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So guys for the longest time i wanted to do a restormod to a relatively old Japanese car. Earlier this year bit the bullet and bought myself a 1974 vb110 wagon which is in a really sorry state (I may have bitten off more than I could chew). I've got a few things which i want to add to make it a "restomod". There's only one way to find out i guess😅.



Entries in this blog


Engine mechanical


Now the fun bit.

Got the crusty old engine out. I'll be basically freshening up the engine with new seals and gaskets etc. There will be few mods to the engine to accommodate the EFI system and turbo.








Yeah  that water pump and the timing cover is way past its service life🙆🏽‍♂️






Got a throttle body to fit on the original intake mani. This is a Honda d16 TB. But if you are hoping to do this you can go with any throttle body as long as its not Drive by wire (DBW). I chose this because its was a freebie 😂, also i wanted a 3 wire idle control valve.



My trigger setup is pretty simple. Im going to use the stock dissy as the crank trigger. Gutted the dissy so i can weld in a trigger wheel. Actually its a chain sprocket 😛. And the sensor is from a Honda CR-V






Welded in a turbo flange to the stock exhaust manifold. Im actually surprised how it turned out. Turbo angle isn't too bad either. I've seen Subarus with the same turbo angle. Hopefully it can drain the oil quick enough 🤞.







Had to machine new studs for the water pump/timing cover. After New seals, gaskets, timing cover and a fresh coat of high temp paint engine is done.











Haven't had much time to work on the car.  Few parts came in the mail though

First off the ECU.

YES! An ECU 😂. I'll be converting the stock carb A12 to EFI.Since this engine going to be boosted its much easier and safe to change fueling and ignition through a laptop than fiddling with jet sizes and distributor springs and what not. 



This is a low cost DIY Arduino based ECU called "Speeduino". Took me few days to assemble the ecu as it comes in individual parts.  This little guy can run engines upto 8 cylinders. Has an 250kpa internal map sensor too. Since its arduino based I'll be adding a bluetooth module to communicate with the ecu wirelessly.


Managed to 3d print and enclosure for the ecu out of abs plastic. Im still sceptical about the ecu connector. But this this will have to work for now.





One more thing came in the mail 😅


Its a 1100cc e85 compatible (not that i need ) injector. I'll be running and SPI (single point injection) set up for now.  This will flow more than enough fuel for the engine.





The journey...


Took one of my colleagues to check out the car which was in yakkala. The guy we bought from insisted that we get the car towed to wherever we were heading.He made me sign a piece of paper which says I'm solely responsible for whatever happens to me/occupants or to the car(this was my first red flag😂).

The car had bold tyres on all four corners,Brakes only to the front wheels,no handbrake(not even the leaver), No horn, non of the gauges work,but a new battery. YAY!!!! 😂(Only thing which was made in this millennium)

Everything made sense as soon as I got the car out of his property.  I had to stand on the brake pedal to make the car slow down, not to stop, you cant literally stop the car but only to slow it. And there was a terrible wheel wobble above 40km/h.  There were few times we thought we'd lost a tyre, it was that bad. The gear leaver was so sloppy even the CIA won't find the right gears.

2nd gear had a mind of its own, we could hear the gear teeth been chewed off when we try to change to 2nd.

we drove from yakkala to Colombo and it took only 2 hours🤗. Rained cats and dogs mid way guess what?? Yeah the wiper motor was rooted too 😂. And to top it off windows wouldn't wind down because hand crank was missing.

All in all it was a fun ride. Managed to get ourselves and the car safely to Colombo. 














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