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  1. First a long rant. As I have documented Here, restoration of the mechanical components of my project Lancer station wagon is almost complete. Only remaining mechanical bits is to replace the universal joints, suspension overhaul, and tidy up the brake lines plus look in to upgrading the front brakes to disc brakes. Tinkering and painting is done. I’m satisfied with the tinkering job. But not happy with the quality of the paint work. (hence the reluctance to post pics) Interior is not restored. But everything is working fine. So far, the project took more time than I anticipate
  2. There's a Volvo 460 up for sale for 500k. In rough shape but a runner nonetheless. On a duplicate book. Any leads on a good mechanic to get it inspected and handover the restoration job if I decide to buy it?

    1. ajm


      Original engine or Toyota? The Volvo engines from early 2000 had an issue that requires total engine replacement. There was a thread abot a engine swap a while back.

  3. Time for a long overdue update on the project. It's back on the road. Actually, it was on the road for a little more than an year now and clocked 25,000 km after the (partial) restoration. Project had to be finished off quickly because I needed a beater car as soon as possible. So, I decided the cosmetic aspects can wait a while (hence the lack of photos of the car). Soon after the full tinkering and painting, rebuilt the engine, serviced the transmission and differential and it was on the road. Upholstery, seats, carpets can wait. I wanted a fully functional safe and fairly comforta
  4. Since the comfort of your mom is a priority, I'll share my experience. My grandma lived with arthritis for quite a long time. Almost every vehicle in the family were vans. Lite ace, Hiace, Delica, Vanette... The first time my granny rode a car after crippling arthritis was a 121 corolla. My grandma had enough of cars after one trip to matara from galle. Corolla was by far comfier than any of the old vans. But the seating position and the space wasn't comfortable for her. She said that a three-wheeler is better than a car. We judge the comfort of the rear seats mostly by the ri
  5. Looks like this involves quite a lot of custom work to get minimal boost. May be the guy does it in two days because he has done the same thing over and over for quite a while. I dreamt of turbocharging my poor old lancer with a diy bolt on turbo kit😅. Even if there was ready made kits for proton wira available, it wouldn't fit my 4G12 with a longitudinal engine. Nonetheless, it's cool such turbo kits exists!
  6. Mitsubishi heritage auction

    1989 Galant that’s a replica of the car entered in the 1989 Lombard RAC Rally by Pentti Airikkala and an ex-works Evo IX which won the British Rally Championship in 2007 and 2008. Other Evos offered are a 2001 Tommi Makinen edition Lancer Evo VI signed by Makinen himself, 2008 Lancer Evo IX, and a 2015 Evo X. All cars are offered without reserve, alongside a lineup of private number plates.


    1. speed8


      How Mitsubishi have fallen. I heard they are going to sell some rebadged Renaults in certain European markets. 

      That collection looks great, however I doubt any of those will come cheap...

  7. 🇯🇵 Toyota Raize. 🇱🇰 Jeep 🤦‍♂️
  8. Start by filling the overflow bottle to the correct level when the engine is cold. Start by checking for visible leaks. Radiator core, tanks, overflow tank, coolant lines when the engine is warmed up to operating temperature and thermostat is open. Is there oil in the radiator? Is the radiator cap good? Correct specs? Loss of compression? Water in the engine oil sump? A bit of foam is normally created due to the circulation of coolant. Excessive frothing or bubbling with oil can be due to a blown head gasket. It will also make a lot of white smoke. Steam to be more specific.
  9. https://www.motor1.com/news/464212/david-hasselhoff-kitt-car-auction/

    Fully functional KITT up for auction 🤩 it will be delivered by David Hasselhoff himself

  10. Tourers are rare I presume. They tend to rust to the ground quicker than the regular ones. Most available for sale are regular cars after chop jobs with shady papers. A good example would fetch around 1mil afaik. 2.5mil, leasing can be arranged... A typical quick site advertisement. May be the guy thought that someone will buy at this insane price to export
  11. I need this in my life! How cool would it look when the imposing lights emerge from a dark void! 


    1. AVANTE


      Coolest thing since ice. But Vantablack won't work in lanka would it? :(

    2. Hyaenidae


      "How cool would it look when the imposing lights emerge from a dark void! "

      It would look like this:


  12. Sponge Bob passed his driver's test wearing long pants. So, wearing long pants might help. @DineshKalu it's not necessary to be able to ride a bicycle or a motorcycle to be able to drive a car. Good riders aren't necessarily good drivers and vice versa. There's no shame in diving around with L boards till you get the hang of the vehicle. Find an experienced diver who can help you get accustomed for a couple of days. Going around road cones in a ground is not sufficient. Get out on the road preferably very early in the morning. Always be patient on the road. Take yo
  13. Congratulations on your purchase and best of luck with the mods! Nice write-up @matroskaI had several bouts of breathless laughter while reading this. Level of dedication needed to maintain the uno, color scheme of riced up Nilkamal civics... ?Oh man! Where can I read more of this stuff? I read Komisiripala's book only recently and I wasn't disappointed ?
  14. Apparently, this one was among the best condition celeste in the island. And the fire was not easy to put out. A couple of months back the Lotus Espirit burnt to the ground?
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