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  1. Hey Guys, So about 3 years ago, I bought a car that had a lease. I sorted out the lease and got a deletion letter from the financial institution. However, I didn't transfer the car to my name all this time. It's still registered under the guy I bought it from aka the current owner. I'm in the process of selling that car now to another buyer. Can I sell my car to someone without a no-objection letter from the tranferor (Current owner)? Would a deletion letter from the leasing company suffice? So far, I've got: 1. Transfer Papers with the signature of the "Current Owner/Transferor" 2. Original Certificate of Registration 3. ID Copies of the Current Owner 4. Deletion letter from the leasing company 5. Revenue License Is this sufficient enough for me to sell my car to another buyer? or is there something else I need to be concerned of? Please let me know guys, I'm kinda desperate here! Your responses will help me heaps. Thank you so much. Zinger
  2. Dear experts, Do you know where I could get an idle air control valve for a Suzuki Vitara 97 (Automatic J20A engine) I've attached pictures for your reference. The SX4, Aerio, Esteem all use this idle valve as well. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hey Guys! Looking for a set of black lug nuts for sale! If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be really thankful. Attached a pic for your reference. - Zinger.
  4. Hi Experts, My car is dripping water from the AC drain pipe from the time I come home (at around 8 p.m) until morning-afternoon (1 p.m) the next day. I usually use the AC for about 4-5 hours a day. Is this normal? Thank you for your responses! - Z
  5. Dear Experts, I have a 97 Vitara that vibrates when I: Turn on the A/C Switch from Park/Neutral to Drive (Also from Park/Neutral to Reverse) Use power steering The obvious culprit could be the Engine or Transmission Mounts, or do you guys think it could be something else? Could it be all 3 mounts or just engine mounts? Thanks in advance guys!
  6. Hey guys! Quick update. So I decided to go with the IrisPro IPE70 It seemed to make the most sense to me, considering it had everything I was looking for i.e 72% visible light, an infrared rejection of 92% & a total Solar Energy Rejection of 56% Got it done at "The Washing Machine" in Pannipitiya I have to say, stellar job! This tint is so fab, it feels like an invisible armor on your car. Here's what I found: Pros 1. Color - The tint lights up in a beautiful blue/green hue when exposed to sunlight. The exterior color is transparent as far as anyone's concerned. 2. Heat - The tint manages to keep the car relatively cool, even when parked out in the hot sun. Performs really well when driving with minimum glare. 3. Fuel Economy & A/C - I did experience better fuel economy and higher A/C performance after the tints were installed. 4. Visibility - I'm very satisfied with the visible light performance of the tint. Hardly noticed a difference before/after installing tints. 5. Service - The service was outstanding! The agent rep for Irispro (Tony) visited the station in person to give me a 15 min demonstration on how the tint works. We communicated back and forth via fb & phone. He was very accommodating with my requests. 6. Price - The agent also managed to land me a great deal for the front windscreen (Rs. 13,500) and the roll down shutters (Rs. 8,500), and mind you, I've got a massive windscreen/shutter in my 97 Vitara. I'd say its definitely a competitive price, considering how a NDFOS Windscreen could cost about 15k, and 3M could be as high as 16k or more. 7. Warranty - The tints come with a 10 year warranty afaik Cons 1. Installation Time - Hardly something I should complain about. But still, here it is. The tint installation took about 3 hours in total for both the windscreen and the front shutters. They had to remove a lot of debris as well. Still though, hoping it would've been quicker. ......................... I'd definitely recommend IrisPro to anyone who's interested in installing a legal, reliable, well-performing and an affordable tint for their cars. Reach out to Tony at Irispro, he'll help you to secure a good deal.
  7. Thank you so much for the response @kmeeg It sure seems to be the popular opinion. I'll look into the 3M Tints Any idea about what the NFDOS done by kleenpark is about? They claim their tints offer 78% heat rejection. From what I understand, kleenpark use to be the dealers for 3M, but switched to NFDOS, possibly to make better margins? I don't want to invest in some crappy tint, nor fall for something outdated.
  8. Hi @Ale Not sure if you're still looking for a J20A Engine Block, but if you are, please contact Anil at AU Motors Kohuwala. He maybe able to help you out, since I too source most of my parts from him for my Vitara's J20A engine. Number - 0718079811 Good luck! Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
  9. Hi Experts, Quick Question. Which TINT is the best to Beat the Sri Lankan Heat? Here are some of the brands I've heard of. But which of these are the most effective when it comes to heat blocking/reduction? KleenPark's NDFOS IrisPRO's UV+420 3M's Crystalline Tint Llumar Tints Thanks Guys!
  10. Thanks @tiv for your input, is there like a permit or something I could get just for the LC? I really cant be arsed applying for a bus license, apparently you need to go through an extensive health check for it. Any other suggestions guys?
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (preferably an original black). Have any of you guys seen one at a D*MO showroom or a car sale somewhere? I can't seem to find them anywhere. Thank you! I appreciate your suggestions.
  12. Dear Experts, Is there a way to drive my dad's 61- Land Cruiser (which falls under the motor coach category) using a dual purpose license? Do I have to get the number converted, or get a bus license? All of these options seem really unnecessary or expensive... is there another alternative for this? If not, what option would you suggest for me, and what's the process like? Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback.
  13. Hi @tiv what's the name of the place you mentioned? I think its censored
  14. Hi @Twin Turbo Thank you for your response! I live in Colombo 04. What place would you recommend for me? Also, how much do you think it would cost? Thank you.
  15. Dear Experts, Do you know where I could find a chrome/steel spare wheel cover? Thanks so much. Appreciate all your replies! Similar to this one;
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