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    SUZUKI. 2018 model Auto.
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    Only left side foot operated parking brake paddle was removed. Converted to operate by old system hand brake. On the center of two front seats.
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    12500 Killometers done 3 times Engine Oil was changed. Front disk brakes were removed due to little overheating found that two brake cylinders were clogged with a thin film of gray color grease. Polished them with little fine compound refitted the system with two new brake washers. Changed all Brake fluid with new Brake fluid. a

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  1. Mr. kavvs. My long delay in reply was I was not feeling in good health, I used to log in to A/L on and of not regularly. Yesterday I came to know that building is completely demolished and I was unable to get any more information about same. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  2. Members, I apologize for long delay in reply, mainly my driver was not there. I do not drive due to my old age of 78 years. I found out from them they informed me that they get down one model which will fit for many vehicles, a very close range. We will have to check before the length S/A will expand and compress with the sample, if not we cannot blame them after we buy them. One more thing if the car has leaf springs after many more years they can very the Hight of the car, then it is possible that the car tire will touch the body when you over a big pump. Coil springs also have this problem after 10 years of use. I have had this trouble with many vehicles which I have used from 1960 early. If they are leaf springs I give the entire two bundles to a Blacksmith and get them redo to original Hight. I f they are coil springs I use hard rubber cushions to increase the Hight. This was manly done for old vehicles of 1970 pre era, not for the new vehicles. Every town during those days there were Blacksmiths, today you cannot find any of them in big towns. What I wrote was my method of adjusting that problem, That was good for older vehicles. Modern day vehicles are made to travel at very high speeds, if the Hight changes the balance of vehicles can change when you drive at high speeds, this changing of Hight has to be done according to manufactures specs, if not when you drive at high speeds that can effect of your stability of the vehicle. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  3. Members, I don't think that you need a map on smart phones. I travel out of Colombo then I use the map on the phone that gives all I need. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  4. Members, This is the first time that M/s, TASS had given wrong according to my knowledge. That Establishment was established by two friends, do not know they are still there. They had a good reputation in the past years. I pass that way at least two times a week, must drop in there and find out for the reason they give wrong shocks. One partner is well known to me. Will find out what had happened. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  5. Members, There are people who collect the used oil to be used for Aluminum and Brass casting burners. Can get their information from service stations. They pay for them. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  6. iRage, I read all replies in that topic no one had given a answer for him to get the job done to his sati's faction. All give him advice which he cannot decide what to do. As you say every (Garages and single persons who do repairs) one today wants to change parts. I have mentioned this some time back and said that we do not have a machine to test used Shock absorbers. Few days back a person gave me a call and wanted to know where he can test a shock absorber. I told him to my knowledge no one has. In Sri Lanka we have only many places where they do entire car Shock absorber testing stations. I came across a car owner who came to me to get my Automobile service what I do about three months back and he related his story. When his car got some trouble in Colombo and he was unable to travel to Kandy. He met a mechanic on the road and that person had got him to spend thirty thousand rupees, two days still the job was not correct. At last one person changed all parts of ignition system then the car engine came back to original condition. You say I am off the topic, may be how you think. I recommended the best place to get his engine done up, if the compression test is not correct. For that have to dismantle the entire engine examine the rings engine pistons and bore. Then decide the next step. According to his first post. ( 2nd and 4th cylinder pressure is bit low (150psi), other cylinders are 200psi and 180psi) There is a difference in Engine compression. To my knowledge for that the engine has to remove and examine. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  7. HUSNY, First of all get a Compression test of the Engine. Get a good mechanic who has tools and had removed new car engines to give you a quote first. Check with Edirasinghe Brother,s (Gamini Joint Director is no more, hos Bro is there) They do entire engine rebuilding to give a quote from for a complete rebuild. They have almost all necessary spares for rebuilding the engine. Get rebuild engine reassembled and do a test run then you can satisfy your self that you can use for some time. If you go for a imported used engine from a dealer, no one can say the condition of the engine. I don't think any one has a facility in private sector for Engine testing unit. CTB had one in Werahara Central work shop. I remember that unit was dismantled and taken to a unknown place. After that no news of same. Some times big companies like Dixo/ Bxw Toxxa Axw may have. I have not been to their work shops for some time although my assistants go to those places, they do not have knowledge to find out those thins, They complete their entrusted jobs and come back. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  8. Kavvas, Will write full detail about your post of the said Colombo 2 building. within next few days. I remember visiting in Singapore, there are few buildings, with similar architecture Colonial leaders built during their governing days. At present restored by owners fully by, with the help of Singapore government like same architecture when the British build and controlled the island. 2 WW history if any one read can find Japanese attacked took over the island (2) twice but British, fought back took over again. I remember reading the Singapore island once was a large camp owned and maintained for Japanese POW, and they had many unwanted treatment by Japanese army. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  9. Sylvi

    Project A72V

    varotone, I went through carefully all your posts, I find you try to DIY almost all your car repairs. It is a very good way for your future about automobile maintenance. Try to keep up on DIY projects instead of going to repair shops and exhausting your purse. Will try to find some paint to apply on your exhaust manifold temperature resistant. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.
  10. Members, I was a 9 year boy when Ceylon had their 1st old automobile rally, remember going with my late father to look at those vehicles at Tucker's Show room at Union Place. There were hand full of cars and few commercial vehicles were there. I remember writing a comment few years back about that. If any one has any old writings and pictures of that old car rally can any member publish those on this A/L. Also like to mention the historical name boards of roads and any historical pictures to publish on this A/L. Once I took a Picture of old Tram ways Tram car halting place was on opposite road of, one of our old established Engineering firm Lathe and Re boring, Edirisinghe Brother's Establishment close to (Inguru Kade) junction. One member of this A/L forum promised to take action on that matter as he was known to this person, but there was no follow of that. The person who removed same that he will refit after completing his building, still not done. This board is not his property, it is belongs to Colombo Municipality. Also that board carries a Archeological value. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  11. Members, I had a chat with a person who imports battery's to Sri Lanka. He was in business for more than 4 decades in battery's. He is studding the H/B battery cell changing with new battery packs, so that any body can change H/B battery cell with locally assembled new battery. Will keep A/L informed any new developments. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  12. terrabytetango, I have forgotten your name on the Al, because few years ago you was a regular writer to Al. Can you give your vehicle model and year of manufacture. To my knowledge some did not have a brake booster. Long years ago, I remember changing a bigger master cylinder then solved this problem. I normally do not attend to any automobile mechanical repairs, still if a person contacts me then I study the replacements already done and attend them. Due to my other Automobile service. To my knowledge this was a recurring problem on most Starlet's had. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  13. monty, There are many people who do this work on opposite (St Josep) College Maradana. You stop your vehicle on the road go inside the by road which connects the Darly road speak with few people then they will guide to the correct place who will do that type of job. Have to be bit careful because there will be many people will come behind you requesting to help you. Then they also will have a commission additionally to your payment. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  14. Supun Chathuranda, Inform how did you calculate the fuel consumption. Electronic meters can give wrong information. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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