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  1. Im looking for a very good repair center to get done Accident Repair on my Wagon R. Im looking to get done a proper work, neither cheap or reasonable price is not the concern, due to the vehicle is a keeper. Preferably around Ja Ela Negombo Gampaha Colombo would be great. Just asking, I have seen F*rmula W*rld in seeduwa, is it recommended. Does A*W attend are they recommended. Thank you all in advance.
  2. Sorry for digging Very Old post. This is the actual average Tank to Tank fuel consumption you get out of a WagonR. Keep in mind this is Daily runner On Expressway both ways from JaEla to Dematagoda. 80% of the distance is has been on Express way and you will get an average of 17 km/l. Further I do not drive above 80 on Expressway it scares me on this vehicle. Do not believe the wonderful myths of 20+ km/l ?. http://www.fuelly.com/car/suzuki/wagonr/2016/derekwick/787760
  3. Link to Petah place for buying DVD players mentioned is not working. Can anybody help me with da name and exact place. Thanks in advance?
  4. Hi All, Here in Auto Lanka is there anyone using Wagon R Japanese model ?. Im looking for a day to day running car in Colombo rush hour traffic, since i have to travel 1500kms each month in rush hour traffic. Further reason for raising this question here, since I read some complaining getting 11-12km/l in Wagon R facebook group. Is it the actual average ? Thanks in advance
  5. Does any one has experience with C*-Operative Insurance their quotations are very low compared to other. So can anyone has bad experience. Thanks
  6. Isuru did u sort it out ,, i have the same issue in my FB 15.. can u please share .. thanx
  7. After MV-5 explained i realized,, Every now and then when i do put into reverse gear it makes "crrk" sound and wont engage the gear properly (gear shifter stops halfway). It engages soon after i put into first and then back again to reverse. Is it the synchronize cone issue Or clutch disengagement issue?? If both is it possible for me to replace parts separately? I will need not to replace the whole gear box right?
  8. friends i did change the transmission oil, but still the problem persists. Its not like totally unchangeable but still,, u feel the difference. I noticed that changing from 3 to 2 at speeds around 20km/h is totally effort less.. thank you
  9. Merry Christmass & thank you very much !!,, I didnt change gear oil since i baught the car,, i will first change oil and see .. appreciate for the help everyone.. Sorry i took some to reply since i was outstationed ..
  10. Heloo !! I recently baught a FB15 manual, and i feel that its hard to shift firts to second and from third to second, when engine warms up(once it runs few kilometrs). Im not used to driving manuals and this is my first vehicle. so im new to vehicles. Is it some thing to do with clutch adjustment Or ? thnx in advance !
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