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    SUZUKI. 2018 model Auto.
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    Only left side foot operated parking brake paddle was removed. Converted to operate by old system hand brake. On the center of two front seats.
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    12500 Killometers done 3 times Engine Oil was changed. Front disk brakes were removed due to little overheating found that two brake cylinders were clogged with a thin film of gray color grease. Polished them with little fine compound refitted the system with two new brake washers. Changed all Brake fluid with new Brake fluid. a

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  1. Kavvz, Sorry for belated reply. Because I did not log in to Auto LANKA forum for some time. Normally I invite few of my friends to X mas dinner, this time I had to inform them we will have a dinner when this Pandemic ease up. My daughter and Son-in law with their two kids went to his mothers house because his two family members who are residing in Island had come for Xmas lunch. I enjoyed with my staff members and my wife, Xmas lunch, normally we all enjoy Xmas dinner early years. We all go for Xmas mass in the night but this time it was not like early years. Have to adjust our life
  2. Merry Christmas greetings to all Auto Lanka members Sylvi Wijesinghe.
  3. Members, I use Courier services for my personal requirements. Some times they delay, Customs put the parcel on hold, if the declared value is above Rs. 25000/=. Have to give a letter to the Courier the parcel is for my personal use then they will examine the parcel and tax according to declared value. Delay can be avoided if you get the tracking number early and inform the Courier to arrange duty payment early, then they clear immediately paying the duty as the parcels come to the air port. I get my relative or a friend to export my requirements. Cost will be high, but it is hassle
  4. Members, I reply regarding the partly hidden picture on the post by Supra_Natural one of the Moderators, to me. If I remember this picture was taken by me few years back, and posted to A/L informing only remaining Tram car halting please name board, for the people to remember the Tram Cars existed and was in operation in Colombo. This Name Board was existing there till about 10 years back. Later this picture was removed by the person who build a building on that Boundary, where this was fixed to build his building. One of A/L member wrote regarding this post and he had me
  5. Honorable Supra_Natural, Contents noted, in future will do as your instructions. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  6. Honorable Supera Natural, First of all I thank you for all respects to me reply for my comments on that post, enlighten my way of thinking of 20 year old vehicle. Vehicles made after 1980 to present day vehicles will be in good condition if they are maintained well then will last for very long time, You inform to me, my reply is out dated and incorrect. TO ME ANY VEHICLE MADE AFTER 1980 OR ANY VEHICLE MADE IN 1940 WILL LAST IF SPARES ARE READILY AVAILABLE FOR REPLACEMENT WHEN IT IS NECESSARY. ALSO REPLACEMENT WILL HAVE TO BE DONE BY A EXPERIENCED PERSON. I wrote that post wi
  7. Tharaka Samarasena, You want a car for 1.6M, the car will not be a very good road runner. If you are a new Automobile user. Because when the new or used vehicles are exported from a original country they are not made to lat that much of time. Think before you buy a vehicle because of that era vehicles minimum mileage will be more than 400,000 Kilometers. Do not know how many mechanics would have handled them, spares also will be a problem. A vehicle of that era You may have to spend more time in repair shops and money. Therefore It is better you go for a newer vehicle under 10 year
  8. PreseaLover´╗┐ As you say to consume food like me. Another thing I forgot to write was about Black Crabs in Puttalam. I did plenty of maintaining Earth moving Machinery Electrical units in Puttalam during 1960. Then Government was opening up the Railway line to Aruwakkaru up to Puttalalm Palavi Cement Corporation site, the Clinker site was about 17 miles away from P Town. About Crabs, large black Crab was costing maximum 2/= Rupees, mixed small medium and few large about 50 Black Crabs can buy for 20/= Rupees all of them was live. Large Hurrulla fish was 10 Cents each, Very rarely smal
  9. Kavvz, Dear member do not eat too many fatty foods can get all common BP,BG. Have to test lipid profile every 6 months. If you are old more than 40 years. If not most common ailments will have to embrace. By middle age also try to keep your body weight to recommended weight. Eating Buriyani Gee rice Poke are like Poison to your health. In my young days every Sunday I ate Gee Rice with all fatty Poke. Five times Beef for all entire week days very little fish. I did plenty of electrical maintenance on large fishing trawlers, used to get fish roe and all edible other fish parts, from
  10. Members, 1 Day late reply I did make the Chicken with Stout was not that good like Pork or Beef, then I left the rest in Refrigerator last morning used the oven low temperature and roasted mixing Butter Onions more Salt and Lime Tomato sauce for my palate, the Chicken was really nice crispy with Stout taste coming on the back. Yesterday Jaela was open but no Toddy. Managed to get Pork and Beef. Can enjoy the Stout with Stout. Jungle stuff was available, did not buy do not know how old was same. Can end up in hospital if you eat old stuff, one driver of mine I had to enter him to hosp
  11. Kavvz, I have never tried Dark Stout for beef or Pork, have used Beer to both (B&P) they come very good. I am going to try for Chicken boil in Stout as unable to get Beef or Poke at this time 6.50 PM. Will give the result early. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  12. Members, When the word Toddy came up on AL I write my love for that, When I had my land in Mundal I had few trees taping Toddy, Conditions was Toddy tapper has to give full two bottles as the tree owners share. When ever I go there I really enjoy the drink. At present the Toddy is available in Colombo as well as out of Colombo they are mostly artificially made Toddy. Most people cannot find the difference, only next day person who consumes about one bottle will have a good loose motion next day. Original Coconut toddy will never give that problem. Every time I go to Jaela I buy few b
  13. Lescy, As the above post member Dee Jay mentioned the problem will be on the auto gear box, first thing if you like change change (ATF) Gear box oil, that will some times correct the problem what you have. Next is change with a used gear box, this will cost lot cannot inform the cost, still you will be getting a unknown used unit cannot say the condition of that also. There are no reconditioned gear boxes in Sri Lanka. All what is with the used car parts dealers are removed from used vehicles, cannot say how many miles that gear box vehicle has done before that was removed.
  14. VVTI, Regret for my belated reply. I log into A/L but did not see your post to A/L. Many thanks for my reference to to a Audi owner. I wish your Father to live more than 100 years. I am OK but not driving cannot do a long walk now 77years 10 months 12 days. Some times use a walking stick, all ways I have a helper with me. Have to take many drugs to keep going. All common ailments (BP, BG, Cholesterol ) are there Any how I am happy at this age. All eating habits have changed, to morning breakfast to only 4 slices of sliced bread with gravy + Coconut sambol and few Sour Plant
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