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  1. this is actually my truck.(in the pov drive) its not normal but as no support given from Toy#ta L#nka i will have to force them when travel restrictions go away... thanks
  2. thankyou ill update. but they dont give me any support
  3. HI, Im having a n80 hilux (2020 model). It has a 2.8l 1GD-FTV engine. At around 4500kms the Turbo started to whistle very loud and now have passed even 15,000kms and still its there. This still have warrenty left so i took this to the dealer in colombo and even in kandy but yet they think its normal (they even did scans and chekups) but all the 8th gen hilux owners know for a fact that its not normal and their vehicles doesnt have such a sound. Just take a look and tell me your opinion. Btw 0 respect to Toy#ta L#nka. --___--
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