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    SUZUKI. 2018 model Auto.
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    Only left side foot operated parking brake paddle was removed. Converted to operate by old system hand brake. On the center of two front seats.
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    12500 Killometers done 3 times Engine Oil was changed. Front disk brakes were removed due to little overheating found that two brake cylinders were clogged with a thin film of gray color grease. Polished them with little fine compound refitted the system with two new brake washers. Changed all Brake fluid with new Brake fluid. a

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  1. Kavvas, Will write full detail about your post of the said Colombo 2 building. within next few days. I remember visiting in Singapore, there are few buildings, with similar architecture Colonial leaders built during their governing days. At present restored by owners fully by, with the help of Singapore government like same architecture when the British build and controlled the island. 2 WW history if any one read can find Japanese attacked took over the island (2) twice but British, fought back took over again. I remember reading the Singapore island once was a large camp owned and maintained for Japanese POW, and they had many unwanted treatment by Japanese army. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  2. Sylvi

    Project A72V

    varotone, I went through carefully all your posts, I find you try to DIY almost all your car repairs. It is a very good way for your future about automobile maintenance. Try to keep up on DIY projects instead of going to repair shops and exhausting your purse. Will try to find some paint to apply on your exhaust manifold temperature resistant. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.
  3. Members, I was a 9 year boy when Ceylon had their 1st old automobile rally, remember going with my late father to look at those vehicles at Tucker's Show room at Union Place. There were hand full of cars and few commercial vehicles were there. I remember writing a comment few years back about that. If any one has any old writings and pictures of that old car rally can any member publish those on this A/L. Also like to mention the historical name boards of roads and any historical pictures to publish on this A/L. Once I took a Picture of old Tram ways Tram car halting place was on opposite road of, one of our old established Engineering firm Lathe and Re boring, Edirisinghe Brother's Establishment close to (Inguru Kade) junction. One member of this A/L forum promised to take action on that matter as he was known to this person, but there was no follow of that. The person who removed same that he will refit after completing his building, still not done. This board is not his property, it is belongs to Colombo Municipality. Also that board carries a Archeological value. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  4. Members, I had a chat with a person who imports battery's to Sri Lanka. He was in business for more than 4 decades in battery's. He is studding the H/B battery cell changing with new battery packs, so that any body can change H/B battery cell with locally assembled new battery. Will keep A/L informed any new developments. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  5. terrabytetango, I have forgotten your name on the Al, because few years ago you was a regular writer to Al. Can you give your vehicle model and year of manufacture. To my knowledge some did not have a brake booster. Long years ago, I remember changing a bigger master cylinder then solved this problem. I normally do not attend to any automobile mechanical repairs, still if a person contacts me then I study the replacements already done and attend them. Due to my other Automobile service. To my knowledge this was a recurring problem on most Starlet's had. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  6. monty, There are many people who do this work on opposite (St Josep) College Maradana. You stop your vehicle on the road go inside the by road which connects the Darly road speak with few people then they will guide to the correct place who will do that type of job. Have to be bit careful because there will be many people will come behind you requesting to help you. Then they also will have a commission additionally to your payment. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  7. Supun Chathuranda, Inform how did you calculate the fuel consumption. Electronic meters can give wrong information. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  8. Members, iRage, Your post is very correct. I do not think he has much experience with our Automobile workers. If any one goes to buy a vehicle today, Buying cost then the new buyers requirements mentioned according to the early post by member H. Riyas figures estimated may be correct according to him. But no one can predict these costs. Because every spare part shop will never give you a discount at present. What they inform you that the spares are not coming to the country. This information is told to buyers by every retailer to people who visits them for their requirements. I last month imported my raw material requirements for two hundred thousand Rupees from the USA manufacture, without any difficulty. My requirement may be small, but there was no difficulty of transferring the cost officially through my Bank. I was told all-most all manufactures are producing their products at present with out any difficulty. Before placing the order I had a long chat ( Overseas call to my regular shipper, he said they normally have stocks for three months. Only during the Pandemic problem started production was interrupted, but they are in a position to supply without any delay. Let him decide what he should buy. Then do necessary thins as he wish. Good luck for the member. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  9. Members, (1) Category of men their mentality and habits. Still are necessary to repair Automobiles. At present most painters, Mechanics, Tinkers are not doing a job to satisfy a automobile user to use for a long time. They all do is only to get their money for their daily evening Alcohol give little what is left with them to their family. Not worried about the future family problems illnesses they have to face in future, living with Epidemic. (2) Category. When they go to buy any spares or required materials for the job what they are entrusted to do, they will slowly inform the spare part shop or any hardware shop sales man they buy the requirement for the entrusted job what they do to leave a commission. If spare part shop do not have the part, then they will take the damaged part to a Lathe shop to rebuild same. There also they will have a share. (3) Category. All said people will win your confidence. They become a part of your life,will encourage you to go in for a another old vehicle and redo like the early one. Sell with a profit. Now all are happy. Then all above said people want an a Cash advance for some personal use, you gladly will give that. That will be the last time you will see him. Automobile small time repair garages are also same, Other than established big timers. Their proprietors also face above said problems working with blue color workers. and with purchasing officers. I have faced all above in last sixty years of my automobile and industrial unit of maintenance. I have lived in industry from 1964 to date, no regrets. Above is the life every where in the world. