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  1. Ohh that is interesting, yeah that makes sense since I have seen Altis don the '6 Speed' sticker as well
  2. There are three gel mounts and two normal mounts Altogether 5 mounts. The Toyota Genuine Mounts cost 100k, Taiwan Tenacity one's cost 40k for all of them as well 😕 The mounts are also massive
  3. I believe the Corolla 141 also came as Jap and Malay/Indonesian called the Corolla Altis
  4. Yeah I think you can never get away with replacing one mount, genuine mounts cost close to 100k for the lot 😕
  5. Yep yep, but what gets scarier is the shift in inertia you feel
  6. Engine mounts my dude, even I head the knocking noise of metal under acceleration and braking, thats your entire engine moving about and hitting the metal part of the mount because the bushing has gone.
  7. There's a Volvo S40 1999 in mint condition for sale on ###### atm with a claimed mileage of 50,000 kms.

    It was owned by my friend since brand new until two years ago. Car had multiple engine rebuilds and did close to 600k kms until they gave away the car for free to their mechanic a while ago (mainly because it kept on having issues even after rebuilds). 

    I asked my friend about this and its still the same blue car with the sunroof but he says the interior and the body panels have completely changed (trim claddings) so its possibly a different Volvo with the same book or a complete restoration someone did. But beware regardless.

    1. Hashif Riyas

      Hashif Riyas

      Saw that car on ik... Is your friend so generous to give a car to a mechanic for free ? When giving away it was probably worth a considerable sum... 😐

    2. MaleCortana


      It was in a very shitty condition, (as a car with close to 600kms would be), after a couple of engine rebuilds the car was always living at the mechanics anyway because everytime they fixed something, another thing broke, making the car an expensive paperweight. It was too much of a hassle for them so I guess they gave it away to their mechanic?

    3. MaleCortana


      Got an update from my friend, same chassis, everything else from interior to body panels replaced. Engine and transmission was replaced from a car with 50k kms. So should be a good buy. They went and checked it out at the car sale lol

  8. To be honest some of these cars with big engines are not really that much of gas guzzlers as well as long as you change your driving style a bit. For example my Starlet with a 1.3 engine did mostly 8.5kml (mixed driving, inner colombo and cruising at about 60 from Colombo to Malabe, Thalawathugoda areas) because if I wanted to get up to speed I always had to floor it absolutely. The Camry with a 2.4 engine has appalling fuel milage inner colombo (traffic lights every 50 meters, traffic etc) and gets about 6kmpl but Colombo to Malabe to Thalawathugoda areas where I'm usually cruising
  9. hehehe, you'd also find that the ~meter is clocked~ sorry, I meant reverse driving in them a bit as well 😛
  10. iRage you're jealous of "2015 Doktor Owned, Lady Driven, lemeted edishun gold baje modal" and it shows 😕
  11. Unfortunately I live in an Apartment
  12. That I do not, but I'm sure you can expedite the process if you can grease the system a bit.
  13. Moments before the car washing guy left a scratch on my windscreen, anyone know a nice place to get a tiny hairline scratch fixed? Also can anyone suggest a car wash that doesn't scratch the windscreen? Will P1ink do the job?
  14. Good place to get a full body paint? 

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    2. PreseaLover


      @DerpyDanteOne in kirillawala.. the other one is ragama... @matroskathere is one at ragama he quoted me 90-100k with warranty. Maybe cuz I know him well but actually he does a good job. This is only to paint the outsides, not the insides. 

    3. PerfMad


      One of my friend got his CB1 painted (both interior and exterior) for 120k few months back from a place near Malabe. He seems to have booth painting as well (price may differ if you opt to this).

