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  1. I had the same doubt and as far as I can predict, the government would have to increase the taxes to balance the course. Even that won't be successful as the affordability would decrease by a huge margin (Even taking into the fact that the dollar too would get increased). So this would happen by around 1 year of time since the tourism industry recovers (Just my opinion) and won't be that much of a tax increment. The only concern is about when this would happen and I expect it to be in around 2-3 years of time. But even in that case there is a strong possibility that the current vehicle prices would get reduced by around 1-3% of price. This is because of the fact that though the taxes are imposed the market vehicle cap would too get increased, which would allow the existing owners to migrate to a newer car.
  2. Thanks a lot once again @iRage . You had been a saviour
  3. This question arose due to the isolation period. Is there any mechanical issues related to gasing (accelerating won't be the correct term I believe) while on Parking(P) or Neutral(N) Gears?
  4. Thanks mate. It is auto, got it for 6.9M
  5. I think it was a DX/LX one. One of the very basic versions. 2000cc 1997 YOM I guess
  6. Once there was a 110 Diesel car in Matara, it looked mint. But was a basic X version without any auto mirrors. They quoted it 22 odd something back around 6 months back and never went sold, But in around 2 months of time, they reposted with the same color, same vehicle (GA-xx7x something), this time with power mirrors. Do not know how they did so. But there was no version badge on the back. Then they advertised it for the same price, which I believe eventually got sold.
  7. Thanks mate, might need some help regarding maintenance. DM'd you for some info
  8. Quite agreed. Even in the M6 series there is nothing major of a difference from 2014 to 2015 models. Do believe the dashboard and the display is the only change. But never saw this coming. But do not know when even the last editions would reach out for SL market. In my guess we would have around 6-8 years of more time or even if they reach out, despite taking the fact that there would be a rise of the taxes post-covid
  9. Yeah saw that in the morning, they called it off along with CX versions I believe. Thought it would have the benefit with Atenza on Japan. But dunno, what would happen. Still analyzing on the markets of the Allions and Premios after the abandonment. But never saw this coming though
  10. Thanks mate! Thanks mate! Yeah it does, it actually had that look which makes anyone look twice. That was one of the prime reasons which I went with it. ❤️ Lancers are a pretty great choice too. Thanks @iRage, and for all the follow up help. I do believe it might be worthy to have a detailing sometimes by the last quarter of the year. The most important thing is despite being an auto, the car actually feels something. So driving pleasure is there. Yeah would like to hear them out (about the upgrades which I can make), I am a newbie in the town 🤓 Just to amend it @matroska, no I didn't have one. But it was on my list when I was checking in. Do not know why it is going less than par with the Toyota ones, but the SL guys are pretty loose on the fuel consumption. I checked on with a couple of SR20s, Once actually was missed due to my self being more than negotiating. The car was minty, but wasn't ridden for a couple of years. Had an engine fault. But still do miss the thing about myself on missing that car. It was a prime classic to have (2001 make) Sure will keep you guys updated, thanks for the advises throughout. Indeed it is, I think this is the most comfortable car which I have even been within. Let alone been on the driving seat. Had doubts on spending an amount for a car, when I had the chance to spend on something like a good land closeby. But do not regret the every mile when I am on the driving seat. It is pure pleasure ❤️
  11. Hello all, after the struggle to find a car over 1 year, finally I bought a car which with the help of suggestions of you and some of my Mazda owner colleagues. Didn't like to show off the things, but the big guy @iRage asked me to do so, such that I can share my experience with you all. I had a few choices, where I began with AE/CE 110, then since I joined the forum, I was driven towards Primera (SR20) and Mark 2. Was looking for some over the time, but due to same day price increments , being too old, and due to the fact that the government won't remove the import ban anytime soon and even if that happens they would have to increase the taxes by a considerable amount I tried moving a step ahead with the budget. So after a few months of search, I found a car which matched my favour (But did cost me some). The ride is smooth and the feel is good. So all the doubts before buying this one got flown away by the moment I went on to touch the steering wheel. It had ridden 120K by the time I bought this. All the services done through Colonial and was in mint condition except for a few minor side scratches. Fuel economy is good on highways, did around 17kmpl within the highway in the 2 trips I went. On City not so sure, the roads are pretty empty on where I live 😅 So, to make things simple I bought a Mazda 6 2.0L 2014, skyactive (An old dashboard version), beige interior, Black and still enjoying every moment of it except for the fact that it is isolation now and can't get into the wheels due to that. Looked for a new dashboard version earlier and it did cost around 8M. So it stopped me over this while moving. But so far no regrets and do love the ride. I am a newbie to the ride but, Let me know if you are intending to buy one and need any insights on the car, would be glad to help on. But considering the options that I had earlier to select from (Axio, Allion, grace, bla bla bla). This is way better in look, muscular Much space inside Much better handling Fuel consumption is relatively good for a 2c. (Axio does around 24kmpl, but this is way better on feel) Non-Hybrid (So less maintenance costs compared to M3 ) Though I am a newbie there might be some wash marks still on the car, looking to order some grit guards and begin on with the 2 basket method. Btw thanks all within the form for the wonderful help through the journey. I might move to another in 1-2 years of time (Though I am not sure I will scale up or scale down). But for the moment, I am very much perfect with this, and enjoying the every mile of the ride.
  12. Ha ha, I am a terrible photographer, but will update some photos later in the evening 😉
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