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  1. !!Urgent!!Any thoughts on the Dunlop LM705 tire? It was introduced during the end of the last year, so no reviews can be found.Any user? How was the earlier model, the LM704? Specifically says that these are much more comfier and less noisy.

  2. Is Crooober.com a reliable way to bring down parts from Japan? Anyone who used it, please enlighten me...

    1. AVANTE


      They are reliable..but they don't ship to srilanka. Do they? Because I tried to order parts & accessories for my car & moped yet they say shipment isn't possible ?

    2. Ruslan


      Never used it, i'm using amayama.com, partsouq or megazip (Last resort) to get down things. amayama is pretty much reliable. using partsouq to trace the part numbers. Ordered set of Brake Hoses for Vitara (Sieken and Miyaco for rear) reasonably priced (8k Rs for all 4) waiting for the shipment ?

  3. I also shut the AC after noticing the malfunctioning of the cooling system. So better to get the AC checked my friend?
  4. I don’t recommend using reconditioned mounts. There are two ways a mount can loose it’s intended functionality. One is the mileage and we all know that more kms you drive, more wear and tear happens. Then, the time. We all know that when a car is not used for a long time or do only a very few kms for about 5-6 years, tires are loosing there elasticity, due to being sitting without any movement. So do the mounts, as their rubber compounds starts to harden by the being of time, when they are not being used. When I change the four engine mounts, one seemed completely fine. When I checked it with a new one, there is a noticeable difference between the two. Old one was hardened. Another experience was when a person I know bought a 2010 January Premio on October 2019, the mounts were in bad condition, even though the car has done only 47,000kms. Mileage was proved by all the service records and emission test reports. When the car was started, you could easily feel the vibration. As a fact, those recon mounts have been sitting on yard floors while being exposed to various weather conditions and it even worsens the condition. Best thing is to get them brand new. I also got a 2013 Toyota, but had to pay 70k for mounts and 140k to be set aside for suspension plus another 70k for tires?.
  5. The same thing was experienced with a Swift by myself. When I was driving the car from Athurugiriya to Kadawatha throught the Expressway, I noticed a considerable amount of heat waves are catching my feet. Same story...The A/C cooling was very poor. So noticed after some time the compressor doesn’t work at all. Replaced the compressor and everything became normal. This heat starts to feel when you drive for a few kilometers. Am I correct? Better to get the AC system checked...I might be wrong, but I guess it’s due to we people are being used for air conditioning while driving and the heat feels so unfamiliar and embarrassing when the AC fails to function.
  6. I ended up with a Huawei Watch GT after hunting for a few Seiko and CK models. Certainly not a piece of art, but thanks to it I started working out and walking more to get step count goals. Ended up loosing over 11kg and getting a lower hearbeat. It’s really a fitness tracker without smart features with a classy look. Geek-wise, it’s still a basic watch; something like a mi band with a colourful display. Will not buy a Huawei watch again, but certainly I’d go for a smart watch without even thinking twice...
  7. I’m looking at you Mazda?...Do some turbocharging and we could afford 6s?
  8. This overly moving needle suggests about the hybrid battery issue in the Civic FD3. Not sure if it’s the same for the GP1, but both of them shares the same technology, so there might be a similarity in how they show those signs. Another fact is that if the mileage is genuine, the battery might be failed due to light usage, which causes it to charge in a more seldom manner. Anyway, now it’s 8 years and the battery might be needing a replacement. Better to get it checked. Sometimes it might not be an issue, as you mentioned about no changes in performance or fuel economy.
  9. Toyota vs 555(Japanese) OEM Stabilizer Links for my 2013 Allion: Which one is better?

    1. Ruslan


      Had Used 555 on Previous car. they hold up really well against local conditions. purchased both lower ball joints plus stab links. Make sure your getting it from Reputed agents only (Ruhunu Motors & Douglas & Sons) there are counterfeights all around. i'm using their Part catalog for precise matching http://555com.siga.jp (Use DEV tools in your Browser to bypass login page :) ). couldn't find 555 for Vitara and ended up getting Genuines from Agents (Pricey).

