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  1. @PreseaLover it's time...
  2. We have a cr27 at home. like irage said, its a very old vehicle at this point and its almost a gamble buying a lotto van as there soooo many components that would have worn out or need attention, time, garage costs, parts and many others. we have replaced almost all the things except for the engine and manual gearbox. our one is mechanically sound and in very good conditions thanks to timely repairs and maintenance being done after it has run over 450,000kms. can take up to speeds above 100kmph and would drive hundreds of kms non-stop due to timely maintenance. Power steering - repaired
  3. have you replaced your CVT fluid at the correct interval? best option would be to start from there if you have not already done a fluid change.
  4. GR Yaris beats Honda Civic Type R in drag race
  5. regardless of how many dings, scratches it got, this underpowered Toyota will hold its value.
  6. ODO needs to be corrected as the new panel shows the mileage it had when it was removed from its original fitted vehicle. I decided to live with it as I don't know any capable mechanic who can change Odometer reading. Don't want to take the risk of frying the circuits trying to correct mileage.
  7. Yes direct fit. Just plug and play. Even the one with LED display panel and digital fuel gauge is plug and play unit. A CAN bus standard is maintained throughout all models so most of meter panels that fit in the model series are direct fit.
  8. Upgraded the meter cluster of the Vitz to Vitz RS one which comes with Tachometer. I have been missing having a Tachometer so so bad 🤗

    WhatsApp Image 2020-11-24 at 1.18.31 PM.jpeg

    1. MaleCortana


      Not sure why Toyota wont put a tachometer on a entry-level hatches, I'm always imagining whether my idle sounds the same :(


    2. ghostwriter


      These entry level cars, such as the Vitz and Axio are produced as fleet cars. So a small cost saving done by removing a small feature will end up as huge cost saving for companies which are buying cars in large numbers for their fleets. I only see this in Toyotas. They are still producing vitz/axios with no power shutters in the back and without no power mirrors. shame

    3. MaleCortana


      Oh alright that makes some sense, were cars like Starlets also fleet cars back then? They too came without a Rev Counter.

  9. Got the meter cluster upgraded to the Vitz RS version's on my KSP130. Looks and feels much better with a tachometer.
  10. congrats on the new ride. first time I saw a guy buying 2.5 litre car as their first car. way to go.
  11. when you put MG as an example, it makes alot sense as to what a Zombie brand is. Though not a brand, I think the same thing is happening to "Starlet" as well.
  12. re-checked. mine is Festina. First time I heard about the term Zombie brand. Like I said, I'm not a proper enthusiast hence the lack of knowledge in the subject. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. so my urge to get a proper swiss made watch still continues..
  13. not much of an enthusiast but I own following atm. Looking forward to get a smart-watch in the future. 1. Festina Racing - Swiss made 2. Casio - Basic Japanese one. Bought as a reminder for my first salary 3rd got as gift.
  14. Both headlights of my Vitz 130 were stolen by thieves while parked overnight in car park of a service centre next to my house. Police is suspecting kuddos and shows no hurry to investigate. Got them replaced at my own expense and waiting for the insurance to reimburse. ?

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    2. ajm


      What about car alarm, doesn't go off?

    3. hrm


      Too bad. Saw a wagonr which had the same fate. Even the front buffer was stolen. 

    4. ghostwriter


      Vitz 130 doesn't come with a factory fitted alarm unfortunately. And I wasn't interested in installing one as it would interfere with the factory wiring. Might change the idea soon. 

  15. The CB has instructed to release payments for duplicate certificates submitted by depositors. Also, if it's a must to visit, the head office in ward place is said to be in operation.
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