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  1. Sounds like a flat battery,/. get battery checked by a professional before starting engine. TT.
  2. Congratz on your first car,.. At that range, leave a tidy amount for initial repairs/replacements such as tyres, brakes and insurance. Good luck ! TT.
  3. Hi, welcome to AL. what is the vehicle? time to get a check up of the charging system? before it frys the battery. TT.
  4. Keep looking,.. wonder why the previous 5 owners got rid of it soon after buying it? you don't wanna find out. TT.
  5. Hi, There's a FB page for th'his car, good luck,.. TT.
  6. Hi, Start with the speakers, get better quality hi-power units.
  7. Good luck., love the choice, check the T.belt.
  8. Your car still has it's t valve by your description. Temporarily remove oit and add a cooking system flush and run the engine to clean the cooling system before refilling the rad with coolant after refitting the t valve. Note : recommend replacing the t valve with a genuine unit looking at the age/mileage of the car. TT.
  9. better make plans for an ATF change,.
  10. what's it 's current mileage? Fill up from a different fuel station. Change the air filter.
  11. Hi and welcome , check the t, belts. it's a good comfey car a little thirsty when pushed. Good luck. TT.
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