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  1. Episode 1 - Jaguar Mark X
  2. The Classic Car Club of Ceylon is proud to present – Classic Car Diaries, a web based mini-documentary video series starring our members, their classic cars, fun car stories and anecdotes. www.classiccars.lk
  3. A web mini documentary series made by the Classic Car Club of Ceylon. First episode is now live on Facebook and Youtube. New episodes every week. @MADZ This is a non-revenue/non-profit production for educational purposes made by a local automotive Club, but please do remove if it violates AL guidelines. -MD
  4. So that's it! You are all up to date! From start to finish the process took about four and a half months. Lockdowns didn't help. There are some minor things like upholstery, engine detailing and chrome work to be done. I will see to them depending on Covid curfew and state of import restrictions. I will post an update once car is fully completed. I'll need to see Sylvi sir regarding the windscreen as well! I will run the car now until that time. So untill then, consider this project as complete. Hope you enjoyed this little journey with me. PM me, if you have any quest
  5. ..and away we went on some test drives...was inevitably spotted on the road
  6. So began the refitting process. The initial plan was to rechorme the buffers etc and complete the car in one go. but Covid and the restriction of movement had other ideas.
  7. Is the guy posting updates below ok?...Poddak loose wagey

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    2. sathyajithj99


      I think he needs a psychiatrist or a hooker or at best a hooker with a diploma in psychiatry

    3. AVANTE


      Had a serious inquiry, posted a status asking about it. Came a few hours later to check for any answer and Lo and behold, it has disappeared cause of the bombardment of status updates from the fellow. 

    4. matroska


      @sathyajithj99 - //best a hooker with a diploma in psychiatry// 
      hooker + udemy psychiatry course (for 9.99$ with black Friday discounts) = Problem Solved.

  8. Then the fenders were taken off to do some detailing due to overspray on chassis and suspension parts...and for new beading installation.
  9. After letting the paint 'cure' for a few days, we did some corrections and the first 'cut'. Dashboard was also painted by this time
  10. Heyyy @Ripper. Welcome back! Glad my thread did some good.
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