    2. iRage


      Just the stabilizer links ? Well..if you get the original 555 they are pretty decent....and would not be that much off than the original Toyota part. The issue with either is finding the genuine unit...with the Toyota part you ahve some assurance by going to Toyota Lanka but they charge a premium on their parts. Even if you go to the reputed Toyota part dealers outside, there is no guarantee that you will get the Japanese spec part as opposed to a Toyota export model part that is compatible with the Allion (true parts for the JDM and export market would come from the same factory but sometimes the tolerances are a bit different).


  10. As car lovers, we all hate taxes on cars...But I can’t imagine about the amount of traffic we’ll have to face after reducing the taxes. Still, I think there is more than enough cars in this country, and we don’t even have a recycling method for old cars. People still ride those 1970’s cars with a same amount of potty and paint applied equal to that of the vehicle’s weight..Yes, they can’t get a newer one, but still, a bit of a reduction is acceptable...
  11. Been reading a post about Axio and reminded me of many many things. Anyway, the most significant thing is that Toyota watered down it’s quality and refinement after the 140 series. I’m not talking about the all new Corolla series, but the 160 series Axio. Yes, the 140 X grade had less options than a doctor sunny and the interior was plasticy. Still the colour combination of the enterior, design shouted that you are in a class above of all the Vitz and Belta owners. But the 160 series interior is lacking this plush feeling. Interior is dull and you get the same feeling like you are in a Vitz. Also noticed that the engine is more noisier and unrefined, where the 140 series sound deadening was closer to that of the Premio and Allion.

    Then finally, Toyota rolls out the “just” Corolla crushing the Axio and even the Allion, Premio in terms of options and looks. The ride might be better too due to the independent rear sus.

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    2. alpha17


      @fiat fan Software glitches are somewhat acceptable as they can be rectified through over-the-air updates...But the CLA and A classes are not meant to be the ultimate Mercs in the lineup. So purposefully, they are designed with cheaper materials, but cannot accept the poor fit and finish. We’ll see how they would hold up against SL conditions.

      But I see some horrible cost cutting in the new Toyotas. 2016-After Premio/Allion got some features reduced. There was a cool light in the center console which lit up when you unlock or in the near proximity to the car. It was removed...I really love that light which was there from 2007 models and at that time there this was a bit of a never-seen-before-thing in their class.

      In the Axio, it’s seen everywhere.

    3. Ruslan


      Axio 160 is more of a Budget piece of shit to me ?. Finally Toyota is getting their act together and replacing it with a "Proper" Sedan this time. i still loves 90's Engineering, those are rock solid beasts. Analog Rules. ? 

    4. iRage


      Well..the 140 series Corolla Axio was based on the same platform as the export 140 Corolla/Allion/Premio....the only difference was that they cut down the dimensions of the body panels to meet the "Japanese" road sizes. The Corolla is considered to be the car of Japan because that is the first car from Japan that made it in the global market next to the Land Cruiser. Being the car of Japan the Corolla catered to all walks of life..so the 140 series Aio had the basic variant all the way up to a classy variant (i.e. the Luxel). 

      With the 160 series things went hay wire....I believe it was a period where Toyota was having trouble redesigning new models for their lineup and figuring out where to invest in terms of redesign, especially when Toyota was learning the value of an integrated  platform from Mazda (SkyActiv) .So the 160 Axio redo was plagued with uncertainty stemming from not knowing what to do with the Allion/Premio, Vitz, Aqua which all needed redoing, Crown getting reworked whilst the Mark X was hanging, etc...and it seems like Toyota put all its efforts in coming up with the CHR, Yaris and the new Crown as models and then working on the TNGA platform. The TNGA was a smart move...working on the CHR was smart, working on the Yaris was also smart as hatches were the only segment un-effected by crossovers. The Crown was a gamble which paid off but short lived. However, the stupid move was moving the Axio 160 to the same platform as the Vitz/Belta/Yaris...yes....the 160 Axio went a step down. The Japanese considered it an insult to the industry but Toyota was stuck with it. IMO they should have stuck with the same platform as the previous model (which they still used for the 160 Corolla, Allion/Premio) and just stuck a new body on it....but I guess they went down a platform level because they were hoping that the Allion/Premio can be used to sail through their sedan demands (which did not work).

