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  1. Sarmad, so your car broke and you fixed it, no worries now. (If you buy an Aqua chances are its been tampered with, the number of odo-rollbacks and 'atawapu' cars in the market is too damn high and the markup you pay is not worth it at all. Popular Sinhala proverb: "The Devil you know is better than the Angel you don't" <- Personal Experience 😢
  2. Unsure what price to sell a car? :(

    How much would an Audi A8 (Hybrid) 2013, with 48k kms, 1st owner sell for? Car is obviously in pristine condition. Any guesses on the ballpark? What might make the price increase or not?

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    2. MaleCortana


      bruh @iRage unfortunately no the car isn't upbadged 😛 

      No the thing is some people had sold for 110, others have sold for 170. Don't want to look back on this and think "damn should've priced higher" 

    3. iRage


      For that...you will have to check what each car has and see what the condition of each is...so if the range is 110-170...do an educated guess as to where your car would stand depending on the specs available in the local market and the condition it is in.

    4. MaleCortana


      feck it 180 it is then :)

  3. Woke up in the morning to see multiple Presea's for sale around the 1.6 million ballpark. @PreseaLover you know what needs to be done ;)


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    2. PerfMad


      Go for a Honda City (sx8) or a EK3

    3. PreseaLover


      I hate the looks of all honda cars. I wont even keep a honda car even if I was given one free, id sell it the very next day :D 

    4. PerfMad


      lol im pretty sure ur going to end up with no cars but a tuk may be :D 

  4. 1000km with me update (it's only been a month since I bought it as well hehehehe) going to put the car in for some repairs, the following will be done. Changing all Engine Mounts Building new Aluminum Radiator Tank (current one has a leak and isn't done really well) Changing all four shocks Changing all CVs, Ball Joints, Rack Ends on the front Changing all the bushings on the suspensions (front and rear, lower arm bushings etc) Basically most of the suspension will be replaced, the car became incredibly bouncing and jerky a couple of 100kms into usi
  5. Went to get the car transferred today, had to pay a luxury tax that hasn't been paid in a while -_- RMV refused to transfer it until it was settled. :( That's a sudden 30k I never imagined spending 😢 

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    2. Ruslan
    3. GK_007


      I am paying this tax since 2019, first owner has payed the first installment in 2018 when he registered the car. Since then it has to be paid on or before the Revenue license renewal date. However there is no check when I get the new License whether I have paid the luxury tax for the year or not.

      The amount to be paid is calculated based on reducing balance basis. So the installment goes down every year. I guess if you want you can pay all in one go as well. They give us 1 or 2 month grace period as well, failing to do so within that period will amount to a penalty charge. Which I had to be paid on the first year. It was 25% or something :( 

      edit : I suppose the changes only applies for new registrations since 11-19

    4. Quiet


      Got my vehicle transferred under my name finally on Monday. You need to make an appointment and if you want to go in you need the original txt message sent by RMV or the stupid security guy wont let you in.

      Other than that is was a smooth process where i went in at 11.30 and came back and collected the CR sharp @ 2.0 Also no social distancing etc etc. so you need to be double masked/with gloves etc.

      Mine was a KL number

  6. The Camry bro, also went there today, one day service is only offered to cars above KA-XXXX numbers anymore, so my car being a JK number wasn't given one day service. Went there with your normal transfer papers, revenue license etc, no objection letter from company (this has to be with the companies letter head), the car has to have an additional letter regarding the board of directors (whether they've changed and all that) with all the directors (atleast in my case) signing off the sale of the car additionally had a government letter looking thing where it mentions how the company is a regist
  7. I have yet to see a car with a 300k+ mileage for sale in Sri Lanka. Almost all the cars do 100k+ hit 200k and then reverse quite a bit it seems. :) Unless there's some weird reasoning, I'm going to safely assume a 20 year old car is close to 250k-300k.

  8. If lease is settled then there is a letter from the leasing company that should state that the lease is settled. If it's just one director in the company then he actually does have sole authority to sell the car, but there are some additional documents required that needs signing. ie: A Letter of No Objection with a company header etc.
  9. I'm transferring a company owned car to my name today, I will let you know the required documents after I go to the RMV boss
  10. >*Be me*

    >Wakes up in the morning and checks out the car 

    >It's paint seems to have a metallic touch to it for afar


    >Walk up close

    >f**k it's dust, but I just washed the car two days ago!?!