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  10. Members, HOW MOTOR VEHICLE COSTS WENT UP FROM YEAR 1962. There was a similar situation like today, in year 1962 (59 Years ago) then Government banned all imports of Motor Vehicles and spares. Few people who went out of the country employed for resonable time that they can prove their $ earned enough to buy a car then they get a permit. There one more permit system that was importer has to prove his relationship to get a gift permit then he or she had to pay the gift tax. Like today permits were sold to any body who pays. Spares was allowed on a quota system according to importers who had imported spares early. They have to prove that with past import papers. Also banks have to certify that money was transferred. To import anything have to go behind import control department for number of days, bribe the lover rankers (Then Biggest Note for to palm oil them) in the import comntrol department to get an approval. Then came the CRA. Many items with Motor Vehicles was also allowed for convertible Rupee Account holders. Gems had the highest rate of 25% for their exports and many other exporters also got from 10% of the income from they get, can be utilized for imports. All export Company directors got car permits to import cars. I too got two motor vehicles for my CRA. I got a Gem dealer to export in the name of my partnership which I registered and gave all documents to the Gem dealer to export on my behalf. I only have to sign export documents, give him 125% of the export Rupee value. Within 20 days I get in to my Bank Account Rupee Value. 25% of that I can import 1 Car, my other partner can import 1 car. No restrictions no tax. Only when you sell the cars if you make profit above the cost, then you pay your normal tax. I did number of gem exports like that way. All other earned CRA was used to import for my business requarements. Then I was in the Electrical Maintanance industry. Simple explanation is if any spare part cost is (CIF) 1 Rupee then you have to pay Rupees 1/25. Vehicle selling prices sky rocketed and continued till the Green party allowed all imports after 17 dark years of past regime, All 5-year-old Vehicles and other necessary new items freely. By that dark 17 years Panchikawatthe spare parts importers made big profits also most of the spare parts shops were tenements. Converted to shops by the people who were living on those tenements. Rented To Spare part delears, big time spare part dealer’s bought the tenement lands and build large buildings with number of flows. I do not want to name them, today their 2nd generation are owners of those buildings. Also some of their 2nd generation in motor spares business. I remember my late father used to tell me tahat M/s, Sangaralimgam Pillai was the first to open a sparepart shop in Panchi....., when the Colombo tram ways had the transport service in panchi.... Road. All Motor vehicle importers of today are born after 1978. Before that all motor vehicles were imported to this country was from UK, USA, Germany and Italy. By very old Companies most of them were british owend later sold to Ceylonese. At present ony to my knowledge Carmart, D*MO, Colonial, Richerd Peris, Unit#d Mot#rs A*W and Tuckers are the companies existed in that era, they are still active. BMW Motor cycles was imported by M/s, Wallyes Garage at Kotahena. Cargiles BSA MOTOR CYCLES. Philip bros imported Simcars they had many models. There was few importers one of them was Mr Victor Demel who imported Invicta (2) cars, one and ony car in Sri Lanka Railton still with his family. Railton cars were made to order not many was made in the world. Waker Sons Ltd, M/s, Rowlends, Collets, Continental motors (Skoda) General Trading company later Stuarts, Singer and Bogwards, CFT Motor Engeneering, Renaults Cargiles BSA MOTOR CYCLES. There are more things I can write about Panchi..... Battery manufactories are developing new Batteries with low cost, do not know when they will come to the Market. If any member wants to know more about past please post me a Email to <[email protected]> Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  11. Members, My next door friend bought a used Suzuki Hybrid 2017 Model registered in SL Certified by (A*W) Agents for all total 3.5M transferred with 6 Months warranty for the Engine and the Battery. The Car does about 8 to 10 Kilometers’ in Colombo. According to agents Kilo meter reading is correct and the meter was reading 54000 Kilometers. He is very satisfied about the vehicle. I will write next part of this post to Automobile history of Sri Lanka by me. Allowed to me by the Moderators. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  12. Surumuna, This is the first time I came across this type of Engine oil testing in Sri Lanka, I have seen many advertisements in USA some time back in Automobile Q&A forums many members requesting can a person know the condition of a used vehicle which that person had purchased recently. This is possible in many countries as far as I know. It is a very good test which cost about US $25/00. In USA many years back, you can send a very small oil sample with the payment within two days they give the result. That gives the engine condition full report, I have read many reports. They all say if the engine oil is contaminated with water and it is in still good condition for many more miles. I remember the test had the Engine present condition, needs a repair. and many more things of the engine. I have not heard this service is available in Sri Lanka. Still you can try there are many private laboratories in Colombo, who do many tests. I do not Know they do this type of test. Most popular one is Bamber and Bruese Laboratory in Colombo, please do try them. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  13. Traveling Worldwide Alto is the best,Micro Panda maintenance is expensive. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  14. Members, To my memory 1st vintage automobile rally was held in early part of 1950. Sponsored by Tucker's Automobile importers Union Place. I cannot remember from where they started the rally. They turned off from Mount Lavinia hotel Road, ten all who took part traveled along on Galle road and ended up from Galle face Green. Almost every Automobile importer then took part on that Rally. That was a Sunday entire Galle road was crowded to watch the parade full of fun with fancy dress people taking part on that rally. The Rally ended up on Galle face Green. There after every year few rally's were held by Tucker's. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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