    4. DerpyDante


      Thank you for the response

  15. Gear Selector cable broke when I was shifting from Drive to Reverse, thank god it broke during the transition and when it was in Neutral, towed the car to mechanic, should be a small fix, ego hurt more than anything :( 

  16. @mods looks like advertising to me , also a UK car finance calculator would anyway be irrelevant
  17. Somehow I doubt that dude, R34 GTR only was offered from 1998-2002, R35 GTR is running on its 13th year (offered since 2008) that's almost close to if not more than all the R34, R33 and R32 model years combined 😢 And only minor updates throughout the years PS: I'd still gladly have one though, I just don't think they're 'special' anymore, reasoning was the same Doug video on McLarens
  18. Yep yep, I also made the assumption that @GK_007 is looking at apartments to buy in the inner-Colombo 35 mil range (Which is your average 2 bedroom/3 bedroom apartment) which depending on its location go from 50k - 70k per month. Other apartments that go beyond 100-150k per month are anyway stuff like Tr*ll*um where apartments seem to have hit close to 60mil
  19. Yep yep I agree, most houses in Sri Lanka according to a study done some time ago was vacant (30-40%) I think. Which is why I initially said, plenty of people to rent out apartments to, not enough people to sell apartments to. Not a lot of people have the initial capital to buy, but lowest interest rates in banks have helped a bit but not a lot. Some people claim there is a 'bubble' in the sense that apartments aren't selling which I disagree solely on my experience (14 floor place, 10 houses per floor almost everything had gone except the penthouses which costs about 90mil)
  20. So why don't you buy an already built apartment and rent it out? That way you can not take a big hit for 3 years. Anyway there's only a few people who buy and plenty who wants to rent out one. If you're looking at renting out apartments please look at management fees per month as well. No point charging someone 60k per month for rent if the management fees are close to 30k a month. I think the lower end of management fees is still close to 10k month. PS: I did a side-hustle as a real-estate agent for a company that sold multiple properties, so disclaimer
  21. Does anybody know how to search for 2002-2006 Toyota Camry OEM Carpets on YahooAuctions? When I type Carpets nothing shows up which is impossible, if someone can search and send me the search link that would be great!

    If its also not too much trouble also search for 2002-2006 Toyota Camry OEM Boot Carpet please.



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    2. MaleCortana


      Hmm that is interesting I didn't think about that, looks like I'll have to find a guy who handles imports if I don't want to get rekt on import taxes


    3. iRage


      By mats...I assumed he meant the carpets...like the fluffy kind with cute little logos and stuff.

      That...I EMS'd a set for my Mark X and customs didn't care too much....I just declared it as used and I hthey charged a few hundred rupees....only thing is...those things are heavy...so it simply was not worth the shipping cost which was like 8000yen at the time.

      But... @MaleCortana will have to find another party to bid and take delivery of the Yahoo auction items anyway as 98% of the sellers on Yahoo Auc Japan will not deal with anyone outside of Japan (issues with receiving payments, shipping, etc...). So you will have to go to Buyee or some other proxy service. 

      Also...when they mail it...beg them to NOT put the actual invoice with the items and NOT to declare the actual value. They will strongly suggest they declare the actual value for insurance reasons. Stand your ground and say NO...take the risk of having less insurance.

    4. MaleCortana


      Yep yep fluffy kind with the logos I usually use FromJapan as a proxy, but yeah I realized the cost of shipping because they are heavy, guess I'm waiting until one of my friends come from the middle east or japan :) 

  22. There has to be somebody in SL where his job description is "I'll tighten that one screw inside your dashboard for you"

    1. iRage


      There is....but the full job description is "I''ll tighten that one screw inside your dashboard for you and break a few clips along the way".

      Jokes aside...sometimes its not just the screws..with heat it is only natural for dashboard components to warp..so even if you tighten a screw it might not seat properly, or the plastic clips will be ever so slighlty loose that it just causes that annoying chili chili noise...