    >Realize keeping a black colour (well Black Onyx if we're being technical here) car is impossible


    1. PerfMad


      Any dark colour car is difficult to maintain broo.. Even i go through the same shit though mine isn't black.. no matter what i only wash it on the weekend (if i don't have any special event to participate). Tops 2 days a week and thats it :D 

    2. MaleCortana


      Yeah quite sad, does waxing or anything help?

    3. PerfMad


      Up to some extent in terms of cleaning. but dust will always be visible..

  11. As a person who also bought a car to go to Campus your number one priority should be that the car should start without fail every morning, and the older the car the higher chances of it not starting, but then again most campus's (campusii?!) are online only or going to be partially online so that might be your saving grace. If you decide to buy one, restore it completely, don't leave anything to chance (before Uni kicks off in March I presume?). I may not be able to give a similar amount of information regarding the mechanical aspect of things (iRage, should help you plenty 😛, as he has
  12. MaleCortana


    https://www.amayama.com/en/catalogs/toyota/vista/4-sedan-right-v40-1994-2449/1/5 Once you click on a part it will tell you what other cars that part came in and where it fit, go crazy 😛
  13. Here's some from Croatia, big daddy Rolls Royce Engine, "old cars" ( I don't know what the names are sorry 😛), and a Maserati, I think it is a 4200, remember seeing an episode of Wheeler Dealers on it
  14. Found some old 'car spotting pictures' from Malaysia back in '16 and Croatia in '18 when I went for some tournaments, no idea where to put them up so I'll just put them here, sorry the images are a bit blurry, any idea what the Merc is? I remember seeing a Brabus on a different occasion but this was neither a Brabus or a Maybach. The gold mine of McLarens was because they had a Rally through the city that day.
  15. There is a faint tiny rattle sound that shows up on uneven roads (doesn't show up in roads like the Baseline) and it is driving me crazy, I think it is coming from the passenger rear door, sounds like a nail rattling. Anyone know how I can deal with this/ Coping Mechanisms? (that is before I remove the entire car apart to find a loose nail/ gone washer?) 

    1. Hyaenidae


      Eurobeat to the rescue



    2. MaleCortana


      @Hyaenidae I have an InitialD playlist that I bang out all the time, unfortunately the setup I have only supports CDs and Cassetts and I don't want to swap it out to a different setup because the car will never have that original feel.

      (Yes I reverse a Camry without Reverse Sensors or camera's, practically drowning in women atm).


      togetherrrrrrr................ foreveerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............

      Dammit I'll be rewatching it all over again gee thanks -_- 

    3. MaleCortana
  16. I occasionally come across old threads on this forum (stuff about 8-9 years old) when I'm trying to find something, while there seems to have been quite a number of people active, they did come off as a bit rude and not very welcoming, glad the situation has changed 😛 

    {ples don bulli mi ayyala}

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    2. Kavvz


      I remember those threads *evil laugh* Was much younger and then...

      Too old to fight now, or tell people off for ruining perfectly good OEM lights and replacing them with Chinese junk lights that only work in the daytime...😁It takes too much effort: So the younger buggers better step up and carry on those grand traditions! 

      @MaleCortana you've been reading the old threads and taking notes right? Okay, you can be the ring-leader. Right, now go find someone and start giving them hell !!

      lol !! I'm joking obviously 🙄 🙃

      I don't remember being mean, but I do remember being a bit disparaging about people who messed with their lights and added dumb cosmetic stuff to their cars, bought Chinese rims etc. Now that I've joined the live quietly, and mind your businesses club- Well, for what its worth: If I offended anyone or caused any of you any distress:  ̶S̶U̶C̶K̶ ̶I̶T̶ ̶U̶P̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶G̶E̶T̶ ̶O̶V̶E̶R̶ ̶I̶T̶!̶ ̶l̶o̶l̶.̶ No, what I mean to say is 'Sorry'. 

    3. MaleCortana


      @Hyaenidae Welcoming committee? Didn't meet them :) 

      @Kavvz don't get me wrong, next thing you know they'll be butchering cars and putting fiber kits on the car so some level of filter was probably required. But seems like some 'car clubs' started from here and after getting told off moved onto other places 

      (I saw a thread with the Viva Elite guy and the current Cefiro club guy being told off, (for good reason)

    4. Kavvz


      All good- All good things, as everything happens for the best!!

