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  1. I have driven viva elite and it wiggles at 140 which i was afraid it will blow off.
  2. Car Rearview Mirror with Wireless Parking Camera Price: US $129.99 http://www.ebay.com/...#ht_5159wt_1037
  3. One that in this thread cost me around 2000/-, It works fine but plastic it made of is kind of a low quality. And I can not get A2DP to work in it, may be it's a problem with my phone.
  4. I used one of those for some time. This comes with a rubber to cover the gap, a rubber beading. Not very comfortable to put on. It is useless without that rubber strip because the car needs to be completely sealed to exhaust hot air out of it, otherwise air from the gap will circulate in and it'll be a problem from rain and dust coming in. It works for me, used for my old car, still resting in the glove compartment but hardly use it. this thing needs direct sunlight otherwise no fan motion, need to be careful which side the sun will be, and wont work with the tinted glass. It cost me around 1500/- year ago.
  5. CIGARETTE LIGHTER SPLITTER Some of the best Price: AU $5.99 Approximately US $6.27 Shipping: AU $1.99 ebay link Price Reasonable and good quality Price: US $5.39 Shipping: $1.99 ebay link Widely available cheaper version Price: US $0.99 Shipping: $1.99 ebay link
  6. Car Sun Visor Eye Sunglasses Holder Clip Price: US $2.09 Shipping: FREE ebay link
  7. Car vibrates a little. Can feel it with the steering-wheel. Maybe because of the 3 cylinder thing.
  8. I'm about to try m8, I'll leave a feedback with pics soon enough.
  9. Car Radar Detector Price: US $29.99 Shipping: $9.99 ebay link Problem I see is these things read mobile towers in SL and its really annoying.
  10. Monitor Tire Valve Pressure & Warn Indicator Price: US $1.00 Shipping: $3.95 ebay link Looking for something better and still a cool gadget instead of a tool. Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Pencil ebay link Price: US $5.99 Shipping: FREE ebay link
  11. SUPER CHARGER SOUND MUFFLER SIMULATOR Price: US $9.99 Shipping: $5.00 ebay link There are some other products but expensive like this one Price: US $9.50 Shipping: $30.00 ebay link
  12. Clear Magic Car Sticky Mat Non Slip Pad Price: US $1.59 Shipping: FREE ebay link
  13. Auto Car Double-sided Adhesive tape Cheapest you can get Price: US $1.50 Shipping: $1.50 ebay link 3M is not available to SL.
  14. Fibre Leather Steering Wheel Cover Comes in many styles and so may sellers with different pricing. Price: US $6.40 Shipping: $5.80 ebay link
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