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  1. Does fuel cost . I,e, petrol/diesel make a difference?
  2. Hi and Welcome to AL. Try cleaning the air flow sensor and replace the air filter,. TT.
  3. Any idea of the T belt ? what is the current mileage?
  4. Lube the shift selectors + cables. TT.
  5. When was the last transmission service done? Age and lack of maintenance.
  6. Any reason prompting you for this? as it's not general maintenance,
  7. Hello and welcome to AL. Q1. what is the transmission of your car? It;s not clear to to the type I(auto/manual)
  8. Change the fuel station and fill the tank, the measurement varies in pumps and stations. TT.
  9. Spray WD40 on the rust. Check if the vehicle is a tsunami victim 🤫 TT.
  10. Hi and Welcome to AL. Sounds like the idle speed is too low, take the car to a diesel specialist. your car has the venerable Toyota 2C engine. Replace the air and diesel filters for good measure, 👍 TT.
  11. hi., get the cooling system pressure tested, Don't drive the car without checking the coolant level TT,
  12. Hi there. great news. that is. if you know what you're up against. European style and flair never had Jap reliability, at this age. every thing going wrong would have done so at least once. have a good bm trained guy or the dealer inspect your prospective purchase before . Good luck ! TT.
  13. Hi, you answered your self bro, buying a used car with un determined mileage nearly two decades old, what more can one expect? TT,
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