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  1. Or a cheap entertainment unit job. Sometimes they cut the wire harness under the dash to plug the new unit.
  2. near the firewall just under dashboard? Thought some kind of a electrical short circuit.
  3. Have you bought this recently? As Dee Jay said there's shouldn't be any noticeable gear changes in a CVT. And driving pedal to the metal doesn't give expected results , rather wears out your gear box faster if it hasn't already done so. You have to press the gas a bit and wait for it to build the momentum before pressing gas again. Depends on the car speed, rpm and engine load. Drive a similar car and see if it's any different. If no then change your driving pattern else you might have to see a mechanic. Former doesn't apply if you used the car for sometime and familiar with driving CVTs. (Toyota CVTs to be specific)
  4. Couldn't recommend a specific place as most of them suggest replacing 121 compressors as soon as a 260 come in. I usually do my Ac repairs at Tharaka Auto AC at Battaramulla. There could be better places. Do a search in the forum.
  5. Don't change the compressor for now. If the compressor is still spinning then turning AC off would not make much of a difference. Depends on how they fixed the compressor. Note that original 260 compressor also permanently coupled to the engine. just that it's much more efficient and has less drag. If highway fuel economy is also low then there's an obvious problem.
  6. Hope yours is the 1500cc version. Avg fuel economy usually around 11 for Colombo running with normal congestion. Outstation would do 14-17 and bit more on highway. I have 14 as current average with some city running and outstation combined. 121 compressor might reduce fuel economy slightly at short distance running but if no other problems I think it's ok. And the low speed drag kinda thing is also normal. Try to do the tank to tank fuel economy calculation and see. You get the green eco light under 2000 rpm right?
  7. I heavy traffic I have seen it dropped to 7-8 kmpl and I'm a heavy footer. Normal city running it's around 10-11. How much have you run after tune up? I have seen fuel economy drops by almost 2kmpl after tune up. Usually comes back after running 100/200 kms.
  8. Apparently the the person who died in the Lancer crash lived near by (Malabe). Crashed Allion aka "FAKE TAXI" had a different breed of an owner.
  9. Wasn't the front passenger who died?
  10. From Elak*r*. Saw the same thing in FB as well. Bitter reminder to buyers and also for those who post every crap on FB.
  11. How does steering lock mechanism work with those converted push start solutions (the cheaper way)? I think steering lock work together with immobilizer which is usually connected to key barrel where as in push start models steering automatically locks when a door opened after switching off.
  12. 2016 Premio feels same to 2015 at driving department. Just go for the 6. So much car for money.
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