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  1. Tanks all. I think it's due to ECU resetting due to removal of battery, which seems to be ok now with some riding. I did not remove any hoses , so it can not be. Problem is can not exactly determine RPM , due to lack of rpm meter in this mode.
  2. Hi All, Yesterday i found that positive battery terminal of my KSP90 is losen . So i unplug terminal it & retighten it .Since that the car has started to vibrate violently in idle. As soon as I press the accelerator, the vibrations stop and starts behaving normally. I took vehicle in to A***Mi*** & they said need to do a tune up and ECU resetting which will cost around 13K. Do i need to do as they have mentioned or wait couple of days for ECU to back to normal records?
  3. ahat about data coming from ecu (fuel consumption )?
  4. I saw one unit at kohuwala.They say that it's a oem unit and price is 180,000. But not sure weather it's a genuine one . It came as two units.One will replace the current audio player and the other unit is the display.
  5. I want to know what would happen if we pump 90 octane in an emergency situation. Any way full tank can run 800+ . So not much worries.
  6. Guys, We got a b/n Prado with 1GR-FE (4000cc gasoline).Owner's manual suggest to use 95 octane gasoline on this engine. What would be the implication if we pump 90 octane instead of 95 octane? thank you.
  7. I have bit vibration when i put in to D or R from P in my vitz .Is this sign of any problem in cvt?
  8. cvt talks on vitz is really confusing. Different people says different things. But on safe side Toyota OEM cvt cost only 9k , which would be fairly cheap compared to a repair on cvt box. Any body know how to accurately refill the oil?
  9. Thanks Don. floor carpet seems to be getting wet due to these .Specially the sponge type material below the carpet.
  10. these are some types of caps. I wonder how they have get lost.4 are missing.
  11. Guys, I have serviced my car in the afternoon and found out some of bushes in the under side of the body are missing. I'm pretty sure they were there on my last service. They are some rubber caps covering the holes in the body. Will there be a place to find these?
  12. I too have a similar belt issue in my vitz KSP 90.There is a chiri chiri noice come from the belt.I have replaced the belt with toyota genuine one.But it re occurs after 2 months.I have tighten it several times too.This is a common problem in most of the early imported vitz(2005,2006)
  13. Kulunu

    Toyota Vitz

    Can some one put the Japanese pages of the service manual which have the service details?
  14. I change mine also manual. Actually can it be change using machine as water is going through the gear box for cooling?.In normal atf models transmission oil is going through radiator for cooling and atf changing machine connected through that line. I'm not sure about this , but this is the thing what i have observed.
  15. this is noticeable when you are first using a vitz, compared to other small cars.
  16. ya , this is quite right , but not much thing to worry. 3 cylinder engine are bit noise than 4 cylinder ones. I think this is happening when you quickly need an acceleration.
  17. Kulunu

    Toyota Prius Hybrid

    mmm. I'm also waiting till 12 to see them. I think there will be more than 9 .All cars are in one shipment
  18. Other than the normal routine maintance stuff we have replaced shocks ,brake disks. It's quite economical to use if you use it for long run.
  19. It's not a turbo one. I have quite keen on fuel figure as we runs a lot , but accoding to my calculations it's so.
  20. We have a 2.8 b.new one(2007 ) which we have run for more than 200,000km. Build quality in not much good as the JDM one.Also bit under powered due to lack of turbo. This works fine untill it touches 200,000 mark .But now gives troubles on transmission where the gears get N while on D which i heard common problem in monteros.Had several visits to agents , still suffers from it. Other than than quiet good vehicle . fuel economy around 5.5-6.5 km/l.
  21. Kulunu

    Toyota Prius Hybrid

    Few Prius are coming to car sales on 12th.Most of them are Gen 2 2008 ones.
  22. I have change my vitz trnsmission oil using Havoline ATF-J about two years ago with out knowing much about cvt. I want to make sure weather i have used the correct transmission oil
  23. Is Havoline ATF-J is suitable for the vitz transmission oil change? http://www.chevron.lk/pdf/ProdBulleting/Havoline%20ATF-J-0607.pdf
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