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  1. So very true --- this was on the cards & if CB did not see this .. well then too bad. over the past few months - leasing companies where on the path giving 90% leasing ..... at the same time they also complained that exiting leases were not getting paid.....
  2. Im in the same boat - My one revenue license too has expired and I've sent the book for update to RMV. As they no longer have 1 day service, said it might take some time to get it.
  3. Good for you with the great fuel millage as it will be very critical in the coming few weeks with a hike in prices around the corner. You had shared some good advice or me with my N16 - well we broke off 🙂 .... 5 years with her, and I had it .. not my type ..... Got back to a Mazda again..... with a Axela - Hatchback ...... feeling 8 yeas younger already......
  4. Give a call to Tayo in Mt. lavinia - they generally bring in stuff for Euro's 0112 738 118
  5. There is a old time guy and capable fellow who fixes these and also has spares and new units. In some models, once you remove the gauge, the speedo and other needles fall out - hence take care as calibration is needed thee after. - Faced this with the Nissan as I tired to replace a bub.... Not like the Mazda ones The location - In front of Kirulapone Police, there is a road, go on that road for about 200m, and the place is on the left side , just as you take a small hill, the road leads to baseline road. He know his stuff and has been there for ages --- Also a trend nowadays with crazy prices of cars - removing warning bulbs or pasting Instillation tape over it - have come across a few ..... So take care when buying .....
  6. engine Oil - Best stay away form Mobil and fully synthetic Oil . Semi synthetic Or Mineral is best with Castrol, Shell . Is the Bj5P a Tiptronic ? then ATF would be M-V ; but it depends what has been used before and if it has been looked after - If it's a standard auto, then an normal Gear oil like D III is ok. Beak Oil - DOT 3 is ok Good if you can share some info on the ride also
  7. Please see if you can share the so called garage Guy and face if possible SO we can get people to stay away from him - Not a Big Issue ... My A#$$ Like every one has said - Replace it - Any basic knowledge /Common sense would have addressed this issue
  8. Hi Memebers, as we are constantly going and coming out of lock down and WFH and all that Jazz thanks to Covid, wanted to se if I can get some info on an alternative Insurance scheme. I recall a certain English Radio channel promoting a company where you pay about 1/2 the premium value and the balance can be paid only if you need to make a claim. Does any one have any info on who that was or any alternative schemes ? Makes no scene to pay high values as the vehicle is mainly inside and not on the read in my case.
  9. Thanks a bunch for the info - very useful
  10. mmm so does this reflect on the number of previous owners ? e.g When planning to by the car there are 1 leasing company and 2 other individuals which shows as 3 owners . Hence If I do the transfer and deletion letter at one time, will there be 2 previous owners without the leasing company info ?
  11. First, I don’t think that’s normal to have such deep lines on your disk – The technician who said it’s normal /Original should not be consulted again for sure. The depth of the marks are not visible due to the angle of the picture but you may be able to take it to a lathe and face off the groves till the whole disk is smooth. The pads seems to be the culprit – maybe some cheap stuff – What do you mean by “paste” are you referring to pasting the pads ? If yes ….. well …. I’m lost for words and will have to revert to sweet words to go further which is not allowed in this forum sadly.
  12. Adding to what iRage has shared. With the current trend of massively inflated prices for cars, it’s no longer a common instance to see Baiyya’s hunt cars like mad and keep a massive profit and do everything to make it look “Cool” . As a habit try to look for previous emission test reports and maintenance , many will say it’s not there, shall share it in a few days etc…… And as the old saying goes “If it’s too good to be true, there must be a hitch” A 16 year old car will a millage of less them an average of 800km per month is suspicious . Some have started to advertise the Year of registration on websites, and not the YoM. I had a sweet conversation with one Biyya who kept saying it was registered in 2007 and trying to ignore the car was manufactured in 2004 and asking over 4Mill for it as well. Take all precautions - when buying in these times - its absolutely a mess with the prices and sales tactics - and I feel will soon end.
  13. Death - Is there a some sort of Mystery murder story in the making ? OK My apologies - but didn't know permits were available and is there something coming up with regards to imports after Another Bro taking over ????
  14. Totally agree on the lack of Infra - forget cars, we still cant provide enough power to domestic use. For a month there are apx 4 power cuts lasting over 6 hours citing so called "maintenance work" These policies are like underwear - keeps getting changed so often - It would be good if it were only underwears but not for policies
  15. This seems to be a Failed ignition coil but a you have replaced it - it's a mystery. Did you do a scan by any chance ? Perhaps the Computer box ? Lets see what others say as well.
  16. Thank iRage & Muditha420 for the feedback . As well as auduwerella for posting the question. I've been thinking of doing a change to Subaru for a while (My 2nd Favorite from Mazda) and I've checked out 4 Foresters also. Was not concerned about Turbo being there ... but few said it's worth the investment. With regards to a standard Auto Forester - Is there generally a slight lag or maybe a junk when you engage form standstill to first gear ? There after it moves swiftly with no issues . As mentioned, finding a good one is hard and asking price as you would have seen in recent ads is crazy - specially as you are buying vehicle close to 20 years old.
  17. I too have seen this been advertised and Brand Ambassador is a local Race Hero who's well know ........ So I guess some one has to be a guinea pig 🙂
  18. Congratulations ! She is a beauty . Welcome to the Mazda Family, As you rightly have said, it’s worth the time and money spent. Sadly, with lockdown it’s not possible to do some run- around SL, specially out of Colombo – to appreciate the suspension and grip she has when taking on bends. Simply follow the maintenance routine and stick with the correct parts, oils and other and she will be running smooth – I feel you will hold on to her more than 2 years – it’s hard to let go 😄 Best of luck and stay safe. 🍻
  19. Hi Memebers Any one out there know where Crosswind is ? Have not seen him in ages and would love to get some tips on a Ford Focus Sedan - YOM 2011-2012
  20. I believe each has their own method - I had over 10 years NCB and I had to put a claim during one year and the renewal rate increased by over 2000/- . They later gave me a protection cover for a small additional amount where I can go up to 2 minor claims with an issue, but I've now hit the maximum NCB value and it does not reduce any more
  21. The filter looks Ok after the clean up - also noticed it's manufactures in USA ?? best you have a check around 35K - just to be safe. The cost for a busted box can be painful - having had to go through it with a BJ5W due to the past owners not looking after her properly.
  22. Nice post Dhaham Yup that's how I general do it - Pump full to the top and then see the millage . As a habit I keep topping up every week so my tank /glass is always 1/2 full or empty in that way you look at it 🙂 I've seen BJ's been advertised as doing 12-13 Km on Colombo and over 20km outstation - maybe they used wind power such as mast and a sail. I hear there are some stories about a fuel hike also on the way ....
  23. Also consider Nissan - parts are cheap and vert rarely does anything go wrong- but dead boring to drive for me . The Korean ones may not be that cost effective in terms of parts and reliability of the parts. Other experts would shed more info for sure
  24. this is a hard find -I too have tried. Occupationally available at AU motors Kohuwala. Best would try to look at ebay . Aso try Motorcade - Colombo 2
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