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  1. any one out there who could share some light please ?
  2. Hi Frinds, Need some help and advice please with regards to a Hyundai Tucson. I need to look at replacing the gear box oil for a Diesel 2012 Tucson which is very near due and was wondering of a good place to get it done and what steps to look in to . ยท Has anyone done it and whats the generic process ยท Does the stump need to be pulled out and cleaned? ยท Also to see what other issues I have e.g rack end status. Not too keen to visit Hyundai Lanka after my last incident โ€“ besides they do not let you go near the vehicle whilst its in their p
  3. Well not going to bitch about it as you have put it point blank ๐Ÿ˜€ Have not seen many refueling stations either for that matter City Gas Is a place I came across some time back but can not recommend or confirm if they still do PS. Admins , please
  4. Both Gummybr & iRage has explained it in a very subtle an civilized way . Is 500/- a issue for you to even post it in a forum ? If so please use public transport . The time, experience and the too cost has to be factored in, if that notion does not hit the upstairs - then there is a logic issue I feel. What do do you do as a profession ? Why not look at it in the same way
  5. Good decision you have taken - sometimes the time and effort to get things sorted can be daunting. Besides if an ridiculous price is been asked, then makes no sense. The CVT boxes is another chapter all together
  6. With that budget, you should be able to go for a N16 EX Saloon Fuel figures with a 2007, 1300 cc manual car * does about 9 to 10 Km/PL in Colombo Traffic * Have not gone out of Colombo for a long time until recently went to Ruwanwalla off Avisssawella during traffic time and it did close to 14. You have to be ensure that the airflow sensor and filter are in good condition. + the tune up is through a valve/ knob located in the fuse box - there is no Oxygen sensor for this car model. My ride use to do as low as 6 and any members said there should be something wrong an
  7. ahhhh not to make a statement or anything like that.... Few old folks like me who hailed from the good old days of driving car with no power steering, auto gears , clutch balancing etc still love to handle the stick ๐Ÿ˜„ Would it not be easier to sell and by a similar car with auto ?
  8. Perhaps that may be an good idea all together -Some may say it's old gamme katha and stuff but I too feel the same way - Specially if the previous owner actually loved the car and due to some unfortunate scenario had to lose it to the Finance company - and he see you driving it ............ well u get the point . I've seen my Hatch been driven by a young chap - and that actually made me feel happy he was looking after her - sentimental and silly - yes ๐Ÿ˜œ
  9. You took the words right out of my mouth - N16
  10. thanks for the update iRage - as I've seen some pretty bad cars at the service station I use to visit in kalubowila. But she may not be the case as it was imported through personal use car as per the seller
  11. mazdaspeed

    HHO Fuel saver

    Hi May be a bit OT There is a "Tablet" been advertised these days By a well know race driver - any one using this ? Echo Tablet - it's suppose to be a octane booster and not a fuel saver as such
  12. Very true and they sell it with an absurd price saying its' one of a kind etc. There was another issues on undercarriage - UK + Salt (roads in winter) etc ... but I could not see not get a better view by simply looking underneath - need to hoist it to have a better idea . The owner had done a complete check on faults etc and seems to be OK - but your point is a concern.
  13. I too checked her out and she is a beauty ๐Ÿ˜ - some concerns were those mentioned above and few other minor matters which I noticed. All in all, who ever owns it - hope it's looked after well as it would be sad to see her get wasted. This is not for the Guys who wants zillion KM per liter, and do fancy RICE Mods etc . Hence know the car , do proper research and be prepared for a tad bit high price on maintenance compared to your average T or N branded car ( No offense to them - as I drive an N brand now and know the difference in maintenance costs first hand )
  14. May the soles of the car and driver rest in peace ๐Ÿ™ Life of a human is very precious and it's obvious but also to see a lovely car which was in my personal opinion modified respectfully has also perished ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
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