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  1. Dear Members Recently my FB15 New Shell car sounds like a beat silencer ( too Noisy ) when I press the Gas peddle, It seems like I may have to replace silence barrel. Could you please advice me a place to fix this issue ? or Is it ok to fit used silencer barrel ? Thank you
  2. Dear Members My Nissan FB15's (Super Saloon) meter plastic cover has damaged with a small crack,Is it possible to replace transparent cover only rather than replacing whole unit. Where I can find a place to repair this? Thank you
  3. Any updates on Kurunegala to Dambulla stretch road construction work? If we travel during 8.00 -9.00 am on week day how long does it take approximately. What is the best alternative route from kurunegala to Habarana
  4. Hi All Thanks for the comments...recently bought FB15 1500CC New Shell Super Saloon (YOM 2003) It does 13.6ltr/km outstations & 9.5-10ltr/km with AC...
  5. Dear Members I recently inspected few cars (04 nos FB15 & 01- AE110), Though most of the sellers/Owners told me that they do have all maintenance records with them. But they don't have even Green test Certificates. Therefore I'm doubtful with the Odometer readings. With my bitter past buying experience I'm reluctant to buy those vehicles Could you please help me to clarify below questions; Isn't it illegal to change odometer readings , Will tampering ODO resale value effecteed ? How we can Check the correct odometer reading (Can we do this using a scanner)? Are there any places in Colombo/Suburbs to get full vehicle Check up report? How much does it Cost / Average time? Thank you in advance for your expert comments !
  6. True.. Still they expect 2.1Mn for 15years old AE110
  7. Dear All, Still looking for a decent FB15 New Shell model / AE110 car with in my budget. Most listed vehicles ask for much higher prices than what we looking for , Could you please advice the realistic price range for below vehicles. this may be a subjective question but just to have a understanding AE110 SE AE110 XE FB15 New Shell Ex Saloon FB15 New Shell Super Saloon Thank you
  8. If a vehicle having a Duplicate CR does it mean that it's not easily saleable? I mean as loan as Engine Number & Chassy number correct will it be a issue. I've inpected vehicle recently overall vehicle condition is good, But the CR is Duplicate one thererefore I'm bit reluctant to go for it. Please share your thought. Thank you
  9. Many thanks for the prompt explanations !!!... looking for a FB15 Super saloon .
  10. Dear Memebers I'm looking for a car around 20lacks budget. Still have a doubts in my mind whether I go for a Nissan FB 15 or a Toyota 110 model. I need to clarify following factors too. Fuel Economy (City/Outsatation) Resale Value Spare Parts Really appreciate your thoughts & recomondation on this. Thank you in advance
  11. Ocassionally my car horn is not working at all. after sometimes it works again. Is this due to a weak battery ? Please advice
  12. I'm using a Carb car, But recently I got my carb cleanning done @ kosgashandiya Carb Banda's son "Shantha". I've never gone their before but few persons told me that he is the best person for the carb repairs. So he ruined my carbwithin 1 1/2 hours & charges Rs .4500.00 without repair kit cost & petrol for cleanning perpuses. When I explained that peron the situation he told me to replace a new carb. However with the help of a small garage owner just i got my car in to running condition. Therefore never judge a garage/mechaninc only on reputation. Specially new vehicle users like us will fall in to their traps easily.
  13. Be cautious before you selct a place, Don't depend only on the reputation. I've learned the lessions from my recent experince . Please get advices from person who personnaly visited the selected garage before you go...
  14. Yesterday I took my vehicle to another mechanic, He checked ignition system & the fuel lines. He found that one of retrun fuel line from the petrol pump to tank was blocked. After the test run he also found that excessive fuel flow to carbrator causing engine knock & flooding. Once the car stoped during the test run he disconnected the fuel line to the fuel pump & cranked the engine while pressing the accelarator pedal fully. It was sucsessfull to restart. Now he is doing the repair works, hopefully I'll get the vehicle back today.
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