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    Restoration, DIY, Software Engineering, Music

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    Pajero MK1
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    Turbo Intercooler Diesel
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    Jerry Can, Crash Bar, Work Lights
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    Redo Door Panels, Seat Railings, Restore Plastic Trims, Restore Dashboard
  1. Thanks a bunch. That's quite a read. I had actually considered the possibility of buying a new-old dashboard but it'd be tough to ride a manual with an arm and a leg missing so I've kinda scratched that idea for now. I'll keep digging Project R to see what I can find. Thanks again.
  2. Good Day guys. I love DIY jobs. Recently I've been thinking about giving the dashboard on my 91 Mitsubishi Pajero Mk1 a makeover. It's not horrible looking at all and I can tolerate it, but the metal speaker covers on either side have lost their color and I want to paint these again. But to give it a uniform look I'm thinking about painting the entire dashboard and along with it the console box and everything else. Now about the dashboard it feels like it has a soft layer of vinyl on top, and it has stood the test of time for 30 odd years. But something has melted behind the "Oh Shit!" bar and
  3. It's a horrible time to look for vehicles, but hey you want it when you want it. I'm looking for a Jeep(old motor) and the first thing I usually do whenever I see one is to run the number on the DMV app. And I've gotten rather good at spotting shady jeeps. Now my question isn't related to which model I should buy or how to spot a shady one, I think AL has a fair bit of posts on that one, but rather why some(most) old jeeps have missing model names, and "0 Invalid' for wheel bases. While I wouldn't touch these with a ten foot pole, I'm just curious to find out the story behind these. Thanks
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