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    SUZUKI. 2018 model Auto.
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    Only left side foot operated parking brake paddle was removed. Converted to operate by old system hand brake. On the center of two front seats.
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    12500 Killometers done 3 times Engine Oil was changed. Front disk brakes were removed due to little overheating found that two brake cylinders were clogged with a thin film of gray color grease. Polished them with little fine compound refitted the system with two new brake washers. Changed all Brake fluid with new Brake fluid. a

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  1. Members, My land in Colombo 00300 was owned by our family, originally there was many members who had shares in this land. When the last most senior member expired in year 1945 it was sold as all owners for the entire land was unable to come for a settlement how should they divide the Colombo 00300 land. In year 1946 put in for sale by a Court order in Public Auction. Auctioneer had to give first preference to my late father because he was occupying the entire land, was given to him in year 1931 by the last living co-owner of the land who was controlling all the family important matt
  2. Members, Property appreciation is the most profitable thing in Sri alanka or any City in the world. I will post on to the thread moderators had allowed out of automobile matters to post to me.How Colombo propriety had appreciated in last 75 years. Also agricultural land had appreciated in last 30 years. Please log into that thread. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  3. PreseaLover, 2 KNOWN CAR TUNERS Try Mr, Dammika Fernando. He is at Borrala on Cotta Road. Any one in that area will give location of his house. Those proprieties one time was belongs to One Mr, B.J. Fernando. Who was the owner of Buses, KUKULA Bus Company. That was his Grand Father. His father was Mr, B.C. Fernando who was a Qualified Automobile Engineer in UK. Dammika took over the car tuning business from his Father. I don't have his contact number, if you do a A/L past forums about car tuning you can get his contact number. ##############
  4. Members, Any thing to do with food business, Bakery, Lunch packets. In the Night have take orders for Dinner. Or do only for day time without night orders. All above you will want skilled manpower, But still you will make minimum 50% profit. Morning you invest Rupees 25000/= after the end of the day you will have the said profit. There will be still leftovers of prepared food. Give them free to poor. I had the infrastructure which was mine in Colombo 03. I did all above during 1983 to 1992 problems time but I did not have a proper person to handle all a
  5. Members, This persons funny question about for a person who had done to a Engine scan. I think he is not living in Sri Lanka he may be a person who had landed from a another planet. Because Rs, 500/= no one can do any repair on a motor vehicle today. When I stared work in 1964 in my late father,s work shop he paid me Rs, 10/00 for a month after feeding me. Our skilled mechanic was drawing Rs,2.50/= for a day. Today I pay Rs, 3500/= for skilled chap, helper is paid Rs, 2000/=today. Two senior AL members on two early posts had explained well, without discouragi
  6. Charithtg, You can do that job yourself. Remove the motor from your car dismantle motor clean examine first the Bendix drive is in order, because you complain about a noise from the motor. If the drive wheel which engage to the flywheel is damaged or slipping, then replace same with a new one or used one in good working order. Fix the Solenoid fork correctly, reassemble the motor. Re fit into your engine and operate the starter motor if the engine starts without any problem (unwanted noise) then the job is done correctly. If you have any more problems then get a help of a
  7. Members, There are few work shops in Colombo and close to Colombo who do Hybrid car battery repairs. What they do is change a good battery cell from a good battery, change in to the faulty cell. Later they recharge the repaired battery in a correct way give a very short time of guarantee and send off. I know few of those who repair H/B battery's, they them self say it is not a very good solution for the repaired battery. Those battery repairers say they help H/B car owner's to use the vehicle for some time with a very low cost instead of spending money for a new battery. I remem
  8. RandikaPM, This problem may be on the Alternator not charging occasionally, inside Alternator some times can be loose wire connection to the Alternator out terminal or the two rotor brushes are not seating to Alternator slip ring. Or Indicator light may have some problem. Get a Auto Electrification to check the battery voltage. With out engine running. If the battery is in good condition then the reading will have to be 12+ Volts. Then check again the battery voltage when the engine running. Then Alternator is charging then the reading will be13+or 14+. If th
  9. S. Mohamed, Can I recommend a person who will come home, If you are in Colombo will attend for your job. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.
  10. Members, In Sri Lanka we had one Mis. Athapthtu later she was Mrs. Amarasekara who was in Motor racing I think she is not in this Paradise world. If I remember there was few more lady's also used to do motor racing. There was one Rally driver to my knowledge who took part in Reliability Trials in 1970 or 1980. I remember her name do not want to state in this Forum Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  11. Members, Our Mechanics were capable of modifying any thing about 30 years ago, good to hear that modification. yes cops will not know the owner had modified the Leaf. They will check the Insurance and the license of the vehicle with no knowledge of Electric or Petrol. I will post a detail knoweledge of our Police officers, to the thread which is allowed by the moderators fore me to write about Motor vehicles and related matters. ( Refelections of automobile history of our country by me) Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  12. iRage. This person not sold his vehicle yet, he had send a message through a broker and informed my neighbor that a good vehicle is for sale, wanted him to go with him to show the vehicle. The vehicle was brought to another house close to Colombo and my neighbor had gone there to see that. The vehicle is same vehicle with a Trade plate and given a trial, he requested the papers there it was proved same. He had scolded the broker and told him the story, came back home. It is not easy to sell a used vehicles today, because who have stocks had jack up the prices. No good used vehicles
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