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  1. Thanks for the information I check it on other places. Have a nice weekend
  2. Thanks for your kind advise Toyota Lanka quote 190K for the compressor only with fixing and all it around 220K
  3. I have second hand Premio car and recently i noticed when i speedup 80 or more ( it happened at Highway) AC automatically turned off but blower works and once low down the speed to 60 or below its again working. Then showed it to AC repair place they showed one sensor has carbon deposited and its not working so replaced it but the problem is still there. Could you pls advise me what to check or replace , Hope your kind advise. Have a nice day Roshan
  4. Pls advice me , Does a brand new car ( buy from company or car sale) require a wheel alignment? before it use Thanks with best regards Hatharasinghe
  5. Hi Hatharasinghe


    I suppose to buy a kia spectra 2001 & 130,000 km done.This will be my first vehicle if i buy and asking 1.275. Is this worth? and what should i check before buy.Let me know on fuel cons,resale,spareparts avail...etc..Thanks 

  6. I formatted in fat 32 but the same result same message appear, any idea to sort this pls help.
  7. Ok today i try it and let you know if it works great. thanks for the information
  8. I checked memory cards but couldn't find and adapter i could find and only M2 micro memory cards to be insert the adapter cost is just 50 rs and memory card cost is 1000 for 4gb . But once i insert it , there is a massage " The heart does not correspond to this memory stick" i get this from google translate , so what is the error did i insert wrong card or such , the card slot and this M2 memory adapter fix without problem , pls advise me thanks with best regards roshan
  9. Thanks for that option also sure it save money.
  10. Thanks for the important informations I'll try to find this kind of Memory card and try the CD also. Hope i can buy this card from Colombo if you know a place pls update me. Have a nice day
  11. Thanks for the information i checked with google translator actually what i need only two things 1. what is the memory card we should use as it seems something uncommon size ( more length than usual ) 2. How can i copy files( MP3 etc ) to the HDD i don't have data cable and is it available in here Pls help me if you know how to operate this waiting for the kind response. Have a nice day.
  12. Can anyone let me know where can i get the english manual for this car setup its fully japanese . Thanks with best regards Roshan
  13. several famouse garages checked no one could find it as it happen after long drive in normal condition nothing wrong once i drive around colombo areas normally 20km up and down then nothing wrong at all .some garages kept the car couple of days to check but couldnt find. and some expertise who appear on TV also couldnt find.
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