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Life with a Yaris as a sensible family hatchback...

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Walk Around - Part II

Now..moving on to the interior.... The car has frameless doors...huge frameless doors. The dashboard is straight out of the standard Yaris.  Stepping in, you are greeted with a pretty old fashioned mechanical cluster. Some people do not like it and wants it to be a fancy digital one similar to what is found in the high spec standard Yaris. I like it...it is simple, straight forward...has a very functional feel to it. Took a while for me to figure out how to adjust its


iRage in Ownership Review

Walk around - Part I

Here are more pictures of the car before I bore you with words to read... The car has an interesting width to length to height ratio....kind of reminds me of one of those Tamiya snap-on model cars with disproportionate dimensions. The only concern I have is the front wheel splurting out debris on to the rear fender. Well..it is not a concern..it is a fear. Other users have had their rear fenders pitted with debris, but they all have taken their cars racing. No..Toyota does not offer mud fla


iRage in Ownership Review

Specification and Purchase

As wonderful the previous true-life story is…on the 31st of May I applied online for contract negotiations, roughly about 1 month prior to close of applications; and finally signed a contract on the 3rd of July for a GR Yaris RZ High Performance 1st Edition. Delivery day was estimated to be towards the end of March, 2021. It was going to be a grueling 8.5 month wait. I will spare you the general specs of the car as it has been posted all over the internet. However, one thing needs to
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