car. p.s i installed an android infotainment system which is me going out of my way to bring the car back to factory glory, but i had to do that since it's a nightmare reversing this GIGACAR out of my driveway. The unit has all the OEM functions (A/C control, CD changer + modern functions like android auto and spotify.
  9. Oh ok I'm not sure if my car has that feature. But anyway I'm gonna get this installed through Advan car audio or Pet#o lanka. If anyone knows another place of a guy that'll do a quality job lemme know.
  10. I didn't catch what you said? VTR means? I searched google and it stated as a video tape recorder.
  11. @iRageyes I want to install a whole new head unit at the CD deck slot using the adapter and keeping it completely separated from the AC controls. So for the AC controls I have the upper screen and for the radio/Navi/camara needs I have the aftermarket Pioneer one on the bottom.
  12. So I have an update on the situation. I've found an adapter that will change the stock radio unit of the Teana to a stock double DIN hole. So I can install any radio setup I want without interfering with the AC controls. I'm thinking of putting a Pioneer AVH-Z5250BT but still on the crossroads because I didn't find anyone on the internet that had done this
  13. Yeah but as for a guy who's only being driving for 2 years (I'm 21) it's a bit difficult ?. The last car I had has all the reversing aids so I think I got depended on those. But I see what you are saying
  14. Yeah I'm on the search for those now but I'm afraid if nothing comes up I might settle for a chinese android 10 setup because I really need reverse visibility
  15. Yeah man, it's really hard for me to reverse because of the size of the car. The aftermarket sensors that are already installed are pretty bad and goes haywire time to time so can't rely on that too. In my case the climate control is also incorporated with the display so I need to figure out something that can accommodate the climate controls too. There are many units up in Aliexpress but I don't trust them tbh so I'm kinda at crossroads atm. Any suggestions?
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