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  1. Cheers @varotone! That's a great idea. Arduino mega is an excellent platform to experiment with. Efi conversion is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. Thanks again! Stay safe!
  2. Im glad you like itπŸ˜ƒ! Well everything (engine, gearbox, wiring, suspension, brakes) except for the bodywork is done by me, at least im hoping to. There will be the occasional visit to a workshop, machine shop πŸ€—. Thanks again, will try my best to update the blog. You can also follow the build @therustywagon on IG. stay safe!
  3. Yeah, Thanks to covid-tax πŸ˜’! Cheers for the info.will have a look at them. new beadings are a must.
  4. True ,prices are unbelievable atm. Part of that is people have started to export jap cars to US and Canada .
  5. Thanks @Davy! Yeah its a neat bit of kit. Everything fuel injection is an Aussie based speeduino ECU manufacturer(https://www.everythingfuelinjection.com/) check this out if you are keen on sourcing locally. I checked out "Datsun parts shop" they have everything I need but its not cheap πŸ₯²πŸ˜” Yes please! If you can kindly share a few websites that'll be great! thank you!
  6. I know right. Well i used to live in Perth few years ago. Cars then were cheap as . Bought myself a 180sx for 6 grandπŸ˜‚. To this day i regret selling the carπŸ₯Ί.I know the prices have sky rocket recently Cheers for that! Will let you know if theres anything πŸ€—
  7. Very much appreciated!! Things are pretty slow here since the lockdown. I've got some parts coming from Perth.
  8. Correct. I did upgrade the manifold studs. There will be a brace going from the engine mount bracket to the manifold once the engine sits in the car
  9. Now the fun bit. Got the crusty old engine out. I'll be basically freshening up the engine with new seals and gaskets etc. There will be few mods to the engine to accommodate the EFI system and turbo. Yeah that water pump and the timing cover is way past its service lifeπŸ™†πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Got a throttle body to fit on the original intake mani. This is a Honda d16 TB. But if you are hoping to do this you can go with any throttle body as long as its not Drive by wire (DBW). I chose this because its was a freebie πŸ˜‚, also i wanted a 3 wire idle control valve. My trigger setup is pretty simple. Im going to use the stock dissy as the crank trigger. Gutted the dissy so i can weld in a trigger wheel. Actually its a chain sprocket πŸ˜›. And the sensor is from a Honda CR-V Welded in a turbo flange to the stock exhaust manifold. Im actually surprised how it turned out. Turbo angle isn't too bad either. I've seen Subarus with the same turbo angle. Hopefully it can drain the oil quick enough 🀞. Had to machine new studs for the water pump/timing cover. After New seals, gaskets, timing cover and a fresh coat of high temp paint engine is done.
  10. Haven't had much time to work on the car. Few parts came in the mail though First off the ECU. YES! An ECU πŸ˜‚. I'll be converting the stock carb A12 to EFI.Since this engine going to be boosted its much easier and safe to change fueling and ignition through a laptop than fiddling with jet sizes and distributor springs and what not. This is a low cost DIY Arduino based ECU called "Speeduino". Took me few days to assemble the ecu as it comes in individual parts. This little guy can run engines upto 8 cylinders. Has an 250kpa internal map sensor too. Since its arduino based I'll be adding a bluetooth module to communicate with the ecu wirelessly. Managed to 3d print and enclosure for the ecu out of abs plastic. Im still sceptical about the ecu connector. But this this will have to work for now. One more thing came in the mail πŸ˜… Its a 1100cc e85 compatible (not that i need ) injector. I'll be running and SPI (single point injection) set up for now. This will flow more than enough fuel for the engine.
  11. @speed8 haha it was . Thanks alot!
  12. @Davy I hope I can get everything ironed out. Progress is going to be slow but ill make sure to publish it. Cheers.
  13. @Davy thank you πŸ™! Guess im not alone here. Yeah I have to get that handbrake sorted out at some point. Thanks again sir!
  14. @MrCat thank you! I'd love to see a SR in the engine bay someday. Unfortunately i have to work with a tight budget atm☹️. Given the body and chassis need alot more attention than i anticipated.
  15. Now you mentioned I'll keep an eye out for a L engine just in case this one goes kaboom on me when I feed some boost. If I'm doing this right i thought of giving to a proper panel-beater. Car is already in a sorry state, I dont want to make it worse than it already is. Im trying to get a hold of fairly straight doors, fenders,and a bonnet so that theres less messing about.
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