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  1. Hello, Is it possible to remove the leasing companies from the book when registering to a new owner? If so, what's the procedure? Thanks
  2. Hi, I can see the chassis number of my Belta is only 12 digits long. Its KSP92~1011***. However I know it should be 17 digits long. Any idea how do I convert this is 17 digits VIN? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I know these two cars has been discussed a lot. But I need your opinion on these two vehicles as a comparison. Price wise its only a few lakhs difference these days. It's okay for me. I know about the fuel consumption as well. What I really want to know is the maintenance cost (money and time). And what should I look for? Any specific issues that I should know? And I like to know about the feel when driving. I have driven the BMW. But not the Mercedes. Thanks bros!
  4. Thank you guys so much. I was leaning towards 320D anyways. So I'll consider that. And yes. Audi took a long time to switch to common rail. But I didn't know cam driven injectors were that bad. Appreciate your inputs. 320D it is then
  5. Hello guys, First of all I have read the existing threads and I'm posting this because those threads are few years old and the cars have gotten old too. Lol. I'm thinking about buying an European car and my budget is about 3.5 mil. 320D and Audi A4 are my main two contestants :D. I like manual gearboxes and diesel engines. Please don't argue with me, it's just a personal preference.lol. These cars have gotten at least 15 years old. Please help me with your views on these two cars. And any common issues I have to look for after this many years. P.S. Only interested in 320D facelift with the common rail engine. And I'm open for any A4 models. Thanks in advance.
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