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  1. Yes, this seems to be a more mature design than the previous generation.. but like you said the design resembles some other German, US and Japanese designs on how you look at it Either way Honda seems to be pushing a more retro design language and a similar face across its line up I feel.
  2. The new Civic sedan was officially unveiled in the US. Seems most specs would be similar in other markets as well..
  3. You can enquire about those tyres from here. Guess, this is the size that fits the new Civic.. Don't know about the quality or reliability of the tyres though.. but you can check with them the prices and availability they are doing some advertising in FB as well through their page..
  4. Yes, it seems that they are not ready to go all out with it until the technology is more mature and affordable like you said. Hence, following that lease strategy and limited production unit strategy. Both, Toyota with the FCVs and Honda with this AI rollout seems to be testing out a new car ownership model as well it seems (especially with the new Toyota Mirai ownership scheme) as the vehicles of the future seems to be more tech oriented maintaining them won't be an easy task I guess specially here in Sri Lanka.
  5. Okay so did a bit of searching and came across this site from Honda which documents the functionality of their new system.. This would shed some light on the matter it seems.. https://www.honda.co.jp/hondasensing-elite/function/index.html The new Vezel is also stated to have an improved version of Honda Sensing and that has something called Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with traffic jam tracking function.. So wonder if the traffic jam pilot is a further extension of that..
  6. Yes, I looked into videos on both the ProPilot 2.0 and Honda Sensing Elite (the launch video and the subsequent promotional video added above) and it is visible that the Honda system initiates the lane changes on its own without the driver having to press any buttons and without having to put his hands on the steering wheel, which wasn't the case in Nissan ProPilot 2 So this is what they market as Traffic Jam Pilot then for which they have gotten the regulatory approval last year..? This should be a pre-emptive system as it encourages the driver to watch a video through the inf
  7. So seems we have to take their word for it to be genuine?
  8. Guys, is there a way to identify genuine 3M tint film?? One of my friend's has the full 3M tint in his Allion done way back in time and it has the 3M logo printed all over the film.. Is that the way to identify genuine 3M? Cause different shops claim its 3M and quote varying prices.. not sure how to verify it..
  9. Isn't this system more advanced than the Nissan ProPilot 2?
  10. Honda today unveiled a part self-driving (Level-03) car in the form of a Honda Legend. Honda seems to be the first to market with this level of automation in Japan. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-honda-autonomous-legend-idUSKBN2AW0TZ https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Automobiles/Honda-launches-world-s-first-level-3-self-driving-car
  11. Nissan also unveiled the new Qashqai today making February 18th a day for crossover reveals..
  12. Toy#ta L#nka or any other parts importers could have new units in stock.. alternatively there could be used ones as well
  13. So this could ideally be the FD1 GL if imported from Japan or a Thailand one (you can expect the same quality regardless of the country of origin). Single multi-function is because it doesn't have cruise control? (left side multi-function is for audio and phone controls while right side is for cruise control). Cruise control became an optional extra in the later years.. You could have gotten a better idea if you inspected the VIN tag on the car which would have had the country of origin and the grade along with the chassis number etc.
  14. @fiat fanAny idea of the country of origin of the Stafford model?? Was it Japan?? Well Stafford seemed to have ordered FD4s after around 2009 it seems and they don't even have the multi function steering wheel, paddle shifters, HID lights, cruise control and the sun roof.. Btw now prices of used cars in SL have appreciated like crazy and you can hardly find any FDs below 4 million mark it seems except for some FD3s with battery issues etc.. Even Allion 240s are trading above 4 million these days.. crazy times bro
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