      (I'm mildly embarrassed about some of my contributions to fueling fire on those threads...But you have to admit, some of those old threads are page upon page of darn GOOD READING !! Sorry-not-sorry! 😉!😄!  )

  17. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000337122432.html?spm=a2g0o.store_home.singleImageText_1276891559.0 Sorry by housing I mean the lense, isn't this the same lens (white on white) that is shown in the image above?
  18. You can buy the housing off on AliExpress, there is the exact same housing as per this image on AliExpress https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1045972 Here's the biggest company that sells them. Not sure what the process of fixing them is but I'm sure they linked a DIY video
  19. I always assumed you'd only show up to an AC joint if you only lost the cold but I guess the AC system, just like your Engine, Transmission also requires some service to increase its longevity. Is there immenent harms if you say miss a service and skip an year? No. But at an AC service they re-gas the system, oil your compressor (very costly part, if this is ), change AC Filter, change the Cabin Filter (depends if your car has that) and depending on how thorough the service is they clean out the blower and condenser, airgates (these can be filthy with bacteria and other accumulated
  20. Anybody used Partsouq or Amayama? What are your experiences with them?

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    2. IndulaC


      I won't recommend ordering any part through amayama or partsouq during this time period because customs are doing an absolute shambles of a job. I think you know what i mean

    3. Hyaenidae


      Everything I ordered from Amayama arrived to the doorstep w/o any tax, then again every one of those parcels weighed less than 500g

    4. Ruslan


      I've been using both since i have owned Cars. quite reliable and reasonably priced as well. im making sure that items is shipped through EMS. if not DHL or Aramex would anyway will go through Customs and slap a hefty Tax. with EMS you can managed it (If you know what i mean) 😉. only once i got a hefty tax due to a A* hole custom officer. like above said, if the package is not weighing much, i don't think it will make any issues. recently got delivered Trim pieces for Vitara (Rear Seat Mount covers) got delivered within 2 weeks of time.

  21. "Ayyo madi neh?!?! thel bowser ekak aran yanna wei car ekath ekka, mewa nung market wenne na, Allion ekak ganna thibba sporty car ekak wagey ekak oneh nung" - Handiye Car Sale eke Atawapu Magul Wikunana Sunimal. Look at those frameless doors! *salivates* What's the suspension like iRage? Does it have like adaptive suspension and stuff like that? I'm assuming they won't because the Rally car has to be simple to fix as well
  22. How did we both end up searching for Mark cars and settle with Land Barges 😛 Good Build ❤️
  23. respekt, car has gone in reverse for 38k kms across the time span of a month narrowly beating out Muthukumara Mudiyanselage Mater Tow Mater's previously held record of driving in reverse. #Praid #SiriLanka
  24. I was looking at where to find my VIN number on Google and it says it should be on the driver side on the dashboard. But my VIN is on the passenger side?!? (Well it could be driver side if my car was left hand drive but it isn't) 😕

    1. iRage


      Yes...for RHDs it will be on the passenger side. It is generally placed on the Left hand side of the car. So if you looked at a LHD market website/manual it will say drivers side.

      Usually there is also one under the driver's seat. This one is  fairly constant and is almost always under the driver's seat.

    2. MaleCortana


      ohh alright @iRage then why don't they just say left side of car as opposed to driver side or something -_- 

  25. Got me grubby hands on a Tenacity Mount and Deep Freeze has both recon and brand new compressors for my barge ❤️ Now the next question, my compressor is making some very little noise, should I just say feck it and replace with a new compressor? (Japan, Denso, costs 70k) how long do these compressors last for? Or shall I buy one and keep? *shudders when I remember how far I had walk around Wijerama hunting for a compressor*

    1. iRage


      An actual Denso one for 70K is pretty cheap. As for the change...depends on what the noise is. If it is because the pully is slightly loose..then I would have forgotten about it...but then if the clutch is acting up or the lines are clogged and causing things to hiss...then it is probably on its way out.


    2. MaleCortana


      @iRage No I don't think the lines are clogged up, apparently the compressor was off for a while and it was low on oil. They told me not to buy a used compressor and keep because there's a chance it will get locked up since oil had run through it at one point. They were alright with buying a brand new one as that didn't have the risk but again said that they will have stock when I come back as well since a very low number of Camry's and RAV4s anyway come to their shop (with the 2.4L)

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