    2. MaleCortana


      Hmm interesting day by day I'm coming to the realization that the car really is 17 years old and the odd rattle or two is to be expected. Not like any of them are constant rattles and happens when the car is going on perfectly smooth road anyway. I will look to getting other goodies for the car then :) 

  23. God no, EVs in SL have a limited time span because the government really has no way of getting rid of batteries and if you want to travel a lot this will just give you range anxiety since there are outlets but you won't get it as common as a gas station. (especially if you want to travel to places where the roads are rough). As for SUVs you can comfortably get any Japanese big SUV for your budget (Land Cruisers, Monteros {think they are called Shoguns} over there, Nissan Patrols etc). Wranglers have become quite popular but I don't know anything about maintaining them.
  24. Something I noted is that car salesmen are really spineless fellows. 

    I remember confronting a car salesman on lying to me about 'having all records with him and can show' of a car and when I travelled 30km from my house to his car sale he pulled the 'I don't know where any of it is'. Man was almost in tears when I called him a "Kalakanni Moda Yaka", the car was in shitty condition as well, I can see how someone is desperate for a car would be like 'feck it' and be pressured into buying a car because of the journey. 

    They really should be a Customer Protection Services for Used Car Salesmen in this country.

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    2. Hashif Riyas

      Hashif Riyas

      If I were you, I'll be happy buying a 30 year old vehicle for a cheaper price reduced for fixing it up. If the  body is in good shape, I won't be  caring about " how the interior is vandalized and the paint is worn out."

      Sourcing a complete interior trim, a good paintjob and with some preferable tweaks will be making the vehicles stunning at a far less price. 

      Example A Pajero MK1 with pending works costs 2.3 - 2.8 Million. And a 'good condition' one is being priced from 3.5 - 4+ Millions. Even if it is In "Mint like Condition" you can still be lead to some work afterwards. 


      In my opinion reconditioned parts sourced from abroad are way better than lankan ones. You could resell the older parts for cheaper prices. 

    3. iRage


      @Hashif Riyas...yes...but the point is....these guys lie to you to trvel all the way to look at the car with the hopes that the person travelling will buy the car because they travelled all the way there. Then on top of that...they just do some fake repairs to make it shiny....and 99% of the people just fall for it. Even if one does not care what the condition is and willing to put the time, effort and oney in to fixing it up...it does not change the fact that these people lie and cover up cars and then insist on asking for high prices (especially for popular ""market" cars....because they know that there will be some ignorant guy out there who will pay it). So even a clunker for restoration costs way too much than what it is worth...
      and still..you do get your time wasted.

    4. Hashif Riyas

      Hashif Riyas

      True... Last month, my dad was looking for a 2006 Nissan SK82V DX advertised in ryswn.

      The seller was friendly over the phone and told tales like '" Mage Wahane Cataloy gram siyyak thyanawanam Wahane nikan dennam. And all ". and called us repeatedly requesting to have a look at his vehicle and pay an advance. Finally when we went out there ( 150+ Km Ride) . At the first look itself we knew the van was used for hiring purposes and has been vandalized fully. ,Interior, Exterior, and the body have had minor damages and repaired improperly, even the engine sounded bad. The guy didn't talk the way he did over the phone.And was demanding 3.5 Million for that shotload, and was firm in 3.45 after negotiating. (We would have taken it if it was around 3.2 Million reduced for fixing it up) We assume that he was more of a scammer waiting to grab an advance and dissappear... We had to vehicleHunt for weeks.

      But, finally we found a 2007 SK82V VX (Highest Grade) for 3.4 Million.( Vehicles similar were advertised for 4 Million+) We had only minor mechanical issues which costed around 30K+ and 2 days and the engine sounds good, interior is okayish, paint is slightly faded but a detailing job would cover it up. 

      Had to suffer a bit. But it's worthwhile. Now we could spend 1-200K for restoring it like new (if we want to) and still profit if we decide to sell. 

      If car sellers are genuinely aware of their vehicles condition and price fairly.  There would be an awesome marketplace out there. 

      Even we are limited with time. But we know how awesome it is to build. 



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