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  1. Nissan also unveiled the new Qashqai today making February 18th a day for crossover reveals..
  2. Toy#ta L#nka or any other parts importers could have new units in stock.. alternatively there could be used ones as well
  3. So this could ideally be the FD1 GL if imported from Japan or a Thailand one (you can expect the same quality regardless of the country of origin). Single multi-function is because it doesn't have cruise control? (left side multi-function is for audio and phone controls while right side is for cruise control). Cruise control became an optional extra in the later years.. You could have gotten a better idea if you inspected the VIN tag on the car which would have had the country of origin and the grade along with the chassis number etc.
  4. @fiat fanAny idea of the country of origin of the Stafford model?? Was it Japan?? Well Stafford seemed to have ordered FD4s after around 2009 it seems and they don't even have the multi function steering wheel, paddle shifters, HID lights, cruise control and the sun roof.. Btw now prices of used cars in SL have appreciated like crazy and you can hardly find any FDs below 4 million mark it seems except for some FD3s with battery issues etc.. Even Allion 240s are trading above 4 million these days.. crazy times bro
  5. I see then it is in line with what I read in the Honda Japan archives.. Sadly they have hidden information about the 1st batch of FD production from 2005 to 2006 which this FD1S belongs to. Yes, maybe Stafford brought in FD1 models initially (which did have sun roof and cruise control).. in the latter years I think they only brought down the FD4 variant which doesn't have either and with minimal options compared to the JDM counterparts.
  6. Well @iRage there is a FD1 model in Sri Lanka with the sun rood and that is referred to as FD1S.. It is highly probable that it is this model everyone is talking about.. @iRage Have you seen FD1 cars in Japan with the sun roof? I think two members own/owned this particular model with the sun roof.. @fiat fanand @ICL
  7. Were you able to know the country of manufacture of the car? JDM FD1 GL has specifications similar to what you have told. In Japan a package called S was offered on top of the grades for FD1 GL and FD2 GL which added some cosmetic mods and as per the information available there is no sun roof included for the S package. Cruise control was an optional extra that was available for JDM FD1, FD2 and FD3. So there could be cars with and without cruise control. So seems the car you have mentioned is a FD1 GL unless it has the options included in the S package like alcantara seats, trunk sp
  8. As @asrock has pointed out its a common issue with the Aqua and Axio.. Maybe due to their side mirrors sharing the components. Guess you will have to live with it.. But, I heard Toy#ta L#nka doing something to repair it so if it bothers you a lot you can maybe consult them and see. There maybe others also who can work on it and improve the condition maybe.
  9. Premio has better ground clearance on paper than the CHR AWD as well. CHR AWD has 155mm of ground clearance (without the body kit) where as Premio has 160mm of ground clearance for the 2WD model.
  10. Usually the CVT oil which is (Honda Multimatic Oil) should be replaced every 40,000km (which is the service interval recommended). However, since the car is equipped with a maintenance minder it must be giving the reminder when the oil change is due. Since you are anyway near the 80,000km mark you can get the CVT oil changed with HMMF (use this oil and not any other CVT oil). Maybe the previous owner did the previous CVT oil change before 40,000km mark so the reminder is being triggered. Google translation of the 1st image says shortly maintenance; so I guess it can go another 1900km till
  11. For the priorities you have listed above the Premio would be the better choice. When getting it check if it has the latest safety system and the the additional air bags (in terms of safety the CHR is better). And do note that the CHR is also comfortable and would be a more engaging driving experience than the Premio (from the above feel that you value comfort over driving pleasure ). It also has adaptive cruise control to make long highway drives more comfortable which the Premio does not have.
  12. Same story in SL too minus the snow let's hope things would improve soon!
  13. Nice in-detail write up Wish you many fun filled miles ahead!! Keep updating us on the ownership experience
  14. What's the Effective Usable Capacity of your hybrid battery?? You can replace with a brand new battery or a used one, the latter being the more cheaper and popular choice. If you can get it done properly from a trustworthy, skilled and knowledgeable mechanic then both options would give you trouble free motoring for many years.
  15. Like all Toyota models Axios are heavily over priced. For that price range you can get much better vehicles than the Axio.. Is the FD1 you looked into a full option variant like with sun roof, paddle shift, cruise control etc.?? FDs also like other cars have appreciated in prices due to the corona effect. FD1 cars are in demand when it comes to the FD series in Sri Lanka. The price might seem a bit high, but check for the maintenance records and the condition of the car.. If it is in good condition and properly maintained then that would be justifiable. Because many people are asking f
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