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  1. what he meant was double whatever the current hp output is.. original condition this is supposed to be doing 75hp, right now its pushing maybe 60. but very torquey like you said, can launch the car from 3rd gear without any fuss.
  2. Nice, will do. Not sure if i should open another thread but i'm video/photo documenting the whole process and ill start posting regularly On an unrelated note, i just found out after doing some quick math, that the car is doing very close to 15km/l of DIESEL in this dilapidated state, which makes my 3rd gen prius seem redundant. 😃
  3. you were right about the 20T. Basically all parts from a serena fits my vehicle, so the current plan is to find a turbo pump, turbo and exhaust manifold off of a serena and add on a custom intercooler. according to bruce motorsports this setup would double up my current HP, so that is more than what i was expecting anyway.
  4. Thanks for your reply. i contacted WEP and they seemed a bit clueless and downright rejected a turbo kit since they don't do turbos for non turbo vehicles. The reasons i'm putting a turbo is 1. vehicle is 23 years old, and something this ancient could use a bit of help. im thinking another 30hp boost would do 2. childhood dream is to own a car that goes "pssh psssh" when i let off the throttle (no i will not install those electronic wastegate sirens) 3. i intend to put 16 or 17inch wheels with 215 width, so engine DEFINETELY needs more power. so taking all this into consideration i think ill hunt a bit for the CD20T turbo unit...
  5. Hi All, I've recently purchased a 1998 Nissan Bluebird SU14 with a 2.0L Diesel Engine (CD20) I am currently in the process of overhauling the whole vehicle. Need to know where i can overhaul the whole engine and add in upgrades (pistons etc), custom turbo & exhaust, and a performance clutch kit? If there is a one stop shop for all ,that would be great. Cost is of no issue. P.s - this is a 3rd vehicle and a project car. Before anyone says turbos are bad for a non turbo vehicle, i don't care if the engine cracks open in half, ill just put in another one, as i got the car rusting off a yard for dirt cheap. Thanks in advance!
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