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  1. Did you change the 12V battery recently without a backup power supply?
  2. Congrats ! Nice choice.
  3. Why are you so worried about the back seat of your car more than anything ? Is it bacause most of your dates end up on the back seat?
  4. Well, in this case "Leaf will find a way".
  5. Rear end looks like Yaris Ativ. Front looks like one of the muscle cars like Dodge
  6. Recently went from Bogahakumbura to Hortan plains via Boralanda and Ohiya. Road from Ohiya to Hortan plains is a bit narrow but there are no pot holes along the way.I went by my CHR and didn't have issues with ground clearance either. I saw a few sedans also on the way traveling without aany issues . The road is a bit scary if you are not used to upcountry roads . There are bends, steep climbs on the way. But beautiful scenary.
  7. Do you have the original factory fitted display or aftermarket one? It's your duty to ask for the extra key when you purchase the vehicle . If they don't provide it, you shouldn't buy the vehicle .
  8. I thought Toyota is only continuing their sedans as SUVs (like corolla, crown) Not that they try to drive them like SUVs
  9. Had a 1998 FB15 Super Saloon manual car, bought by my father in 2001 and sold in 2011. The car I learnt driving with my father. Nice car. Very comfy. Specially the Super Saloon grade had better features than EX Saloon like automatic air conditioning, RPM meter, two small projections on the rear seat they call rear headrests 😁. As a teenager I really liked the pop out rear cup holders at the back of center console. Bought for 15 lacks and sold it for 16.5 lacks with 100k on the clock. When buying one make sure it's original Super Saloon since some people fix the super saloon batch to EX saloon ones. Also mind a bout a semi option one with 1.3L engine known as B15.
  10. Go for Mazda 6 GT. It will be a bit thirstier than a Premio , but you'll never regret driving one.
  11. Damn. You beat me by 15min. Yes you are correct
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