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  1. A chap who lives in our street has one . He never takes care of the vehicle. Park it under direct sunlight for all 7 days of the week. I think the car has been around 2 years now but still it seems ok for me when passing by. He is a kind of a "loku line" person, so never went to check the car and have a chat. The engine is a 3 cylinder one, so it sounds very coarse when passing by. Other than that, the car is still new in Sri Lankan environment and only a few people have gone for it. So hope there will be only a handful of people with the experience here in SL. But people from other countries have praised for it's comfort, performance and design. Anyway, maintenance would be an issue if you live far away from Colombo. Sourcing parts could be an issue and at the same time will be a bit expensive to maintain than japanese vehicle. Even the 406 in our area has to bring down oil filters, airfilters from Colombo for each service. Since the car is new, you won't be getting any major issues, so better give it a shot!
  2. You have to do it again and again, even in a Bimmer f10. Just make it a habbit anyway. I have noticed that compared to a hybrid engine startup, 1NZ-FE engine(premio, allion) auto-start stop startup is similar to a normal startup, with ignition noise.
  3. Mine does not have one, since it's from 2013. But I've heard even the option was introduced for fuel saving, it pretty much wears out the engine and battery fast. So better to leave it off. At the same time, if you can get a 2015+ Premio, hope the fuel saving of Rs.100 for a week with auto start stop is not a great saving. Hope this helps!
  4. Check with sterling. One of my friend replaced a whole battery from them. Dunno about their service though.
  5. I'm afraid to say that you are out of luck. None of these japanese Toyota radios can be fully translated into English. Only models which can be translated are the systems in Mitsubishi vehicles, with models sold internationally, such as Outlander, Eclipse cross.
  6. Returning after nearly 2 years! What's goin' on guys?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hyaenidae


      No on both counts I'm afraid, maybe you saw @K.o.N.o.S? Mine's a Rally Red


      Was this the car you saw?



    3. alpha17


      Ah then it was @K.o.N.o.S I saw a few days ago😅

    4. K.o.N.o.S


      @alpha17 Welcome back. Yes I was in the area a few days ago. Didn't know that I was being watched. 😃

  7. !!Urgent!!Any thoughts on the Dunlop LM705 tire? It was introduced during the end of the last year, so no reviews can be found.Any user? How was the earlier model, the LM704? Specifically says that these are much more comfier and less noisy.

  8. Is Crooober.com a reliable way to bring down parts from Japan? Anyone who used it, please enlighten me...

    1. AVANTE


      They are reliable..but they don't ship to srilanka. Do they? Because I tried to order parts & accessories for my car & moped yet they say shipment isn't possible ?

    2. Ruslan


      Never used it, i'm using amayama.com, partsouq or megazip (Last resort) to get down things. amayama is pretty much reliable. using partsouq to trace the part numbers. Ordered set of Brake Hoses for Vitara (Sieken and Miyaco for rear) reasonably priced (8k Rs for all 4) waiting for the shipment ?

  9. I also shut the AC after noticing the malfunctioning of the cooling system. So better to get the AC checked my friend?
  10. I don’t recommend using reconditioned mounts. There are two ways a mount can loose it’s intended functionality. One is the mileage and we all know that more kms you drive, more wear and tear happens. Then, the time. We all know that when a car is not used for a long time or do only a very few kms for about 5-6 years, tires are loosing there elasticity, due to being sitting without any movement. So do the mounts, as their rubber compounds starts to harden by the being of time, when they are not being used. When I change the four engine mounts, one seemed completely fine. When I checked it with a new one, there is a noticeable difference between the two. Old one was hardened. Another experience was when a person I know bought a 2010 January Premio on October 2019, the mounts were in bad condition, even though the car has done only 47,000kms. Mileage was proved by all the service records and emission test reports. When the car was started, you could easily feel the vibration. As a fact, those recon mounts have been sitting on yard floors while being exposed to various weather conditions and it even worsens the condition. Best thing is to get them brand new. I also got a 2013 Toyota, but had to pay 70k for mounts and 140k to be set aside for suspension plus another 70k for tires?.
  11. The same thing was experienced with a Swift by myself. When I was driving the car from Athurugiriya to Kadawatha throught the Expressway, I noticed a considerable amount of heat waves are catching my feet. Same story...The A/C cooling was very poor. So noticed after some time the compressor doesn’t work at all. Replaced the compressor and everything became normal. This heat starts to feel when you drive for a few kilometers. Am I correct? Better to get the AC system checked...I might be wrong, but I guess it’s due to we people are being used for air conditioning while driving and the heat feels so unfamiliar and embarrassing when the AC fails to function.
  12. I ended up with a Huawei Watch GT after hunting for a few Seiko and CK models. Certainly not a piece of art, but thanks to it I started working out and walking more to get step count goals. Ended up loosing over 11kg and getting a lower hearbeat. It’s really a fitness tracker without smart features with a classy look. Geek-wise, it’s still a basic watch; something like a mi band with a colourful display. Will not buy a Huawei watch again, but certainly I’d go for a smart watch without even thinking twice...
  13. I’m looking at you Mazda?...Do some turbocharging and we could afford 6s?
  14. This overly moving needle suggests about the hybrid battery issue in the Civic FD3. Not sure if it’s the same for the GP1, but both of them shares the same technology, so there might be a similarity in how they show those signs. Another fact is that if the mileage is genuine, the battery might be failed due to light usage, which causes it to charge in a more seldom manner. Anyway, now it’s 8 years and the battery might be needing a replacement. Better to get it checked. Sometimes it might not be an issue, as you mentioned about no changes in performance or fuel economy.
  15. Toyota vs 555(Japanese) OEM Stabilizer Links for my 2013 Allion: Which one is better?

    1. Ruslan


      Had Used 555 on Previous car. they hold up really well against local conditions. purchased both lower ball joints plus stab links. Make sure your getting it from Reputed agents only (Ruhunu Motors & Douglas & Sons) there are counterfeights all around. i'm using their Part catalog for precise matching http://555com.siga.jp (Use DEV tools in your Browser to bypass login page :) ). couldn't find 555 for Vitara and ended up getting Genuines from Agents (Pricey).

    2. iRage


      Just the stabilizer links ? Well..if you get the original 555 they are pretty decent....and would not be that much off than the original Toyota part. The issue with either is finding the genuine unit...with the Toyota part you ahve some assurance by going to Toyota Lanka but they charge a premium on their parts. Even if you go to the reputed Toyota part dealers outside, there is no guarantee that you will get the Japanese spec part as opposed to a Toyota export model part that is compatible with the Allion (true parts for the JDM and export market would come from the same factory but sometimes the tolerances are a bit different).


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