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  1. Go for Mazda 6 GT. It will be a bit thirstier than a Premio , but you'll never regret driving one.
  2. Damn. You beat me by 15min. Yes you are correct
  3. Sorry for the delay. Been a bit busy today
  4. There is no English manual for a Japanese domestic model such as a Honda Vezel . You can get the Japanese manual and translate it with google translate
  5. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150
  6. Looks very futuristic and everything . But doen't have that executiveness the Crown has
  7. I was half asleep at that time . That's why I couldn'd "pull that out"
  8. Is this Autolanka or Presealanka?

  9. Correct , Lexus LX 570. Over to you
  10. A 2007 Tiida just done 58k? That's BS. I think you'd be better off with a genuine owner than these mileage tampering b#stards.
  11. That's to show off to neighbors they're using a so called " SUV". Some people will buy any rubbish which looks like a SUV for 6 million rather than buying a Vitz for the same price. (Which is also ridiculously overpriced these days)
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