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  1. I want to buy original carpets for my SWIFT(Japan) 2007. Original once are missing. I prefer recondition once. If someone knows let me know. Thank you.
  2. Bumble

    Mazda 3 & Axella

    Hey fool I use a Honda CIVIC FD1. I know about the driving pleasure. Axela and 3 are more or less the same but the engines are different. So wanted to find out what is the market for them.
  3. Bumble

    Mazda 3 & Axella

    Dont you see dumb ass, I mentioned two types of MAZDAs not any other make. I never asked about TOYOTA. Its an obvious fact that Toyota is the market leader. Do not mention obvious facts dude. SO dont ever reveal your dumbness by posting such comments. For you I think you should subject simple things like this to critical scrutiny before post. ZERO intellectual people Sigh!
  4. Bumble

    Mazda 3 & Axella

    what is the market model in Sri Lanka? Axela or 3
  5. Bumble

    Mazda 3 & Axella

    Want to buy an Axela? What's the price of an Axela 2006 goes around?
  6. Planing to buy a Axela or 3. Anyone knows what is the difference of 3 and Axela? Want to to know good and bad about Axela/3...? This is the first time I am going to experience Mazda. So want to get some ideas from expertise people. Thank you.
  7. Does anyone know the part number of rear break pads for Honda Civic FD1 I have for the front break pads(45022-SNB-000) Thank you
  8. Bumble


    Can an overseas worker bring Tyres to SL with no tax? Going to buy from Saudi Arabia. Do them suit the whether conditions here? If anyone knows drop any infor here. Thanks a lot.
  9. Bought from Ceylon Motor Trade at Panchikawatte. They are the Philips Auto bulb agent...
  10. Hey I checked at D*MO. They do not have H5.
  11. OSRAM also ok as I feel. German stuff as Philips. By the way, I have no idea who the agent is. Can you just PM me. Thanx loadz.
  12. If someone know where to buy PHILIPS Halogen bulbs in Sri Lanka? I have a FD1. Even Stafford does not have. I checked Darley road as well. They have only Chinese stuff which are not durable. Checked ebay also. They have all types but not my type. That is H5 12V 60W BLUE. Dont know whether I could use other types(H1 H7 and etc). Thank you
  13. Top speed for me in my Honda Civic FD1, its 202Km/h in High way Sri Lanka. I have recorded it
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