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Driver side factory door speaker removal



It was time to put into practice what I've been learning online for a couple of weeks.

Vitz KSP130 door panel is fixed by only 3 Philips screws and some clips as usual. One screw near the inner door handle and two screws visible once you remove the center console with a prying tool (Highlighted below image). That's the easiest part of this task. 


Then I had to detach the wire harness of the center console and this killed me. I tried so hard to pull it off by pressing the small plastic clip, tried every direction and position but failed. My fingers were aching so much, lost courage and gave up after about 2 hours of trying.


I was so frustrated and felt like going to a shop and get it done. Then again I thought there must be a way, giving up won't give anything for me. I needed this experience. So it was next weekend I could try again.

This time, after watching videos and reading more, I knew it could be harder but using a tool safely is an option. While pressing the small clip hard, I carefully pushed a plastic plug using a flathead screwdriver and I took time. Slowly it came out and I was so happy this time :D 


Then it was time to take out the panel carefully disconnecting clips and the 2 cables attached in the back for door lock and central lock. Just pull from the plastic piece carefully and you can safely pull it out after taking out the steel ball like part attached to the end of the cable and that part is mechanically attached to the black color plastic panel visible in the image. It's a simple task you will understand when you look at it.


So here it is.


As you can see they are riveted to the door using 3 rivets. I carefully drilled the rivets to remove them and I will put a video link where I got the inspiration for all this. It took some time but managed to finally remove the factory speaker.


To my surprise though, factory speaker was actually a 4 ohms one with a reasonably big magnet if the size of that matters but not as big as the new ones I bought. In many videos and forums, it was mentioned and shown that factory speakers with a tiny magnet in the back.


Screenshot from a video on YT ⬇️


Not that it matters now as I was going to put new good looking ones but when I got the aftermarket mount near the door to see if that fits without a fuss, the stars  started floating around my head. Yes it was much smaller and not aligning with the wholes available from the factory mount.


But these were all lessons and experiences. Thinking like that I planned my next steps which I will post in the next entry. Sorry if I'm extending the blog but with the available time, I have to continue in another blog post. :) 

PS: Here's the link for the video I mentioned earlier.



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