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  1. A 2007 Tiida just done 58k? That's BS. I think you'd be better off with a genuine owner than these mileage tampering b#stards.
  2. That's to show off to neighbors they're using a so called " SUV". Some people will buy any rubbish which looks like a SUV for 6 million rather than buying a Vitz for the same price. (Which is also ridiculously overpriced these days)
  3. There are 7 seater SUVs as well as MPVs. What are your requirements other than being a 7 seater?
  4. Compared to most Toyotas of the same era like allion, premio, aqua the CHR has a bit stiffer suspension due to it was more focused on handling during its designing. But thereis not much to complain about comfort like in a Honda Vezel RS which feels like a lorry. Anyway Mazd6 is roomier and though it was more focused on handling , it's decently comfortable (not boat like comfort in a boring premio ). In SL 19" rims came with 2.5L high spec one (agent imports) 17"came with 2L one. I guess 19" has low profile tyres which makes it less comfortable than the 17" one
  5. If your dad grew on CHR it won't be difficult to get him to like the looks of Mazda6. Try to do so. You won't regret with a Mazda6.
  6. I think I saw one in Colombo.
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