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Walk around - Part I




Here are more pictures of the car before I bore you with words to read...

The car has an interesting width to length to height ratio....kind of reminds me of one of those Tamiya snap-on model cars with disproportionate dimensions. The only concern I have is the front wheel splurting out debris on to the rear fender. Well..it is not a concern..it is a fear. Other users have had their rear fenders pitted with debris, but they all have taken their cars racing. No..Toyota does not offer mud flaps for this. Yaris Cross TRD flaps can be made to fit apparently and right now the options are from the likes of Rally Flaps..either way they cost about 30,000 yen per set. Thinking of getting some generic flaps and cutting them out to fit the car.



The little badge that says it has something special that will take you almost anywhere...


A back-end that you grow in to...from side to side the car measures in at 1805mm (for reference...a Prado is 1885mm, Allion and Hiace (std body) is ~1695; GT86 1775). That is pretty wide for a car that is only 3995mm long (Allion 4590mm/GT86 4240mm). It took a few days to get used to the stormtrooper helmet look. As you can see...no rear wipers....the glass is so small it absolutely makes no sense to have one (but hey..race car...don't need one).



That is a bubbly lower rear end.


For once...it is nice to see Toyota design features actually doing something.

Functional air ducts to cool the brakes. These are standard on the RZ high Performance. All other grades have this covered and can be retrofitted by buying the parts seperately or bought as a dealer option. 



Practicality continues with the typical huge gaping grill found on all modern Toyotas. In this application it actually works to maximize air flow to the intercooler. 


Almost the same headlights you would find on the standard Yaris Z grade with a slightly different trim around the lamp. Again....matte black trim


18" Forged BBS rims wrapped in Michellin Pilot 4S tires....the tires are pretty good in the dry and wet...have not tried it in the snow and to be honest Summer sport tires never do well in low tempreture conditions. The combo is offered only in high Performance variants and as a 1st Edition exclusive the rims ae in matte black (although you have to be really really OCD to notice the difference with the nn-matte black variant).

4pot calipers with 356mm slotted disks (295mm and 2-pots in the back).  


Trunk mounted battery sitting right next to the water tank for the intercooler. The intercooler so far seems to have been offered only in the Japanese market high Performance variant as standard kit. The RC can be ordered with it as a dealer option or the parts can be bought from Toyota for a self installation.


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I’m confused. Are these the M/AMG type thing from Toyota?

Also I see someone is heavily interested in the rear end.hmmm 😜

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1 hour ago, fiat fan said:

I’m confused. Are these the M/AMG type thing from Toyota?

Sort of.....Gazoo is Toyota's tuning garage and race team. 

So you get Gazoo Racing parts and tuned versions for normal cars (body kits, suspension setup, extra welds, ECU tweeks, etc....and models like Vitz GR Sport, Prius/Aqua GR SPort, formally known as GSport), to developent of special models (GRMN Mark X, GRMN Vitz) and now they do ground up development of specialty cars, like the GR Yaris, on their very own production line. 

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