      The new Corolla is a pretty nice drivers car...had the pleasure of driving them the last few weeks. Nice handling..good firm ride...I would say I prefer it a lot more than the new Mazda 3. Only hitch is...it feels like a bloody cave in there...the rear is dark and taping down....my wife is not very tall..5ft2inch and she was bumping her head getting in and out....

      The center console light you talk about were always an option in the Allion/Premio (and other models too). It is just that during a certain time they would have been offered as a standard add-on by the dealer. As sales of the twin models died...well...none of the dealers actually cared to offer these add-ons because they were making money in other models and the Allion/Premio is just a waste of everyone's time.

  12. The 140 series Luxel is better than the 160 series IMO. A well-known person owned a 140, and I was ready to buy it about an year ago. But he still keeps the car. When considering the 140 series, it was a Luxel Alpha edition, 2007. Only thing missing was the alloy wheels. In the 140 series, the Luxel had those options, -Rear lip spoiler and front grille with vertical lines -Teak panels(some G grades after the facelift also had panels, but in the 2007 era, those wooden panels were yellowish) -7 speed tiptronic CVT transmission mated with 1800cc engine -Split folding rear seats -A better looking and a more functional meter panel -Multi function steering was originally installed -Auto parking came with the original navigation unit, including a hard disk and bluetooth connectivity -rear suspension has an anti-roll bar to increase handling -6 airbags The alpha edition had all the above ones plus; -Radar cruise control -Pre crash safety Haven’t inspected a 160 Luxel. I think the 140 series Axio is far more refined and comfortable than the cheapish looking 160 series.
  13. Am I the only one who thinks that the new 2020 Corolla Touring looks the best out of the sedan, hatch and wagon?

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    2. matroska


      completely ot but why do sri lankans hate wagons? 

    3. iRage


      I think it is the simple fact that actual wagons were converted to hearses and that has created a stigma for the whole body style. So anything that had the same body style was hated. Actual wagons were as pricey as sedans (eg. Fielder and Axio) so because of the stigma I would say they preferred to go for the sedan ?

      Interestingly what we call wagons are actually van variants of the body style...the DX Wagon..is actually not a wagon but a stripped down business variant...same with the ëlephant back Corolla..the wagon variants of these were the KE73G and then the AE101G (G/L Touring wagons). Same with the Nissan AD series....but then again these actual wagon variants were as pricey as their sedan counterparts....

    4. matroska


      yeah the popular 'wagon's were all Vans - bland and minimal. There was a Sprinter carib for sale on a fb car group a couple months back...those are extremely rare. Guess since we are not 'practicality' oriented people we prefer sedans (compared to  europe for instance where you rarely see a sedan) 

  14. You can get something more rugged; like the Toyota Prado. Go for the range topping TZ-G variant, as they give you far more options plus, justification for the price you pay. AFAIK the most of the TZ-G are gasoline variants. The TX only gives you the options of a 2007 Axio G grade. The there is the Harrier hybrid. A good one can be grabbed well below your budget and save some more for the battery if you really prefer a hybrid. The interior is miles better in the Harrier than the Prado(Prado aims towards being a robust vehicle). I myself would go with the Harrier if I need an SUV. Or else, you can buy something like a new E class from Merc and simply make a statement for yourself. That’s where my money would go, if a SUV is not a must. Best thing is, get a mint E class W212 from 2013-2016 era and then get something like a RAV4 for your weekend getaway?.
  15. See!!! Change is happening! People are changing! He has changed after Presidential election? Since those china made cheap econo boxes struggle to deliver their power, I’ve been a passenger in a CHR for nearly 70km with 6 grown up people including me. I myself weighs around 85kg and all the others were fully grown adults who might weigh around 60-70kg. The boot was full of luggage. Guarantee that the car was carrying a weight around 400kg.Still I rarely heard the engine noise and the power was there when needed. The driver did some challenging overtakes which require good amount of power. I was pretty amazed!
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